BB84's V-Diet

Hey Everyone,

I have been lurking on here for awhile now and have finally decided to take the V-diet plunge. Just ordered the goods and hope to start on 1/3/10.

I have weight trained on and off the past 5 years but have started a major life change (hopefully) this past year. I have already lost 55 pounds in 09 and hope to top it off with the V-diet.

I will post pictures and measurments b4 i start.

Heres hoping for the best!

Alright im officially starting today. I know i said the 3rd but i changed it to the 4th so i could start on a monday and i would have exactly 28 days in Jan. Hope to get some pictures and measurments later today.

Work is already going to be an issue (on the road for 3 days) but it looks like it should work out. I should be able to work out monday take my shakes with me on the road and get back in time on wednesday for my next work out.

I know it says to blend the breakfast, dinner and bedtime meals but do you think it will be ok just in a shaker? the nut butter i plan to just eat straight up when i cant blend it in.

Will have to get my measurments when i get back from work witch will be day 3

Weight 218.4
Height 75"
Neck 16"
Shoulders 20.5"
Chest Upper 42.5"
Lower 38.5"
Waist Naval & Largest 38"
Hips 38.5"
Upper Arm R & L 13"
Upper Leg R & L 23"
Lower Leg R & L 15.5"
Ankle R & L 9"

First shake down. Not too bad. Taste is pretty good. Do feel a little light headed, might be from the HOT-ROX from what ive read from others. Off to the gym for workout one.

The weird feeling from the HOT-ROX will go away after a day or two. I went through this last week.

Day one is almost over. Feeling hungry but i have my midnight shake to go w the nut butter. Looking forward to that. Working out went well. Went by fast with only 30 sec of rest. was able to get a little nepa in (not as much as id like) walking from my car and in the airport. pictures taken this evening after first workout.

Front Squat 165lbs 5,5,5,5
Chin Ups BW 5,3,3,3,2,2,2
Dumbell Bench Press 80lbs 5,5,5,5
Ab Wheel (suck at this right now, tried to get as low as i could) 5,5,5,5



Day 2 Non Workout

Breakfast and lunch shakes are down. Shakes are not bad but after all 5 its a lot of sweet for me. Im a meat man so i miss the salt, but the nut butter helps.
Did 30 minutes of NEPA on the treadmill. Going to up my HOT-ROX to 1 pill three times today and see how that goes than go into the 2 pills 2 tiimes a day. Other than that thighs shoulders and abs sore from workout. Feels good.

3rd shake dinner and bedtime shakes down. Havent been as structured on the time of the shakes because of work, had to steal a scoop from the bedtime shake to ease the pain between 3rd shake and dinner.

Day 3 Workout

Day 3 is in the books with only my bedtime shake to go. I have not been feeling to well today. My first shake of the day did not mix well in my shaker and had large chunks of the flaxseed in it. It was sour when i chewed it andi have been feeling nauseous all day.

I just had my dinner shake and i had to choke it down and almost wanted to throw up. Could this just be from the flax seed or is it just an affect of only having liquids for the past three days? Just the thought of the flax seed makes me feel sick. I did up my dose of HOT-ROX to 2 twice a day but that seemed to be ok yesterday when i had it with a shake.

Wourkout went well, got done in about 50 minutes. Still finding my starting weights

Reverse Lunge 35lbs 9,9,7,9,6
Bent over Row - Barbell 115lbs 8,9,7,6,6,4
Push Press - Barbell 105lbs 8,8,5,6,4,5,4
Barbell curl - 65 lbs 9,8,4,5,5,4,3,2
Reverse Crunch 10,10,10,10

Going to increase all weight by 5 lbs next round. 30 minutes of NEPA on the treadmill.

Day 4 Non Workout

Day went well. Woke up feeling alot better. Stomach sickness was gone and i was ready to go. I did sleep late since it was my first off day home in 4 days so my shakes started a little bit alter int he day but i kept them around 3-r hrs apart. Finishing my last one before i go to bed right now. Have been up to 4 HOT-ROX a day and no issues when i take with my shake. Stomach is gurgling a bit. Not too bad.

30 minutes again of NEPA on the treadmill. Going to increase to 45 minutes. Tomarrow is my planned HMC day!!! I have it all planned out. Pretty much going to throw everything into a giant bowl and mix. Its going to be gloriouse!!

Remeasure day is planned for one week day on monday.

