Because Chicks Dig Muscles

If only I had some. :wink:

About me: A formerly fit 38 year old who hasn’t seen her abs since the '90s due to inactivity, general laziness and a fierce love of all things food related.

My goals: To break up with food or at least have a trial separation. Ribeye steak, artisanal cheeses, delicious wine—we’ve had a good decade.

Why: Half vanity/Half health. I have a Crossfit-inspired view of fitness. If you can’t climb a tree in a flood or fireman carry your friend to safety in an emergency, what’s the point? I’d like to be leaner, stronger and faster, and yes, see my abs again some day.

How: A strict V-Diet, heavy compound lifts and daily NEPA w/my French Bulldog. I’m on DAY 3, headed to Crankytown and having a profound craving for a Brontosaurus-sized grilled chop.


Weight- 152 lbs
Height- 5"4
Thigh- 26" (!)
Chest- 36"
Abs- 29"
Shoulder- 39"
Arm- 12" (doh!)
Ankle- 9’
Neck- 14"

I may be misinformed, but itsn’t the V-Diet strictly an advanced program?

Why are beginners using this all the time?

Hmmm, I thought the diet was effective for zaftig chicks and brawny boys alike?

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
I may be misinformed, but itsn’t the V-Diet strictly an advanced program?

Why are beginners using this all the time?


Well there is a “beginners weight program” so I am not surprised that beginners are on the diet. It is also a proven, relatively quick and has a lot of exposed, literally, successes (although failures wouldn’t post I admit).

Although it is my opinion that people going on the diet should have lifted before and have an awareness of macro nutrients with the reasoning behind the quantities.

Given the extreme emotional/psychological demands, I wonder if most beginners make it that far?

That said, weight training + a proper diet is a wonderfully egalitarian concept. Sites like this one make the information available to those who care to learn.

The rest is discipline.

Day 4: There’s a theory about overeating in America that blames variety for our national flab. Donuts for breakfast, sushi for lunch, Thai food for dinner. The choice is staggering and it leaves our tastebuds wanting more.

Struggling on Day 4 to choke down another sickly-sweet shake, I totally get that.

Hopefully, by day 28, I’ll learn to appreciate the clean flavors and repetition over variety. The most successful athletes I know, eat the same 10 or 20 foods day in and day out.

Proper pics coming soon.

Good for you! Good luck- I was a beginer at all this and I thought I got pretty good results. As long as you keep your mind on your goal, you will get there!

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
I may be misinformed, but isn’t the V-Diet strictly an advanced program?

Why are beginners using this all the time?


How are they to know that? (and, is it? :slight_smile: )
“rapid loss” tends to cloud all reason :slight_smile:

Hey there!! Good luck on your V-Diet!!! I have a problem w/ the shakes being really sweet too…so I actually dilute them. Which may be causing the problem of me feeling overly full. But I can’t drink something that sweet all the time.

Kurlie, you had amazing results! And it sounds like Jdodson will too. I think the guys complaining about beginners are just mad that there’s not a pic of a hawt girl in my thread :). My real hair is actually bigger, btw.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Day 5 has been surprisingly easy thus far. Looking forward to my second workout today and solid food on Wednesday!!!

Day 7:

4 lbs lighter, 5.5 inches lost.

2" thighs (woo-hoo!)
1" neck
1" inch bust (@**&%!)
1" shoulders
.5" ankle (?)

I’m stoked about my legs, bummed about my boobs and ambivalent about my shoulders. Shouldn’t I gain there from lifting?

Looking forward to sashimi and a monster salad. Sadly, there shall be no sake…

[quote]Mickalicious wrote:
bummed about my boobs

I feel your pain!!! Mine have totally disappeared in the past two months. They were staying pretty solid for a while, and them all of a sudden… BAM they were gone! I had to go get new bras last weekend and some will soon be laid to rest because they’re just ridiculously big.

I was never a fan of pushups… I’m part of the its false advertising train of thought… but now I’m thinking I may need to buy one! My BF is very much aware of the losses so it’s not like it’s getting his hopes up (he’s definitely in mourning for my former chest).

Sigh, oh well. I’d rather be skinny with small boobs than the cubby gal i was with big ones. I just never realized SO much of my boobs was just from being overweight! Kind of depressing… I thought I was special for my family of small chested women. Oh well!

Great job otherwise though and I love the fro. Hang in there! Post more pics too!

Pics from Day 7. I’m working up the courage to post the deeply unflattering back shots…


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