Becoming a FFB!


My results from the V-Diet (transition included) and 3-4 days of Indigo3G. Sorry for the scary before pictures (and slightly still scary after photos ha!)

Some stats I had were

waist at largest went from 44’ to 38’ 1/2"
hips at largest 40’ to 39’ 3/4"

(lost around an inch on my upper legs, arms, neck stayed close to the same as did calfs)

Weight went from roughly 221lbs to 198lbs (201 w/ Indigo now though! and waist still shrinking!)

Scale readouts during time…

BF 24.5% ==> 20%
Muscle Mass 43.5% ==> 45.5%

and the photos follow!

The Soul Is Greater Than The World!

Front before / after


Side before / after


Back before / after


Nice work! Big difference, especially in those back pics!

Onward and upward!


Can’t wait for the 12 week I3G pictures :slight_smile: Always been heavy so leaning out is really gonna be something special!


Good progress- you’ll need to update that profile picture with pretty ladies and a fitter you :slight_smile:


Here is the results from the last 6 weeks on Indigo-3G, hope there is a noticeable difference! Haven’t compared them yet :slight_smile:






Awesome progress!


Thanks! My progress didn’t really hit me until I put some jeans on today that never fit me before. Was surprised how loose they were too! Def. a big kick in the motivation department again. Still a very long way to go though! Even with pictures I didn’t think I was carrying so much fat until I started up on Indigo.


Nice work!

A very noticeable difference in the taper of your back.
Love handles lost + added upper back mass.

Keep up the good work.