BB84's V-Diet

Day 11 Non Workout

All the norms. Shakes went well. I am really starting to look forward to the bedtime shake with the Natty PB. That one is the best. Feeling good. Noticing some changes int he mirror for sure and friends ahve commented they can see a change. Always a good confidence booster.

Day 12 Workout HMC

Got up late today. Have been getting tired. Not sure if its work or the diet but when i sleep in late it messes up my shake schedule. Plus with ym hmc today it felt like i was just constantly throwing things down. I was considereing just making my food today and saving it tomarrow but when i took my a bite of steak i decided to eat it now lol. The time crucnh though did make me miss 1 scoop of protien and my serving of Natty PB. So overall on the whol diet ive done everything by the book EXCEPT missing one shake, one scoop of protein and one serving of PB. I hope that doesnt mess things up too bad.

6 oz NY steak
Spinach salad
1/2 cucumber
grape tomatoes
1 avacado
olive oil balsalmic vinegear dressing
1/2 sweet potatoe

Deadlift 210(+5) 9,8,7,6,5,5
Decline dumbell 80 9,7,6,5,5,4,4
Lat pulldown 150(+20) 9,9,6,4,4,4,4
Hand walkout knees 10,7,9,7,7

Felt much better on DL this week after having gotten back into the groove a bit. Hadnt done it for a few weeks. Lat pulldown i increased 20 lbs and will probably go up another 10 next week still feeling like im keeping good tempo but two sets at 9 reps seems like my weight is to low. Hand walkouts still suck. My arms seem to get more work than my core (wich is what i assume the walkout is supposed to be working) 15 minutes of NEPA on the treadmill.

Day 13 Non Workout

Almost 2 weeks! Shake timing good today. Went to the movies and was able to get my mid day shake in before and bring my dinner shake with me. Went to a bar b4 the movie to waste some time with friends and they all had a drink and burgers but i held out! Ordered water and put it in my shaker with my dinner. The food looked good and my instincts were telling me i wanted a beer but to be honest i wasnt really CRAVING either. My brain is still putting up a fight saying, “you should want these things even if your full!” But i have been realizing they are things i would just want to eat int he past jsut because they are there, not because i needed them.

And after saying that i do have to admit i snuck a piece of bacon tonight :frowning: but i still plan on seeing this thing through right! V-burn tomarrow. Weigh in on monday. Hope to see some good news!

Day 14 V-Burn

two weeks in the books. V-burn challenge went a whole lot better the seconed time around
Time 30:25 shaving off 6 minutes 5 sec. a lot of that time was probably not stopping for as many rests but thats a good sign. I pushed thru it. lungs are burning but i feel good i did it. weigh in tomarrow morning.

Day 15 Workout

Weigh in 209.2 (-2.8)
Still losing but not as much. almost 3 lbs is still alot though. i think i can see some good changes in the mirror but not whole sale radical ones. still have 2 weeks to go. If i continue like this though ill hit 200lbs for the first time since i was born probably. Heading out to the gym.

Front Squat 175(+5) 4,3,4,4,5
Lat Pulldown 180 5,5,5,5
Dumbell Bench 5,5,4,2,4
Ab Wheel (knees) 5,5,5,5

Catching up on some back logging

Day 16 Non Workout

Shakes all good. 20 minutes of NEPA. Got called out to work for the next three days. Hopeing the hotel ahs some good gym equipment. Nothing new to report

Day 17 Workout (didnt)

Was supposed to work out but due to work didnt get a chance to do anything really. still got the shakes all down. Moved workout to thursday (day 18)

Day 18 Nonworkout

again didnt get much done. was supposed to get off work earlier around 5 and was planning to hit the gym on the way home but got called back for a little more fun so gym was closed by the time i was out. Plan is to push wednesdays workout to friday (tomarrow) and fridays to saturdays and still do the v-burn on Sunday as i usually do.

Took more pictures today and am a little dissapointed. I am happy about the great weight loss so far but i havent really seen and body changes. I know i probably started out with more body fat than most that due this but with the before and afters i saw i thought i wasnt to far off. Ive been really strict and am feeling like the weight i lost was just water weight or something and that im jsut going to gain it all back when this is done and it will be for nothing.

But i plan to keep with it. It has only been about 2 1/2 weeks but thats more than halffway done and i dont see much. Hopefully my weigh in on monday will bring my spirits back up. Not going to post week 2 pics cuz they look the same as week one. Taking mesurments later tonight. Hopefully that will be good.

