Becky's Velocity Diet!


Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to all this but heres a bit about me. I’m an ex dancer so the transition between dancing 4 hours a day 6 days a week to working a full time office based job hit me (and my body!) hard. So instead of moaning about it I decided it was time to be proactive.

After a bit of reading and being a fan of Dan John I decided I’d give the Velocity diet a go and post my progress on here. My suppliments have now arrived and measurements/weight and photos are about to be taken prior to the diet starting on 10/01/12. I’ve already started what i call ‘easing’ myself into the diet by eating very little carbs (wholemeal if at all), drinking only water, never buying items in supermarkets which contain more than one ingredient and consuming protein shakes instead of meals I’d usually skip (i.e breakfast).

I’m prepared for this to be challenging so any help/advice would be great!!!




Front view


side view


Hi Becky,

I can’t tell you about success in the V-Diet, since I have not completed mine yet, but for me the most important component in completing the diet is a strong mindset. I started this diet 100% motivated and dedicated, because there will be tough moment in the 6 weeks, but with a determined mindset every day, and always having the eye on the price, success is just around the corner.

Good luck


Yay for another girl doing the v-diet! I felt like I was the only one right now. It’s not easy but I’m hoping and trusting that it will be worth it. I’m currently on day 7. Good luck!


Fingers crossed it works for us both! I’m feeling fairly optimistic and still plan to cook for my partner etc so to not get into the ‘food is evil’ mindset! Fingers crossed determination and discipline cones through and pays off! Are you sticking to the ‘recommended’ workouts? I’ve got programmer for 3 free weight sessions, and 1 high intensity cardio a week. Oh and I’ve banned myself from driving anywhere!


Yes I’m doing the workouts as recommended.