Becca's Here to Pump You Up!

Hey everyone! My name is Becca and I am so stoked to start the V-Diet Program! Figured I’d give you some background on myself. I’m a 24 year old chick that resides in Syracuse NY. I just moved here a month ago… from Hawaii. Yes I know that I’m crazy! After I graduated college in Florida, I accepted a job out in Hawaii knowing that that wouldn’t be my final resting place… just went for the experience pretty much. I was there just short of 2 years when I got an amazing job opportunity in Syracuse. So I packed up my life and moved across the country once again.

I’ve been working out steadily for a year now. First I was doing my own program, but then I plateaued. I finally decided to go all out and did a program through Team Scivation It took me 3 tries before I could finally bang it all out. I had an unsupportive boyfriend with fears of me getting “bulky” and no matter how much explaining, sending him articles, pictures… he just didn’t get it. I finally got a grip on my life and dumped the dbag. I then did 12 weeks on the Carb Haters Anonymous diet along with an intense Antagonistic workout program. I wasn’t totally 100% strict on the diet, but in those 12 weeks, I never missed a workout. I went from around 25% body fat to around 17% and was so ecstatic with the results.

The whole plan after Scivation was to create my own program. I had so many amazing ideas bouncing through my head and couldn’t wait to get them all down on paper. That all changed when I suddenly got an interview for this new job right after my program ended. They made me an offer and I accepted.

I had 2 months before I was moving across the country again, but those 2 months were jam packed with preparation, not to mention I was also traveling for 2 weeks. At that point, I made the decision to just focus on the move and not get stressed out about the gym. I went when I could, but didn’t beat myself up over it if I was too busy selling furniture and whatnot. It wasn’t too big of a deal because I was still very active in Hawaii… riding my bike or walking everywhere, surfing, hiking, etc. I was maintaining pretty well and wasn’t worried.

Like I said, I moved to Syracuse a month ago and once I moved, I totally fell off the wagon. I’ve been so swamped with everything - getting situated with the job, finding an apartment (I’m currently living in a hotel), buying a car, seeing family, going on road trips, traveling for work, and the list goes on. I went from being very active to running errands almost every free second. As you can imagine, I’m not where I was 3 months ago. I’m disappointed in myself and embarrassed, but I’m also trying to rationalize that moving across the country is not easy. And yet, I feel disgusting right now.

I knew I needed to do something to immediately stop this cycle. I have a friend from another forum that did the V Program not too long ago .
At first I thought she was crazy eating no solid foods, but following her progress really got me interested. I looked at some different options, one of them being another 12 week cut, but I really don’t want to commit to that right now when my lifestyle is still very transitional at the moment. After researching and asking lots of questions, I finally decided that the V Program is exactly what I need to get back on track!

I start the program on Monday August 31. I’ve blocked out the entire month of September to focus on this - no trips, no visitors, and no boozing! Since I just moved here, I don’t have too many friends yet and the ones I do have I don’t know too well, so there’s no worries of people peer pressuring me. I will have no problems saying no at all. My new company is extremely “health-minded” so I don’t have to worry about anyone here giving me a hard time about just drinking shakes.

I am SO excited to start the program! I will be following it to a T! I know it’ll be hard, but I also know that it will be worth it! I am beyond motivated right now to get back to where I was!

Good luck!

Your front and back compare pictures are really inspirational. You got yourself a booty!

Since you got there once, you should get there again. The V-Diet needs hard work and you seem ready for it! You have almost a week to get really ready for start date. Ask your questions. Now is the time. Chris is a great help!

Good luck again… and welcome! :slight_smile:

congrats on making the decision, what a story! you will do great keep posting, we are here for support.

Awesome. Keep us posted!

Look’s good man. I will be following!

great post, love those shorts by the way :wink:

Thanks so much everyone! I am SO PUMPED!! My goal is to at least get back to where I was in my profile picture. I’m afraid of what my befores are going to look like, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I had a free training session at my gym so I used that last night. Did some great exercises and also tried to work on my squat and deadlift form - it’s terrible! I think I may just go back to dumb bells for those until I get the form down. I also went to my first bootcamp class ever and loved it! I had my ass handed to me and then some! The lady doing the class was a figure competitor so I stayed and talked to her afterwards about possibly doing that in the future. We’ll see, just an idea in the back of my mind!

There’s an advanced bootcamp class tonight and I haven’t decided if I’m going to go or not - every single muscle hurts right now! I’ll see how I feel after work. I’m leaning towards it since I won’t be able to do any of those classes on the program.

I ordered an Ab Wheel off Amazon the other day and really hope it gets here before Monday’s workout. If not, I’m just going to have to improvise with whatever I can find in the gym.

Chris, I’m so ready for your program to kick my ass!! :smiley:

Great story. You will have no problem shedding that layer in now pic to get back to the profile pic. I dont know how much you have read on this site but it sounds like you might be doing a lot more cardio than is recommended. Just a thought.

Good luck…have a great day


She has not started the diet yet! :wink:

[quote]narives wrote:
I dont know how much you have read on this site but it sounds like you might be doing a lot more cardio than is recommended. Just a thought.