Measurments week 2
Neck 16 same
Shoulder 45.5 -2 (this doesnt seem right, could be inconsistent measuring)
Chest Upper 42 +.5 (+ could be good if its muscle)
Chest Lower 38.5 +.5
Waist Naval 36.5 -.5!
Waist hips 37 -1.5!
Upper arm R/L 14.25 +.75
Upper Leg R/L 24 +1
Lower leg R/L 15 same
Ankle 9 -.5

Overall feel good about losing inches in the stomach and hips. those are my biggest areas. The gains in the arms, chest, and legs could all be muscle gain (i hope). But those all look pretty good with the mirror test. Feeling a little better about the progress now. Hope for a good sign on monday for weigh in.

Day 19 Workout

Felt really good to get back intot he gym. Again having problems waking up to late on my days off after work. Wasnt able to finish my HMC and am having trouble with my 3rd shake since its so late int he day. I put my desert fruit in it to make it taste a little better.

4oz steak
3oz chicken breast
Baby spinach salad
1/2 sweet potatoe
Green Peas
Olive Oil Balsalmic Vinegear dressing

Workout #10
Reverse Lunge 45lbs(+5) 8,8,7,6,5,6
Bent over row 125(+5) 8,8,7,4,5,4,4
Push Press 115(+5) 8,6,6,6,3,3,4
Barbell Curl 70(same) 9,8,6,5,5,3,4
Reverse Crunch(8lb ball) 10,10,10,10

The rest time is gruiling but awesome, 35 seconeds is nothing but it feels like im getting a really good work out. Plan on 30 minute HMC tonight

Hey Bro, So you took the plunge huh? Well done for keeping with it! I’m sure it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. Looks like you’ve dropped some major inches too!

I wouldn’t worry about the gains in size as your hitting the gym quite abit more often then before along with knowing your getting in good amounts of protein I would definitly just read that as good news without seeing it in person. Keep with it and stay strong bro!

Day 20 Non workout

was hpeing to make up my 3rd workout on sat but had some things to do early and wasnt able to get back to the gym before it closed.

Day 21 Workout v-challenge

I finally got my 3rd workout of the week in getting into the gym early. Felt good, i was still sore from the reverse lunges on friday so im glad i had a day rest between those and my deadlifts. But to get back on schedule im going to have to go work out tomarrow so we will see how that goes. watched some good football today nad its a little late but im determined to do my v-challenge. I hope i make it thru and beat my time but im not feeling all that well tonight. Im going to do the best i can. weigh in tomarrow. cant believe its been 3 weeks already. I am SO ready to have a HMC everyday in week 5.

Wow a workout and a v-challenge on teh same day = sux but ehre are the numbers

V-burn 23:54 (-6:36)!!! feel like i crushed it and i will definetly be able to beat it again next week.

Dead lift 215(+5) 9,8,7,5,5,6
Decline Dumb 80(+0) 9,9,7,5,5,5
lat pulldown 160(=10) 9,9,6,6,5,5
Hand Walkout 10,10,10,10

[quote]Illium wrote:
Hey Bro, So you took the plunge huh? Well done for keeping with it! I’m sure it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. Looks like you’ve dropped some major inches too!

I wouldn’t worry about the gains in size as your hitting the gym quite abit more often then before along with knowing your getting in good amounts of protein I would definitly just read that as good news without seeing it in person. Keep with it and stay strong bro![/quote]

Thanks for posting man, i was feeling all alone on here lol.

Day 22 Workout

Only one more week to go. Lets push this thing out. Got a great morale boost this morning with the weigh in.

206! -3.2 from last week and a total of -12lbs! with one week to go this should be crazy.

Front Squat 175(+0) 5,5,5,5 - felt much better with the timing and my balance
Lat Pull down 5,5,5,5 - I will probably start doing regular chin ups now I’m pretty much pulling my body eight on the pull downs.
Dumbbell Bench 85(+0) 5,5,3,2,3,2 - 20 seconds is tough, probably need to reduce the weight to keep the speed up.
Ab Wheel 5,5,5,2,3 - still not able to do it from my feet.

206! WoW! That’s great. The countdown till 199 is on! No medium shirts though lol

Must be cool to be close to a noted goal like 200. Post pics when you can. I’ve you’ve been gaining muscle you have been gaining even more fat… so maybe you’ve lost more than 12lbs fat.

Back log post

Day 23 Non Workout

Because of work and the diet i think I’m becoming more and more tired. This last week has really been dragging and it started to feel this way on Tuesday. Its been really hard not to cheat. I did eat a a couple carrots and a very small amount of trail mix. But i feel like i have done really well on this diet and have been really strict. 30 minutes of NEPA.

