BCAA Peptides


So I’m currently taking the BCAA product and the creatine post workout with blue raz flavor added to it. I’ll then go home and have an actual meal. I’m going to start taking mag 10 and creatine post workout next. My question is when would be the best time to take the BCAA now? I was thinking with meals like the instructions said but my meals typically are very meticulously planned and I get a solid 30-40 grams of quality protein with each one, but since they’re di and tripeptides would it just further maximize protein synthesis? Much love to biotest thanks guys!


Others may offer their input, just my thoughts here, if you’re taking Mag-10 post workout, you don’t need to take additional BCAA with it. If you’re getting 30-40g protein with each meal, you should be getting enough leucine to maximize protein synthesis. Not that BCAA would have any negative affects, just IMO I don’t think it’d be necessary if you’re taking Mag-10. BCAA is great between meals for sure. Personally I have BCAA’s first thing upon waking before coffee, and between meals. That way you get the protein during your meals, BCAA’s between, your muscles are getting what they need throughout the day.


Thanks for the input! I definitely value your opinion, that’s a great idea. Ill start doing the BCAA in the morning and between meals.


Good stuff, always glad to help! Please feel free to tag me anytime :slight_smile: