Beach Volleyball Player (39) Starts V-Diet

First things first–I’ve never been on a diet before in my life. Never needed to. However, at age 39 and currently weighing in at 205 pounds (I’m 6’ 1" and a half), I could probably stand to lose 10 pounds or so and get in better shape.

When I read about the Velocity Diet, for some reason I immediately wanted to try it. I haven’t been to the gym in about 6 months, so the only exercise I get is my weekly game of beach volleyball.

That all being said, I’m not sure what’s going to be tougher–getting back in the gym on a regular basis, or the (mostly) liquid diet.

Anyway, here are my measurements at the start of my journey:

Ht: 6-foot 1-and a half inches
Wt.: 205 lbs.
Neck: 16.5 in.
Shoulders: 49 in.
Chest (upper): 43 in.
Chest (lower): 39.5 in.
Waist (navel): 39.5 in.
Waist (largest) 39.5 in.
Upper Arm (left): 14 in.
Upper Arm (right): 14 in.
Upper Leg (left): 23 in.
Upper Leg (right): 23 in.
Lower Leg (left): 15.5 in.
Lower Leg (right): 15.5 in.
Ankle (left): 8.5 in.
Ankle (right): 8.5 in.

Already started on the shakes. Counting my 4 hours of volleyball today as my V-Burn challenge. Back to the gym tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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