Bantam to Lightweight

Yeah a bantamweight bodybuilder sounds like an oxymoron but it’s where I’m at! But I’ve placed first in local, state and some regional shows, but I really need to move up a class. This means adding around 12 lbs muscle, which if I had a dollar for everyone who told me I shouldn’t even be trying to do that (over 40) I could retire, workout twice day and buy all the supplements I want!

A few months ago I started trying out plasma and Indigo, which I think is working out well. I felt good and felt I was under training, so I switched from 60 to 90 minute workout sessions with my trainer and it’s been great. But I’ve also been on the contest-prep end of eating and I think I want to set aside doing a show in the spring and just focus on adding lean mass for awhile, maybe a year.

So given that situation, what are good additional supplements? MicroPA instead of Indigo? Or Keep both and have more carbs? (carbs are 160g/day now, P 176, F64). Carbolin is interesting although there isn’t a user group so I’m not sure how people are getting along with it.

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Instead of, no way. Indigo is huge in making not-low-carb diets more effective, so I’d keep that in throughout and consider adding Micro-PA on top of it if you can.

Mag-10 can be an excellent addition, either during the day or last thing at night. It can also be great during cardio sessions, depending on your overall plan.

Depending on how beat up you feel in general, from training or life or whatever, Curcumin might be a good addition to help recovery and any joint stiffness you might be dealing with.

You might also want to jump over to the Bodybuilding forum so the guys there (some competitors, and a judge or two) can give you more advice on the training and nutrition end of things and dial in all the details during contest prep.

OK, although I’m not clear on the difference between that product and just having a normal protein shake like metabolic drive, which has half the carbs.

This article talks all about the different benefits and uses of different kinds of protein.

Mag-10 is casein hydrolysate which is absorbed very quickly and efficiently. The HBCD carbs further help drive those aminos into the muscles. Metabolic Drive is a whey and micellar casein blend that’s absorbed more slowly. The absorption rate makes a big difference when it comes to having the drink around training. You want something that gets into your system quickly so the aminos can be put to immediate use.

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We are a rare breed indeed. I’m also a natural bantamweight, 5’4", stage weight of 143 last year, 165 in the off season.

Just wondering, why do you feel you need to move up a class? In the end, all that matters is the physique you have relative to yourself. The WNBF Hercules last year, I got 2nd in the Bantams, and the guy who won Bantams also took 1st in the overall against some very impressive light, middle and heavy weight contenders. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the desire for more mass, as we all do! At a lot of contests, the bantams and lightweights are grouped together anyway, not always though.

I agree that a mass phase is a good idea, set aside some time to focus on eating, training, gaining as much LBM as possible without excess fat. Just my thoughts, if you can move up a weight class, it’ll certainly take longer than a year if you want to put on 12lbs of stage weight.

Micro-PA x100! That supplement was a game changer for me in terms of putting on mass, and in my opinion has played a significant role in allowing me to be a thicker guy at a height of 5’4" and currently 152lbs (in prep mode currently, off season I’m ~165.) Indigo 3G will be very important as well. If you want to gain serious mass, you’ll need to do some serious eating, certainly more than 160g carb a day. I have found I’ve been able to gain well and stay lean by upping carbs, moderate protein and lower fats. I think you could lower your protein to 1g per pound, put fats to 25% of your diet and fill the rest with carbs. On a surplus, keep the same percentages and stuff in even more carbs, the Indigo will make it work well for you.

Quick question, how tall are you?

Just my .02, I think it’s a great idea to focus on adding mass and thickness, but not focus so much on moving up a weight class. If you’re been training for many years, which I’m assuming you have, it becomes gradually more difficult to put on mass. Putting on 12lbs of stage weight is a serious task, truthfully one that may not be possible for a natural. But, we gotta push! So, I’d recommend the following:

-Protein 1g per pound of bodyweight (this is more than enough to build and maintain, and allow more room for carbs)
-Fats at 25% of total calories
-Fill the rest with carbs

-When you’re ready to bulk, start at a 15% surplus, no cardio of course, and see how that goes for a while. You’ll have to be ok with losing sight of the defined abs for a little bit and getting somewhat puffy. Definitely not “fat”, but to put on 12 pounds of stage weight will take some serious eating and gaining. If you’re gaining more than a pound a week, pull back slightly, otherwise keep it going. Strength in the gym will also be a good marker of progress and LBM gains. If scale weight is moving nicely and conditioning looks ok, add more cals, maybe 20-25g carbs a week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

-Definitely Micro-PA
-Definitely Indigo 3G
-I take Carbolin 19 on my prep, along with Rez-V, (and Indigo and Micro and others) to keep testosterone up, hang to LBM and keep estrogen at bay. It’s a great supplement. If you can hang with Micro and Indigo and can still afford it, Carbolin 19 is a great supplement.

Please be sure to post with any more questions and keep us updated on your progress!

Thanks for the discussion!!

To talk about some of your questions… I’m 5’6". I weighed in at 140 in April and August of last year, I was concerned about fitting under the 143 limit but I think my bathroom scale may read a little high, better than the other way around. So I was thinking I can add 3 lbs stage weight and stay in bantam. I’ve heard various remarks NPC was considering getting rid of the category since it’s not heavily populated, although I don’t like the idea since I think for shorter guys it’s a legitimate category. I’m glad to hear a bantam won an overall, that’s fantastic news, I did not know that! I think some lightweights could diet down to it if they really tried. In 3 shows I did last year there were 1, 2 and 3 people in the category.
But I have a sense of myself with a little more mass for my height. At the moment after all the holidays I’m at 151 and I’m a little more filled out and it seems better for my frame. So I have a sense of ought about it but I don’t feel like I’m compulsively wanting mass for the hell of it. But if I can add 3 lbs of stage weight I’d still fit in bantam and just be a lot better.

I started plasma and indigo 3 months ago and I think it is helping. My work capacity is through the roof and I went from 60 to 90 minute workouts, and just feel a lot better. I don’t feel I’m over training, but under recovering is a concern at my current eating level. I do plan to up the carbs this month and see what that does. Each month I have an InBody measurement done, so I have some data to look at, not that it is everything. But in November I gained 1.3 lbs muscle, 0.4 lbs dry muscle mass and lost 2.5 lbs fat mass, so I’m heading in the right direction. I want to keep going and see where it leads me, although my nutrition coach is wanting me to compete in April, but I’d rather take some time and get my mass level where I want it, then start refining my look. My conditioning is very good though, they have added in 2 shows a specialty award for best conditioned which he says has my name written on it.

I may try the microPA next month. This month my plan is to add the surge type of post workout nutrition and see what that does. I’m trying to change only one thing per month, so that with the data I can tell what does what for me. I realized in reading a lot of article about studies, all that is really done is a controlled experiment with controlled conditions, so I’m doing that for myself. I wish a fitbit could give real-time data that would graph on my phone, but that technology isn’t here yet!

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