Barry's V-Diet Starts 3/29/09

V-Diet started today!

I guess the saying a picture says a thousand words is false as I was speechless when I saw the one’s below. In my late 20’s I carried a fair amount of muscle at a lean 205lbs and was quite proud of my body. Now at 37 I still lift heavy 3 times a week but between my desk job and lack of portion control my body has certainly gotten away from me.

I leave for Maui on 4/27 and am dedicated to see a significant change on 4/26 the night before my vacation. It’s a great short term challenge to began to get my appearance back and motivation to continue the quest for a fit lean muscular appearance for a lifetime.

There’s no stopping me!!!

Height: 6’2"
Age: 37
Weight: 230 lbs
BF “who knows”
Neck: 17.0’’
Shoulders 52.5’’
Chest 42’’
Waist at belly button: 42’’
Hips 36’’
Biceps 15.25’’
Quads 25.5’’
Calves 16.5’’

Welcome aboard. Let’s shoot for a 36" measurement around the belly button area for starters. Always nice when a major health marker (below 40" measurement) coincides with a major “look good nekid” marker (smaller waist).

Keep us posted!

Front pic

Back pic

Thanks for the info about the waist…36’ sounds like a good goal.

Do we get to come to Maui with you when you successfully finish this thing?

Glad you’re starting. Fun times ahead and what a way to reward! cheer

But you better damn well do it! If we HAVE to come to Maui with you, we want to see a smaller waist while we are there.


Thank you for the encouragement Lisa. I?ve been lurking on these boards for about a month now and I?d have to say you and many others have given me the courage to post my pictures for public display. I started the Velocity Lite version about 5wks ago at a starting weight of 242lbs. At that time I had no intention of becoming involved in the forum. I wish I had taken pictures and measurements at that time.

Day 1

No issues diet went flawless. I have prepared myself that my week 1 loss might not be drastic as I have been doing the Velocity Lite version for 5 wks. My minimal goal for the 28 days is 12lbs.

Stay strong everyone !

So since you’ve done the light version, the real one should be cake…errr…not “cake”, lol.

Welcome and good luck!

Days 2 & 3

The program have gone very well no issues at all. My diet is on auto pilot with shakes being served as follows:

6:30 am
10:30 am
2:30 pm
6;30 pm
10:30 pm

The only small issue is some stomach bloating but I assume this might be normal. For daily inspiration I look at my posted pictures and trust me the sense of urgency comes back very quickly.

Stay strong everyone !

Day 4

One more shake to go today. The gym was rough today, I felt kind of weak and my body looked flat in the mirror. The V-diet was strong but I did have cravings for whole food. I’m just keeping my eyes on the prize (day 28) and can’t wait to see and feel the results.

Great posts everyone it keeps me going. Thanks

Probably by the time day 6 rolls around you will not feel as weak or weak at all :wink:

Day 5

I guess you know this diet as I just got back from the gym and my workout was great. I felt very strong a total 180 from yesterday !

A couple guys at work have noticed that I’m only drinking shakes so they asked what I was doing. I explained the basics of the diet and they were amazed that I could go so long without food and both said they could never do it.

My response was that there is so much in our lives that we can’t control but for 28 days I am challenging myself to show some discipline and get beyond these food addictions that all of us seem to have. The only obstacle I have is myself, which is something I can control.

One guy said that if I complete the 28 days that I could do anything and I responded exactly!

That’s awesome. You have some terrific support in your life. Very rare!! cheer



Day 6 in the books. I have been hungrier than usual in between shakes, I assume its because my metabolism is increasing? Not sure where I am on the scale but I feel lighter in general, loose clothes etc. I will be psyched if I lose over 5 lbs, as I was already carb depleted prior to starting Velocity. I can?t wait for Sunday?s weigh in and my first HSM?..mmmmmm!


Height: 6’2"
Age: 37
Weight: 230 (-5.0) 225
BF “who knows”
Neck: 17.0’’ (-.25) 16.75
Shoulders 52.5’’ (-.75) 51.75
Chest 42.5’’ (-.25) 42.25
Waist at belly button: 42’’ (-75) 41.25
Hips 45.5’’ (-1.25) 44.25
Biceps 15.25’’ (no change)
Quads 25.5’’ (-1.0) 24.5
Calves 16.5’’ (-.25) 16.25

Down 5 lbs for the week, not too bad. I feel like it was a good 5lbs not just water. I am very motivated to continue the next 3 weeks but I cannot wait for todays HSM. Thanks everyone!



Nice work Vince, noticible changes keep it up. Enjoy your HSM today.

HSM Meal

16 0z baked haddock
1 med sweet potato
1/2 cup snap peas

Wow! My meal tasted incredible, I know it wasn’t the most decedent
but I really enjoyed it. I got full pretty quick, and didn’t feel a craving for dessert which is typically my diet downfall.

I wanted to focus on a healthy lean protein biased meal for my HSM, as part of this program is to re-train my eating habits.

On to week 2!

DAY 12

I haven’t posted in a number of days but everything is going great. I had a funny thought/craving today while doing my NEPA, how about a food flavored shake. I’m kinda done with vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. How about beef stew or meatloaf flavored shakes? I guess I’m just craving food.

Don’t worry I’m not going to fall off the V-Diet as I’ve been told the real payoff is in weeks 3 & 4, can’t wait!

Easter dinner is 3 days away, …yum!

DAY 13

I’m almost ½ way there I can’t wait until Sunday. I’m hoping to be down 10lbs by that time. My goal for total weight loss is 15lbs by day 28, as the following day I board a plane to Maui, I can’t wait!

Mentally today has been a struggle but I have to remain focused. I had some great workouts this week and there is hardly a muscle that isn?t sore.

Stay strong everyone!

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