Day 5 Workout

35 minutes of NEPA (i know i said iwas gona do 45 but ill get there)
Workout went well.
Deadlift 205 8,6,6,6,5,5,4
Decline dumbell 80 9,8,6,3,6,5,4
lat Pulldown 130 9,9,8,7,7
zzhand Walkout(knees) 10,10,6,7,7

HMC!!! I admittedly ate too much and am really full but it was all good stuff.
2 chicken breasts
1 cup whole wheat pasta
1 cup broccoli
1 cup green beans
1 large spinach leaf salad w half cucumber, whole green pepper, quarter of an onion, 1 1/2 cup grape tomatoes, very small amount of cheese,
Olive oil and vinegear saladdressing

Dessert was one banana, bluberries, and melon. Havent eaten it yet still really full. Dont know how im going to get the bedtime shake down.

Day 6 Non Workout

Feeling good. All shakes down ncie and neat. Planning on my first V-challenge tomarrow… I already feel like im going to toss my cookies just thinking about it.

Day 7

V-CHallenge. omg. that sucked lol. I think i would probably top the slowest first time v-vhallenge board.

But ill tell ya. I felt good about myself that i completed it. I thought about stopping a couple times and calling the paramedics. 1 week in the books 3 more to go.

V-challange 1 36:25

Day 8 Workout

Havent completed my wokout yet but wanted to post my weight while im here. Again its been great, I have been feeling fine and really been on a roll with the shakes. I do have to come clean that i missed one shake last friday but i was so stuffed from my hmc i just couldnt do it, and it was really late in the day. Im not sure if i should make that shake up at some point or just let it go. But for now im just following the routine again. Will post measurments later today along w workout.

Front squat 170 (+5lbs) 5,5,4,4,2
Chin up BW 4,3,2,2,2,2,2,1,2
Dumbell bench 90lbs (+10lbs) 5,4,3,2,1,1,4
Ab Wheel Knees 5,5,5,5

Adding 5 lbs to the squat felt fine i just need to remind myself to take more sets if i need them. The chin ups i felt went worse this week. I had to do a few more sets but i figure this is probably normal. Adding 10lbs to the dumbell was hard. I did 5 ont he first set but after set 4 i could barely do 1 rep and had to take a little bit more than 25 seconeds between sets. Ab wheel sux lol.

           Starting     Week 1      Change

Weight 218lbs 212lbs -6lbs
Neck 16" 16" 0
Shoulders N/A 47.5" N/A
Chest Upper 42.5" 41.5" -1"
Chest Lower 38.5" 38" -.5"
Waist Naval 38" 37" -1"
Waist 38.5" 38.5" 0
Upper Arm R/L 13" 13.5" +.5"
Upper Leg R/L 23" 23" 0
Lower Leg R/L 15.5" 15" -.5"
Ankle R/L 9" 9" +.5"

Measurments look kind of wierd but what do i know. I like i lost some in the chest and naval because i hope it was fat. Gaining in the arms and ankles though? Is that right? Maybe i meassured wrong but i did it twice each time. Anyone have any thoughts?

Week 1 Pics

I am encouraged with the lose of 6 lbs and i see some slight changes in the photos. Nothing totally drastic but its only been 1 week. I didint do a body % test but i know i started with a lot so im just hopeing to see some good results at the end. Im not discouraged and hope it gets even better!

Week 1 side

Week 1 side

Week 1 Back

Day 9 Non Workout

back posting a bit here since i wanted to get the pictures up first so the posts were in order.

Day 9 nothing new. Feel good. Shakes still going down fine. 30 minutes of NEPA on the treadmill 3.5 speed 2 incline.

I am craving some food but only when i smell it. Its the salty stuff that smells great. I think ive decided on a steak for my hmc on friday. Whenever i get a craving i just look to that day as a reward so i dont falter.

Like i mentioned up top i feeling alright about the results from week one. 6 lbs is a lot and im hopeing its some fat and not just water.

Day 10 Workout

Day went really well. Went in to work so i was able to get a little bit more space in between my shakes and keep the 3rd one on schedule instead of splitting it between my lunch and dinner.

Workout 6

Reverse Lunge 40lbs(+5) 9,7,7,7,5,5
Bent over row Barbell 120(+5) 9,8,6,5,4,4,4
Push Press 110(+5) 9,7,6,5,4,5,4
Barbell Curl 70(+5) 8,6,6,4,3,3,4,3,3
Reverse Crunch 10,10,10,10

Tyrying to increase my weight at least 5 lbs if i can do the first set the required number of times so i plan to add 5 lbs to the lunge row and press but probably stay the same on the curl next time.

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