BeastFromTheEast's V-Diet Log

I’ve been on the V-Diet for two days. So far, it’s proving quite interesting.

First, a little bit about my background and motivations:

I’m an amateur wrestler by training. I worked my way up from 167/160 when I started, through 174/184/197 by the time I was done. Then I graduated, and tried to run and weight train on my own, but with no real pressure to keep an eye on my diet or my weight.

I moved on and did Gracie jiu-jitsu and submission grappling for a while, and competed a fair bit - where I once weighed in for a tournament at 265, for the ‘super-super-heavyweight’ class. (Yes, that’s really what it’s called, though what they really mean is ‘Unlimited’. :wink: Now I’m into Muay Thai (thai boxing), and it’s just not safe for me to compete against people that size anymore - they’re going to punch me in the head way too hard. =)

Next, a few comments about my training program:

I’m not a really big fan of weight training at all. I just don’t find it very fulfilling. I much prefer combat sports (things like wrestling/jiu-jitsu/Muay Thai, obviously :wink: . When I’m not doing those, I do things that involve competing directly against nature (canoeing, rafting, rock climbing) or much more enjoyably competing against other people (Ultimate Frisbee).

So I’ve elected to attend our (fairly rigorous) Muay Thai workouts 3x a week for my exercise, rather than the V-Diet Training Program. (I usually only make it once or twice per week, so this is an important step up for me. =)

I do still intend to do the V-Burn challenge, though, if only because those calisthenics are so similar to the warm-up exercises we do for Muay Thai that I couldn’t possibly come up with anything to rationalize my way out of them. :wink:

I have three primary goals for this diet:

  1. I want to train myself to eat 5 small meals per day. (I feel that once I make that a permanent habit, I will have a much easier time keeping excess weight off in the future.)

  2. I want to lose a decent amount of weight. (Obviously, this is a great opportunity for a nice kick-start on my path back down to the heavyweight division.)

  3. I want to reduce my waist size. (My neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps and legs are all wonderfully muscular, but my waist is very large due to the cavernous stomach that enabled me to get up to my current weight of 245. It would be nice if that went away. =)

So now, my first impressions on the diet:

Drinking all those shakes every three or four hours really has, so far, kept me from having any of those ferocious hunger pangs I was expecting. (One of my friends who did this diet told me that it gets much worse towards the end of the first week, but I hope he was joking… :wink:

I’ve started to learn to mix the shakes the way I like them (with a little less water, so they’re thicker), and combine the flavors to make much yummier options than just chocolate/vanilla/banana.

I’m going to be traveling a lot on the weekends, and consequently I may find myself having more than one healthy solid meal (for example, this weekend I’ll probably have one on Friday with my aunt and uncle, one on Saturday at a friend’s wedding, then on Sunday back home for a full day of shakes). I feel a little bad, but I’m not overly upset about this - I’m pretty confident in my ability to pick healthy things, and I’ve already got some of those meals for the second half of October planned out with my friends and family.

And last but certainly not least, I think it’s time to post those vital statistics:
(I’ve only bothered to measure the ones I care about… :wink:

244.0 lb. [2009-10-04] (avg. from 2 weighings)
Waist (at navel):
43.75" [2009-10-05]
Waist (at largest):
43.75" [2009-10-05] (the navel line is the largest part of my waist! :expressionless: )
Hips (at largest):
42.75" [2009-10-05]

I can’t wait to post the revised numbers next week! =)

If I get around to it, maybe I’ll take a set of ‘before’ pictures and post them tomorrow.

Still, I feel that this is a good start!

-B. From The E.

No weight work at all?

You know, originally I really wasn’t planning to do any weight work at all. As I insinuated above, I really do find it pretty dull and uninspiring. Martial arts, on the other hand, I find a nearly as strenuous workout, and I’m always enthusiastic to go to practice. :wink:

Upon further reflection, though, I realized that there are some days I’m going to be out of town and I simply can not make that day’s Muay Thai workout. Consequently, I’ll be doing some of the V-Diet weight workouts instead. Frankly, I guess it’ll probably turn out to be good for me in the long run. =)

I did my first Muay Thai workout on the V-Diet yesterday, and I have my second one tomorrow. Judging by the nagging soreness all over my body, I believe my muscles are quite busy trying to rebuild themselves. So I’m pretty confident in my exercise plan. :smiley:

Best of luck with the V-Diet. I’ll be interested to see what happens with the changes you’ve made. Muay Thai is a great sport and I know it’s a killer workout. Every time that I can I make it to workouts at my buddies gym and I’m dying every time it’s over.

Well, it’s the morning of the fourth day.

I know the authors recommend that dieters only weigh themselves once a week, in order to prevent themselves from worrying unnecessarily about minor fluctuations. Since I used to spend all that time wrestling, I understand weight fluctuations very well and I’m not even remotely fazed by them. Consequently, I can tell you all that (even though it doesn’t mean much) as of day four, I’ve already lost six pounds. :wink:

Plus which, I’ve discovered that I have extra time during the day now. Since I just mix three shakes and eat them at my desk, I use my lunch hour for running errands. I’m actually managing to get all sorts of shopping done that I never would have before. =)

(I’ve also decided that - although the banana/vanilla breakfast shake is wonderful - I think I might be kinda sick of it by the time I’ve eaten it every morning for a whole month. :wink:

And now, it’s time to pack up those three shakes for the day and the recovery drink for my second Muay Thai workout this evening!

You should post your muay thai thing in one of the ask chris a question threads…it seems like doing heavy cardio like that would be a big problem. id be interested to see what chris would say about it.

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