Bean Flours: Helpful or Harmful?


Hello Chris,

Are the bean flours - lentil, chickpea - as beneficial as almond and coconut flours or are they as damaging to the body as wheat flour?


They’re okay subs for wheat flour, but have a couple of drawbacks. 1) They’re kinda hard to use. With most, you can sub them cup for cup like almond flour or a gluten-free blend. 2) They taste very much like beans. I like beans, but not in my pancakes! Most people blend them with other flours to reduce the beany taste. I just use almond, coconut, and sometimes a gluten-free blend.


Thanks Chris!! Good to know.


Another tip to reduce bean taste: Mix 1 TSP of instant coffee in with the bean flour/batter.

Obviously, this will only work for dishes that would do well with a coffee flavor addition. The recipe I used was a brownie one from Stuff I Make My Husband.