Bear to Bare

Back to our story in progress (if I can keep my hands from quivering to much just had a monster workout.) Sunday Vchallenge (AKA hell) Get up early pop a couple of HOT-ROX wait a half hour and go!! I’m truckin right along When I get to the pike push ups on round four.

I’m down on eight staring at a puddle of sweat and my arms just will not go up finaly my left arm just collaspses. I just lay there. My dog wonders over to see what is up (probably gets a whiff of me) and walks away. I get up and wander into the kitchen. Grab a glass of water and sit down.

Mentally I’m justifying this: haven’t been in a gym regularly for 15 yrs, you just pressed probably 1560 lbs in 28 min, all this crap is running through my mind. I gotta take my mind off this so I start the dishes and then I think I tried. BULLSHIT! I got pissed went back out side and finished the challenge.

Even threw in an extra 10 pushups (regular not the pike bastards) just to show the old body who was boss. (I know it wasn’t in the plan Chris but it was a mental thing.) Went back inside to the little man waking up. Spent most of the day at the park with him. (anyone who is having trouble with ideas for NEPA find a two year old to follow around at the park for an hour, can you say omnidirectional windsprints?)

Then we wen to Whole foods for the HSM shopping. I will be honest I hadn’t obsessed with this like some of the other winners out there but once I got in the store I started to be overwhelmed. When you only get one meal a week it is such a treat and you want it to be the best. So I did some shopping. The little man ate all the healthy snacks he could for free at the store and we went home. I took him back to his mom’s house and came home to cook.

Herb salad with tomatoes and pear slices. Balsamic vinegarr and olive oil dressing.

Steamed okra (why I don’t know but it sounded really good and actually was) and asparagus with homemade salsa ( 3 tomatoes, 2 xlg jalepenos, 1/4 bunch cilantro, 1/8 clove garlic, 1/6 onion, salt to taste. Chop in blender it comes out a little runnier than most but is great for a sauce.) 3 lamb chops marinated in wing sauce (ie cayenne, vinegar and salt) about 1/2 lb topped it off. Garnished with 1/2 an avocado sliced. Thought about a glass of red but went with water.

really tired now going to slam my last shake of the day and crash mon and tues tomorrow.

Pike push ups are the devil, I agree! And I feel ya on the toxic people who you don’t expect to be toxic…ugh

First off: I admire your drive. Seriously you seem more energized about this than almost anyone else on here. Way to go!

Second: those meals look so damn good. Anyone else just get the wildest craving for lamb?!?!

[quote]hammerhead70 wrote:
I’m there at work talking to one of my friends that I have known for a long time drinking my shake (take one to work now thanks Lisa) and she asks me what it is. “A protein shake.”
“Are you on one of those liquid diets?”[/quote]

I don’t know if I’d call her “toxic” quite yet.

Granted, it would’ve been best for her to listen to what you were about to say instead of stepping off like that. I got the same snap reaction/judgment from a few people and they came around in the end.

How many liquid diets are out in TVland which promise you a 40-50 lb loss in a week? It’s not an uncommon reaction.

Keep doing what you’re doing, let the results speak for themselves and she can apologize by taking you out to a big steak dinner. :slight_smile:

If she keeps that attitude up after you can explain (or she doesn’t even give you that chance), then I’d start raising warning flags.

Ok falling behind on this log so here is Monday:

HSM?s suck!! I didn?t have this much cravings all last week combined and now this insane hunger strikes and all I am fantasizing about is real food. (normal fantasies are a whole different kind of cuisine) All day kept thinking about the left over salsa in the fridge and how good it would taste and how good the salt would be. Finally gave it to the neighbor to get it out of the house. (One way to get rid of an issue.)

Was thinking about doing some swimming for a NEPA (its 100 degrees here already !?!) so was doing some reading on the ask Chris thread and realized that I shouldn?t be on this diet. Yeah Whatever!!! Hey Chris, keep your eye on this old out of shape dude. I am the exception!! (what?s life without a positive mental attitude?) Actually I took this as a personal challenge. I mean who could benefit from this diet more than me? Most of the people that I see on here are already in relatively good shape compared to me. Who needs to change their life more than me? Alright I?m done with that rant and I?m starting to sound like a country song.

