Bear to Bare

?Do or do not there is no try? ? Yoda

There is no try in this program either just put my head down for the grind. I have been checking out this forum for a while and finally scraped up the pennies and the gumption to give it a go. I personally appreciate the blogs that are not just a series of numbers on losses. While motivating in their own way I already understand mentally that this program will work so the ADD factor kicks in and I get bored.

So I am forcing myself to be much more verbose than I normally am about me. This will do two things. #1: Hopefully show the reality of the program and inspire others working toward their goals. #2: (Much like the forum hottie cheerleader Lisa explained in her much visited blog) I would like the story laid out for me to remember.

I would also like for my son to be able to one day look back at some of the things in his dad?s life. Which brings me to the motivation for all this, (not that yalls stories are not inspirational but other focuses in my life are more important:

#1 is my son I am not going to be one of those fat dads that pass on all kinds of bad habits to him.

#2 Women. Isn?t this always a motivation if you are male? It is time to start looking again and it aint gonna happen in this body. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that #2 often becomes #1.

Ok there is the motivation what are the goals?
#1 be able to move and keep up with a 2 year old without dying i.e. conditioning (vague I know but I need a baseline on this one check back on this after the first V-Burn challenge
#2 Look good nekkid. BF in the low teens if not single digits (yep plagiarized the first part from another blog Thanks!)
#3 Start an educated fitness plan (already accomplished 1 down 2 to go)

The plan: V-Burn 3.0 6 weeks ? 1 month recovery Weight plan yet to be determined but looking for a strength builder for this time (any suggestions would be appreciated) consistent NEPA through biking to work initiated ? Vburn 3.0 6 weeks ? reward of weeklong whitewater rafting trip through the grand canyon with inspiration #2.

The challenges: 25 years of bad eating habits ? This is just the right mental attitude
#2 Time: This one is going to be tough: My weekday after 2 days
5:30 out of bed for NEPA (elliptical while catching up on financial news or a favorite show)
6:30-7:00: ready shakes and self for the rest of the day
7:00-12:00: job 1
12:00-1:00: read T-Nation and small walk to stay active (Job 1 is all at a desk)
1-4:30: Job 1
4:30-5:00: drive to Job 2 while slamming shake
5:00-11:00 Job 2 serving tables can?t mention the name but think national chain with Chinese food
11:00-11:20 drive home
11:30 -12:00 workout

As you can see there is not a lot of wiggle room here so I am going to be looking for help and tips here from time to time. (No pun intended)
Question #1: Where should I put shake # 5 in the day?
1 goes on the way to work, 2 at lunch, 3 between jobs, and 4 after work. I?m thinking possibly about 10:00am but what have yall done?

OK definitely verbose but got the plan and the players laid out. SOOOOOO
Ladies and Gentlemen in this corner fueled by wings, beer, and laziness the belly blubber
And its opponent fueled by determination, sweat and the V-Burn the Dan
Leeettttts get ready to kick some a**

Rock on! Hey Dan, welcome :wink: You have great goals. And a very busy schedule, wow.

As far as the shakes, just have them whenever you can get them in, trying to space them 3 hours apart. So make a shake sometime at job 2 around 8pm (yep right in the middle of busy time I know I waited on tables for 15 years, but this can be done), since you had the last one around 5.

If that’s your last shake though, you’ll be starving for that PB by the time you get home, but at least on w/o days you have the Surge to help a little. (after week 1, you will be hungry if you feel full the first week).

Anyway, make it work whatever you have to do so the shakes are always about 3 hours apart. If you wait 6 hours or so like between shake 3 and 4, you’re gonna be huuuuuuungry. Right now it seems like your shakes are placed too far apart, maybe?

You sound dedicated and ready for change. Hit me with any Q’s in the “Ask Chris” thread so I’ll be sure to see them and keep us posted!

Thanks Lisa,
You are so right. Last night about 9:30 I’m walking out of the kitchen with a piece of fresh grilled mahi mahi in my hand and I just start drooling like a St bernard. I had to start laughing at myself and then by about 10:00 I had no energy at all!!

Dragging like no tomorrow. As soon as I got home I wanted to just crash (it was about 12) but I still had some work to take care of. Ate my PB with half a glass of surge (not something I would recommend to those with a sensitive palate) to get some energy going and then hit the workout.

On the lighter side my neighbors dog had to let me know that he approved of all this and as I was finishing the sumo squats my neighbor stuck his head over the fence stared at me with the most WTF!?! expression snorted and then went back inside. I had about 30 seconds to quit laughing before the next set.

Thanks Chris,
I’ll make sure to do that although to your credit there is not a lot of questions left unanswered you and your team (yknow all the behind the scene guys that don’t usually get to much credit give them a high five for me!) did a great job of putting this together and anticipating questions another hats off to you my friend! In the past couple of weeks several of your quotes have graced my office as the quote of the day. You much referenced Phoenix article is a great piece of work and was one of the major catalysts in transforming my fire of pissed-offededness into steel resolve.

Speaking of quotes the quote of the day for all you out there just starting out:
“Every artist was first an amateur”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

White water rafting
through the Grand Canyon
Can I come?

Good luck, what’s your stats btw?

Hey welcome on board Polsen this 6 weeks is going to be more of a rocky ride than the canyon could ever dream of being!!! I was just getting to the stats with a little backstory first: (like I haven’t rambled enough already.)

I first got turned to to T-Nation about a year ago when a friend without internet at the time had me order some supplements for him. I started reading it from time to time and picking up bits and pieces of head knowledge but did nothing with them. They hit me with an email about the V-Diet about a month ago and I knew it was time.

I ordered the stuff and was ready to start but forgot the L-Leucine so I didn’t start the program but I did change my eating habits to a certain degree. I used a shake for the first 2 meals every day. (This would have been better if my other 2 meals were Healthy.) None the less it did make a difference on March 4th I weighed 327 on the 16th my official start date I weighed in at 302. A lot of this was probably that burst of water weight coming off so this Vburn is all about the fat baby!!!

Stats as of the 16th:
Height 6’2"
Weight 302
BF 28% (if the guy at the gym knew what he was doing, I have my doubts)
neck 19
shoulders 54
chest upper 49
chest lower 48
waist 49
hips 51
left arm 17
right arm 17.25
upper left leg 30.5
upper right leg 31
calves 19 each
ankles 12 each

total inches: 427.75

I’ll post some pics after I take out some rage about those numbers on some rampantly growing cactus in a friends yard.

Hey! A fellow Arizonian? Hell yeah!


Just kidding, I can be obnoxious at times. You haven’t even hit ‘the grind’ yet, but you will. Keep your head down and bear the winds.

You’ll be happy you did! I am. I burned 5% fat off of my body this month!

warning: Those of you about to have your HSM look away
I don’t want to ruin that pleasure for you.

Due to popular demand (well 1 soon to be sorry firrmgirl)


and back

Lets get that out of our minds with reason #1

Hammerhead you are going to do great. You will be very happy you did this, and your reason #1 is the best reason in the entire world to give yourself health and vitality. Wishing you much success and determination :wink:


You have a great motivation man! Keep up the work it will be worth it in the end!

DUDE! youl do amazing!! just stick with it and we are going to be here to offer you support! :smiley:

It’s not easy to post pictures when you aren’t happy with how you look. But for a lot of people the extra push of having people watch your prgress is very, very motivating. Keep after it.

Demo Dick

[quote]errico wrote:


Yeah I had the same reaction. However I will see your opening bid and go all in for:

YOu are going to do great! We are all here to support you!

Gooo Hammerhead!

All right lets get caught up it was a long weekend. Sat was a good day trooping right along and then wham at work that night the first TOXIC encounter. Totally caught me unaware! I guess that is part of the whole toxicity thing. If it is a random person that you don’t care about then its no big deal slides off like a squat bar on my back.

Its the ones that you expect to interested if not encouraging that get ya in the gut. I’m there at work talking to one of my friends that I have known for a long time drinking my shake (take one to work now thanks Lisa) and she asks me what it is. “A protein shake.”
“Are you on one of those liquid diets?”

"Well not exactly … " It was at this point that she rolled her eyes and walked away. Didn’t wait for an explanation or anything. I know her fiance is a trainer (I introduced them for Pete’s sake). But keep an open mind for a friend already!! I was pissed off and hurt. I knew it was coming but the sucker punch landed. I promptly forgot that when at a little after midnight a woman asked me back to her hotel room.

I know the sex drive is supposed to go up on this diet but the only bedroom activity I had in mind for that night was a little log sawing. (is it the 2nd week that the energy comes back cuz it seems a shame to turn down such a rare offer) I politely turned her down with a “I would fall in love and you would fall asleep” and went home to crash.
Sunday after my workout.

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