BCAA and MAG-10 or What?


Protein wise I was doing:

  • Nothing Pre- Peri.
  • Aftershock Myogelyngx right after Workout.
  • Vintage Build (5G BCAA, 3G Creatine, 2G Glutamine) Twich a day.
  • Metabolic Drive - Once a day

After reading, and changing my towards building strength and muscle - I’m doing the starting Strength. This is want I’m changing and I would like a suggestion on the other stuff.

  • Pre; Plazma.
  • After; Surge Recovery, or Mag-10.

For the rest of the day my options are the followings:

  • Stop Vintage BCAA and Metabolic Drive.Replace them both by MAG-10 twice a day?

  • Stop Vintage BCAA and Metabolic Drive. Take a whey protein like ON Optium that has BCAA and Protein twice a day? Any other BioTest option besided MAG-10 (Cheaper would be better).

  • Replace Vintage BCAA with Ultra Petites from BioTest twice a day, and keep drinking Metabolic Drive?

Should I do something different when I train and when I rest?


Any suggestions ?

If you’re trying to build size, the only real difference between training days and non-training days is that you’d skip Plazma on non-training days. If you’re carrying some bodyfat, you could also play around with dropping carbs a bit and increasing protein/fats on non-training days (super-basic carb cycling) to keep the calories high and minimize fat gain.

It’ll depend a bit on what your diet actually looks like, and your current size, but with the choices you listed, I’d either go with two pulses of Mag-10 a day, two Metabolic Drive shakes, or one of each (might actually be the best compromise).

For the one and one, Metabolic Drive would fit great between meals. Load it up with fruit, veggies (if you wanna get wild), and other good calorie sources. Mag-10 is great very first thing in the morning ASAP after waking or very last thing at night right before bed.

This article talked all about the different protein types and has some other suggestions for what to use when.

[quote]Pre; Plazma.
After; Surge Recovery, or Mag-10.
If you do go with the Surge Recovery, it’ll be more efficient to use it during, not after. Still keep the Plazma pre-training though.

Yeah I made up my mind, cause if stop buying Metabolic Drive, BCAA and POST workout and and just use MAG-10 it’s better. Might not be that cost effective BUT I have to worry about less different stuff and will do the same as per what you said.

I’ll take Mag-10 twice a day. And Plazma on training days pre-workout.

I do have some body fat that I want to remove. I eat the same everyday. Clean carbs, protein and fats. No sugar, nor simple carbs.

Can I do MAG-10 first thin in the morning (6:00 AM), then breakfast around 8-9 AM. Lunch aroun 1:00, then MAG-10 Again in the afternoon (4:00 PM) then train at (6:00 PM) with plazma? or should I skip the 4:00 PM one and drink one after I’ve trained?

Vincent Guerrero.

That’s a solid, simple, and straight-forward plan. Good call.

If you’re training at 6, that means you’ll have the Plazma around 5:45 or so. It’s probably fine with the 4:00 Mag-10. But if you you can push lunch back closer to 2, that would free up some time and then you could push the Mag-10 to a half-hour or so after lifting instead. But that means dinner wouldn’t be until, what, like 8ish? If that fits into your day, should be no problem going that route.

Thank you chris again!

I’m thinking on incorporate Bike Rides, Sprint session or Farmer’s walk on my rest day (at 6:00 PM). But nothing really heavy or exhausting. Will I be okay without any supplements just relying on the my MAG-10 pulses, and whatever I eat through the day. I could throw a FiniBar in thou.

I just don’t want to compromise my muscle building, and strength training but I want to add something more to my routine. Also I hate rest days, I always feel like I need to run on jump on bike or something! I could even do something like a slow pace WOD or metcon. Just don’t want to be drinking plazma everyday if I’m not having a heavy workout on my (weightlifting) rest day.

Will you advise just to take easy, and rest? (Hope not).


Mag-10 is perfect to have during conditioning workouts like that, yep.

The only thing is, if you’re doing the Starting Strength program, it gets tricky when people start adding stuff on the off days because it relies so much on using that recovery time to really recover and perform well in the weight workouts.

So if you have to do some kind of training on the non-lifting days, keep it lower intensity, moderate intensity at most. And maybe keep a cap on the max time spent training. 20 minutes of “whatever” should be plenty for that kind of session.

Thank you chris!!

Hey Chris,

So I just got my Plazma delivered :D! And I think I’ll stick with a Mag-10
pulse and Metabolic Drive. So this is what I’m thinking.

Wake up 6:00 AM drink MAG-10

8:30 AM breakfast + Superfood

11:00 AM Metabolic Drive + something like berries

2:00 PM lunch

5:45 Plazma

6:00 PM training

6:20 Plazma

7:30 dinner + 4 FO + 3 Rez-V

9:30 ZMA

10:00 sleep.

Or I could do fast until 8:30 AM and do the Mag-10 at 7:20 and dinner at

Do I need 1000ML of Plazma? Or can I do 500 (250 pre and 250 after)


That looks pretty well set. Only thing I’d change is moving the Rez-V from dinner to breakfast or lunch. This article explains how strong antioxidants aren’t best right around training, so to be extra-safe, I’d shift that.

Otherwise, should be good to go.

500ml per scoop usually works better (for taste and for effectiveness).

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