Speaking of reading I am trying to get caught up on other people? blogs and offer advice and/or encouragement when needed. (I?m sucking at it right now) There?s a lot more people doing this than I originally realized. I?ll work more on this. Work was slow tonight (mixed blessing less $ in pocket = more time for workout.) Had a monster workout tonight and am really feeling jacked right now and went in to type this up to find the cable is down. Will type anyway and post later.

Almost forgot the quote of the day for Monday:
“To achieve excellence requires taking risks of failure, and inner strength to pursue an idea or other goal despite criticism.” Gary Becker

keep plugging man. You have a lot of good reasons to be doing this. As for “wicked out of shape” I’m there too

[quote]meu63 wrote:
You have a great motivation man! Keep up the work it will be worth it in the end![/quote]

Some shout out’s are in order for the encouragement.

The end, thighs, gut etc. yeah no stopping now

[quote]Polsen714 wrote:
White water rafting
through the Grand Canyon
Can I come?

Good luck, what’s your stats btw?[/quote]

Just found your thread and Hell yeah (I’ll even pay) For others who havent checked this one out. Smokin hot with a wicked sense of humor and SHE CAN READ.

[quote]Noreen wrote:
DUDE! youl do amazing!! just stick with it and we are going to be here to offer you support! :D[/quote]

Noreen you crack me up I always know where to go for a laugh. Lean mean sexy Noreen. Keep it up.

[quote]Demo Dick wrote:
It’s not easy to post pictures when you aren’t happy with how you look. But for a lot of people the extra push of having people watch your prgress is very, very motivating. Keep after it.

Demo Dick[/quote]

DD yeah one of the hardest things I’ve had to do besides turn off a Chuck Norris movie. However as a word of encouragement to the Lurkers (you know who you are) DO IT. You will never know how far you got if you don’t know where you started.

[quote]CHAMMKA wrote:
YOu are going to do great! We are all here to support you!

Gooo Hammerhead![/quote]

Thanks, And I am here to just be in awe of you. You are rockin

[quote]redhawk223 wrote:
First off: I admire your drive. Seriously you seem more energized about this than almost anyone else on here. Way to go!

Second: those meals look so damn good. Anyone else just get the wildest craving for lamb?!?![/quote]

Thanks I am just feeding off the general energy of the forum. But why not look forward to the adventure its just the rest of your life.

[quote]Tech9 wrote:

I don’t know if I’d call her “toxic” quite yet.

If she keeps that attitude up after you can explain (or she doesn’t even give you that chance), then I’d start raising warning flags.


Way to call a spade a spade I was a little harsh I just was not expecting that from her and got a knee jerk reaction. Hell by the time I’m done with this thing she will be bowing to the throne of the V-Burn. (I’ll be the one puking on the other side from the challenge)

Thankfully my urges for food have diminished again yesterday was a pain. Still sore from the workout last night however. Word at work has gotten out about the fact that I am on a “diet”. Everyone’s favorite pastime is to come by my office carrying whatever it is they have for lunch and do the food equivalent of a striptease in the door. Bring it bitches.

In another (I don’t even know how many right now sad huh?) days I will be a LEAN (er) mean sexy machine. (props to Noreen for that one) Had to be in to work early this morning so missed my am NEPA thought about just sitting down and reading a few posts but kicked myself in the ass and walked down to the store to pick up some items for the food bank.

It was weird first time I ever really looked at the labels for the food bank. Normally I just grab some items and go. I wonder how many people really consider what they are giving to others? I’m starting to blather so I’m charging into sleep like Chuck Norris into a mushroom cloud.
Surge dreams.

[quote]hammerhead70 wrote:
… striptease in the door. Bring it bitches.

Ha ha ha. Keep strong. I suggest buying donuts and treats for the lunch room and watch your co-workers wear larger jeans.

[quote]errico wrote:
Ha ha ha. Keep strong. I suggest buying donuts and treats for the lunch room and watch your co-workers wear larger jeans.[/quote]

Wow. That’s a perfect mindscrew. I second this.

Hammerhead, keep up your great work. I got some flak from my co-workers when I did the V Diet last year, but it was because they tried to lose weight and failed.

9 months later it was brought up and they weren’t too happy in admitting they noticed my weight loss. Heh.

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