OOPS…Sorry… as I slink away to a dark corner to hide…


Yep I don’t start till Monday :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m not going to get my ab wheel in time for Monday’s workout :frowning: I had to call the company to get the tracking info (they never sent it ugh) and delivery date is Tuesday. I’m going to have to improvise - anyone have suggestions? I guess I’ll just try the bar/weight on the floor. If that doesn’t work, may have to do some hand walkouts instead.

Decided not to go to bootcamp last night because I was majorly sore and didn’t want to injure myself before the V Program. Good thing I didn’t because I’m still sore today! Yep, that’s what a few months out of the gym will do to ya.

Leaving work after lunch today to go to the NY State Fair! I’ve never been before and I’m stoked - plus Sara Evans will be performing tonight (for free!!). Tomorrow night I go further upstate to spend the weekend with my Dad and stepmom. I’ll be back sometime on Sunday.

Will be doing pics and measurements Monday morning before NEPA. I’ve always done them first thing in the morning and since I’ll be with the fam on Sunday, I’ll just get up early Monday to do them. Whenever I do a program I only take pics/measurements/weight once a week on Sundays. I’m planning my HSM for Sunday evenings since I normally do dinner with the fam on Sundays, so it’ll work out perfectly. NEPA will be a half hour on the treadmill before work - possibly do another half hour after my workouts, we’ll see.

i have had to do the bar/weight on the floor, it works great actually. ny state fair huh? hopefully its better than the local mn state fair, waste of money IMO. at least you get to see the bands for free, we have to pay extra to see bandds here at the fair. enjoy that fair food, once the diet start you gotta kiss that stuff goodbye.

Very nice long post rdidio! I just ordered my supps for the V-diet, I’m starting next Monday too! I’ll post the “before” pics when I start. Dam this is getting me pumped! GRRr!

If you have a Swiss Ball or a medicine ball, they can substitute for an ab-wheel. The Swiss ball will be easier. You can also use a sheet of cardboard so long as the floor is not jagged concrete. Just slide it in and out like you would roll in and out on the wheel.

The NY State Fair last week was great! I indulged in fried dough, fried pickles, a sausage/pepper sandwich, and a big ole ear of corn with spicy butter :slight_smile: The Sara Evans concert was great! Then I spent the weekend in the Adirondacks with my family - was very relaxing and it was so nice to just get away for a little bit.

Started the program today! I had to go to Ithaca all day for work, so I brought my shakes with me. Had a little bit of an issue with some of them still being frozen, but I worked around it and was able to get some hot water to mix with them so that I could continue to drink them :slight_smile: The shakes were great! I must be crazy - I actually love the taste of flax seed! The Surge on the other hand - not a big fan, but I downed it! I’ve got my final shake of the day in a little bit and then I’ll be donezo with Day 1!

Workout was great! I was experimenting with the weights, so some started off lighter for the first set. I just did normal squats on the smith machine because I really wanted to focus on form. Next week plan on moving over to the squat rack and hopefully can bang out some front squats! For the ab rollout, I had 2 round dumbbells, one in each hand - kept them right next to each other and just rolled in and out. It was a challenge with the 2, but I made it work. Should be getting my ab wheel tomorrow!

Quads 21.5
Calves 13.75
Forearm 9.5
Arm 10.25
Flexed 11.25

Shoulders 36
Chest 28
Hips 35
Waist 26.75
Neck 12.5

Weight 127.8
Bodyfat 22.73 (used an online calc, can’t find my calipers, they must be in transit from Hawaii)


Smith Squat
90# - 8
100# - 6, 4, 2

Lat Pulldown Underhand Grip
70# - 6
80# - 6, 4, 4

DB Bench Press
25# 4, 5, 5, 4, 2

Ab Wheel Rollout

30min treadmill AM
30min treadmill PWO

And you are on a roll!! Good luck again! It will be nice to follow the log a female V-Dieter

Day 2:

Day 2 was not a fun experience… I was friggin STARVING all day long! 1300 calories is brutal, but I’m going to stick with it. I was constantly drinking water to help curb the hunger. I picked up some mint tea last night, so hopefully that will help as well.

I only did my 30min NEPA in the morning because I knew if I did another 30 last night, it would just make me even more hungry. I think I’ll just stick with 30min on non workout days to start… if I feel better about it down the line, then I’ll increase. I went to bed hungry last night and couldn’t sleep at all.

I picked up some DaVinci syrups yesterday that I found at TJ Maxx. Got a sugar free caramel one and a sugar free raspberry. Those should add to the diversity. Still finding that the shakes are yummy though :slight_smile:

I was so sore yesterday from Monday’s workout. It’s amazing how only a few exercises can totally kick your arse! I also got my ab wheel in yesterday so I’ll be able to use that next week.

So do you have the side effects of drinking all that water? :wink: Me too, with this diet, I drink way more than I used too.

I feel ya on that hunger. I am very impressed with what you said, “I think I’ll just stick with 30min on non workout days to start… if I feel better about it down the line, then I’ll increase.” That seems really smart to me. So many people on here always say stuff like, “I want to do more NEPA and try running while on the V-Diet.” From what Chris S. always says, those people just end up failing. You seem to have the right outlook!

Oh yes, I pee all the time! I normally drink alot of water, so this is no different for me. I easily go to the bathroom 8-10 times during the workday lol

I did do a 12 week competition cut a few months ago, so I definitely know about not pushing myself. Listening to your body is key! I can def see how people may over-work themselves on this program, but I am not going to be one of them! :slight_smile:

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