BC's V-Diet Log

Well I am on day 9. The first couple of days were brutal but as this goes on I am finding that it is more of a mental challenge than anything. Physically, the workouts are tough. I am doing the intermediate workout with the beginner V-Burn. I couldn’t access the intermediate V-Burn for some reason and it was probably better that I didn’t since it is supposed to be “fun”. Yeah right.

I have used the analogy with my wife and some friends that this diet is like going to jail. You have to pay the price for your actions. I am saying now that I will never eat junk again. Can I keep that commitment to myself? We’ll see. But I want to be the Unconscious Competent. I was 245 at my heaviest and got down to under 200 last year for about 5 minutes.

My measurements are as follows:
Ht- 5’8"
Wt- 225
Shoulders- 49"
Neck- 17 1/2"
Upper chest-44"
Lower chest- 43"
Waist- 47"
Hips- 42"
Upper Rt arm- 15
Upper Lt arm- 14 1/2"
Upper Legs- 24"
Calves- 15 1/2"
Ankles- 10"

Side view

Congratulations on your journey, it helps to post in the journal.

Good luck,


Back view

Can’t wait to see those “after” measurements. Let’s get those waist and belly measurements out of the 40+ inch danger zone!

Oh, and it’s not “jail.” It’s rehab. That’s much better, um, right?

Seriously, keep us posted!

Rehab is probably a better description because rehab you have to want to do and jail you have no choice. So I stand corrected. I am on day 12. Haven’t strayed on the eating at all and only missed 1 workout. It definitely gets easier as the days go on. I am taking it one shake at a time. I try not to count the days to go but when I catch myself counting I remind myself that it isn’t 16 more to go it’s 13 more because I still have 3 HSM’s to go and those days are a breeze.

I missed my workout yesterday because I didn’t get home from work in time but will make it up today and Friday’s workout will be done on Sat. morn and the V Burn on Sunday.

I worked with my 22 year old son yesterday and he stopped for a cheeseburger and fries for lunch. He was holding it in front of me and saying “These are the best fries of any fast food place ever (Checkers). Just try one”. I didn’t and didn’t really want to.

I have put myself into the mindset that I’ve already accomplished this (28 days) and now all I need to do is finish. I don’t even have a doubt that it will happen. If I don’t lose another pound (I’ve lost 9 so far) or another inch (only 1 but all my clothes are fitting better) I will still be satisfied with the lessons I have learned from this. I have more will power than I thought.

Today is day 14. HSM today. I am not as excited about my HSM as last week but I am still excited. If I can do this, anyone can. I feel like the first week was much tougher than the second. I could hardly get the shakes down near the end of the first week but the second week was pretty easy. Not necessarily enjoyable but not unbearable. I am just bored with the taste of the shakes. My eight year old daughter will ask me “What’cha having for dinner tonight dad, let me guess?” I have a system down and she just figured it out. Choc for breakfast, banana next, then chocolate again then strawberry then vanilla. I have’nt mixed the peanut butter in. I just eat it with my last shake. It’s my only vice.

My wife was dead set against the V-Diet from the beginning. She can be a hard head and there’s no telling her anything. Guess what?? She’s using my chocolate powder. Twice a day. She’s not doing the diet but she likes the shakes and I tease her sometimes telling her that pretty soon I’ll be thinner than her.

2 more HSM’s 12 more all shake days and this is in the bag. The transition will be a breeze. I may extend the week 2 transition for a couple of weeks. I feel like after this, I can do anything I put my mind to.

[quote]bcinac wrote:
I feel like after this, I can do anything I put my mind to. [/quote]

I feel the same way bro…Shugart has a sweet program going here. Your head is in the right place, keep it up!

Nice attitude there bcinac, especially with family that doesnt really understand what you are doing. So i was wondering how things were going. You’re a little over halfway done right?

Sorry for the delayed response:

This is a great program. Simple but not easy. You’re just about finished, right?? I need to post in your thread so I’ll get the email when you post your pics and stats.

Thanks for the encouragement. Things are going well. I am now on Day 17. That means only 10 more days with no food and 2 HSMs. Thanks for asking. You seem to be doing well with yours too. Looks like you’re on day 9. Just take it one shake at a time. Keep up the good work.


Day 19 is just about in the books. I am down around 12 lbs. I haven’t taken any new measurements but I know I have dropped some fat. My pants are starting to fall off. I am on the last hole on my belt. I can fit in some of my sons’ shirts. They are 20 and 22 and always wear loose stuff but hey, I couldn’t even think of wearing their shirts before.

I have 7 more all shake days and 2 more HSM days. The cravings are gone. I wouldn’t have believed it. I haven’t craved anything for about a week. I think this has prepared me for a lower calorie diet. I am looking forward to the end but by the same token I don’t want the progress to stop.

Day 25 is in the books. I am feeling pretty good. I will post some pics hopefully Sunday. I have lost about 15 lbs. as well as some inches. The end is near.

Awesome!! Especially that the cravings are gone. I hope for the same. Great job!

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