Day 24 Workout

Felt good to get back in the gym. Was tired as hell since i came to the gym right after work. Was really hungry also. I had my 3rd shake before 3 pm which is my usual time. I was just feeling so hungry i figured it was batter to drink it when my body wanted it than to wait and go into starvation mode.

Reverse Lung 50(+5) 8,6,5,5,5,5,6 50lbs was pretty hard but it felt better, like i was doing more. Although my ass usually is really sore from these the next day it actually wasn’t as bad with the higher weight. Maybe i should go back to 45?
Bent Over Row 125(+0) 9,7,6,6,4,5,4
Push Press 115(+0) 8,7,6,6,4,5,4
Barbell Curl 75(+5) 8,7,6,4,4,6,5
Reverse Crunch 10,10,10,10 added an 8lb weight ball to these
30 minutes of NEPA

Day 25 Non Workout

30 Min NEPA. Shakes all on time. Still tired and hungry but pushing through this.

Day 26 Workout

heading to gym in a bit. Cant believe only 3 days left of 28! cant wait for my final weigh in and measurements. Have been feeling skinnier even though the mirror test hasn’t been all that great, i think im just to hard on myself.

Deadlift 220(+5) 9,6,5,5,5,5,5,
Decline Dumbell 80(+0) 9,7,7,4,6,7
Lat Pulldown 170(+10) 8,6,5,5,5,4,4,3
Hand Walkout 10,10,10,10 still cant do these from my feet!
30 min NEPA

[quote]fred99 wrote:
Must be cool to be close to a noted goal like 200. Post pics when you can. I’ve you’ve been gaining muscle you have been gaining even more fat… so maybe you’ve lost more than 12lbs fat. [/quote]

Hopefully. That would be awesome. I plan to post my day 28 pictures but like i said above i am kind of disappointed with the pictures not showing much but i have definitely noticed a change and so have others.

Day 27 Non Workout

30 minutes of NEPA shakes all down

DAY 28!

WOOO HOOO day 28. I made it with very minor bumps if i do say so myself. I think i only missed one shake total, and my only slip ups were a carrot and a piece of bacon. Unfortunately work started again today so i wasn’t able to get my 28 day weigh in. Weight and final measurements will be on day 31, 3 days into my transition. I feel good about completing this though and hope to continue to do well in the transition weeks and continue on. I think due to other people talking on this forum im going to look into Chad W’s Huge in a hurry book.


Day 29
At work so no workout today. Its going to be tough with my schedule but to get my 3 workouts done im going to have to do them Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. SO we will see how that goes. First HMC on the transition phase was a 6 inch whole wheat turkey sub from subway loaded with veggies and extra meat. I usually get a foot long but i scaled it back, got the extra meat and i felt really “satisfied” after. Not extremely full but good to go. It was awesome.

Day 30 Workout

Workout on the way home from work. Was super tired but was determined to get it done. HMC today was Chicken with a homemade tomatoes sauce (tomatoes, olive oil, and chicken broth) Asparagus, peas and some whole wheat pasta.

Romanian Deadlift 205 6,6,6,6,6,5,5
Decline Dumbell 70 9,9,8,7,7 I took the weight down a bit from what i had been doing so i could get the speed of the rep up.
Lat Pull down 170 6,6,4,5,4,4,5,6
Hanging KNee Raises 10,8,7,7,8

Week 1 Transition

Transition week 1 went pretty well. Worked a lot but was able to get my one meal in a day or else just replaced it with a shake. Running out of supplements though need to order some more stuff. Got 2 out of the three workouts done for the week but due to work had to push one workout to yesterday which was day one of transition week 2. Plan on getting all the workouts done this week though.

Haven t measured or weighed in since last week but i think ill do that either tonight or tomorrow. I’m still pretty happy with the mirror results and have been getting compliments from people on my appearance so that’s good. Here are my Pre and post pictures The post pictures are from day 31. they are not super drastic but i can definitely see some change on the front and side pictures.

I was probably 95% compliant so I’m not sure if my results are good or bad, when i post my numbers maybe someone can let me know. But i did go from 218 to 206. So a 12lb loss in 4 weeks is pretty good. And it doesn’t look like Ive lost much muscle. Will update again with numbers and after transition 2 with new pictures.



Day 38

Weighed myself this morning since it had been about a week since i weighed in. 204.2! Really surprised i went down during the transition phase. that’s now a total of 13.8lbs! awesome!

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