Baghdad V-Diet

Alright, so we’re off. I managed to talk a friend of mine into the V-Diet while deployed as misery loves company. He’s geeked out about the concept and so it took very little encouragement to get him on board. I originally tried the diet myself and quit half way through. After a grand total of 14 days I had lost 17 lbs so even though I didn’t finish, I knew the program was legit.

It took a little bit of maneuvering but we managed to have all the supplements shipped over as well as the peanut butter, fiber tablets and flaxseed (you wouldn’t BELIEVE how stupid difficult it was to get the PB and flaxseed). I bought a blender from the local market and we’re both amped to start this transformation.

Truth be told though, it was more than a little difficult to give up the food as it’s all free and I eat better here than I do stateside… but if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Height: 73
Weight: 219
Shoulders: 48 3/4
Chest (U): 46 1/2
Chest (L): 44 1/2
Waist (N): 39 1/4
Waist (L): 39 1/4
Hips (L): 43
Left Arm: 15
Right Arm: 14 3/4
Left Leg (U): 24
Right Leg (U): 23 3/4
Left Leg (L): 15 1/2
Right Leg (L): 16 1/4
Ankle Right and Left: 9

Day 1

So, I forgot how much I didn’t miss the taste of these shakes. They’re not bad… but the smell alone definitely triggered some memories. To make matters worse, last night I went to prepare all of my meals. I pulled out the handy dandy new blender and… what’s that? Yes, there is a crack from the top of the pitcher to the bottom. Grrr… So I shook them until they were moderately blended. That probably didn’t help the poor taste.

I found out last night that today I am supposed to change over to night shift and pull shifts from 2300 to 1100, unfortunately for me I still had to wake up at 0500 and go to the Embassy, so all told I get to pull something in the realm of a 30 hour work day for my first day of the diet. I could’ve postponed the diet but I figure why put off the inevitable?

Needless to say… this is going to be looooong night.

Man! Much success to you guys. Oh, and thanks for all you do. I like your attitude about pushing forward today on the diet. Keep us posted.



My fiance is deployed right now, and he is actually the one who turned me on to the idea of doing this. I wish he was doing it with me, but I figure he has too much going on right now too even worry about anything extra. He still gets his workouts in, and is eating well (or so he says), so I am on my own. Just hoping that I can get myself into rockin’ shape before he returns. Good luck working it around your schedule.

Day 2

Alright! Today was the first ‘normal’ work shift, woke at 2000, downed a shake. Went to my ECP and tried to spread the 3 shakes over my 12 hour shift. God help me, I just wasn’t hungry. Contemplated just skipping one of the shakes but I forced them all down.

People have this concern when starting the diet that you’ll be hungry all of the time. Well, as of day 2, the fear is completely unfounded. Spreading the diet over 30 hours on Day 1 actually had me eating when I -was- hungry.

I’m about to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. I’ve had enough of stifling heat for the day.

Marsda, best of luck with the diet and your fiance’s deployment. I know the stress alone is enough to drive you crazy.

Hey folks!

No, I haven’t quit. My internet out here is kind of sketchy and with my schedule at the checkpoint… the last thing I want to do is sit down and write something, instead of laying down. :wink:

Days… 3, 4 and 5

Cake. I know I’m still riding the newbie high on the diet but this is a cakewalk compared to what I remember it being last time. Sure, I can’t have things that I -want-. Sure I nearly talked myself into the idea that one packet of crystal light at 2/5’s of a serving being 10 calories, is… just 10 calories… but if it’s 10 calories here, 10 calories there… “oh the oreo’s are just 210 calories… I’ll just skip my peanut butter tonight… yeah…” Needless to say, I squashed the crystal light idea.

Per Chris’ guidance, I’ve decided to do the full 60 minutes of NEPA walks. Since my feet go numb after walking on a treadmill @ 4mph after 30 minutes, I’ve split the time up. When I wake up, pop a HOT-ROX, drink some water and then walk for 30 minutes. When I Get off shift, I walk for 30 minutes before I go to bed. I simply won’t stand for my not reaching my goals to be -my- fault. Screw that. I’m doing everything possible and if at the end of the diet, I’m not where I want to be, well damnit. I’m going to shake my fist at Chris and that’ll be the end of that :wink:

Alas, I have cheated though. I walk by the scale every day when I go to the gym… and I couldn’t help myself. Every day. It takes the surprise out of it but so far I’ve lost 4.5 lbs, which is awesome. Ideally I want to get under 200 and I’m certain the V Diet’ll help me get there.

Stay strong fellow dieter’s!


I need advice. My shift runs from 2300 to 1100 and I tend to sleep from 1300 to 1800. On Monday I get off at 1100 and transition back to days. How should I moderate my shakes? I could -easily- skip a day of shakes entirely but I’m afraid how that will impact my body. I don’t want it to think I’m starving it… nor do I want to “skip a day” in the V Diet so that I’m effectively on day 7 twice, though once without eating.

On Day 8 now.

Mm, still going strong with the diet. The food side of thing is only tempting when I’m around food and I can pretty much manage my schedule so that I don’t go near the chow hall so it’s really not been that big of a problem for me, until today. Today while I was out on mission, my interpreter had some fella on the street run over to the market and grab him some food.

Now, some people don’t like the food here and would rather die then eat it. I’m not one of them. I love the food, it’s different and “fresh”, not processed garbage like in the states or the chow hall. “Todd” here is chowing down on a falafel with some fresh vegetables and flat bread. I nearly broke I tell you! Thankfully, I Thought ahead and brought two shakes with me. Grabbed one as fast as I could manage, poured water, shook it like my life depended on it and chugged.

Ugh, my mouth is salivating thinking about the falafel again. :expressionless: A full stomach helped me fight off temptation for the duration of the mission and I found myself chuckling when I realized I was probably the only guy in the red zone chowing down on a strawberry-chocolate shake.

Finally took care of pictures for week one. I have to say, I was more motivated when I hadn’t seen the difference or rather the lack thereof. Different locations and lighting though. Hrmph. I’m holding onto my 4 lbs lost and charging ahead.

Color me stupid but I just realized it’s mildly foolish to expect visual changes in a week. Oi.

Also, this 4 mile a day thing is AWESOME. Just leaves me in a good mood. If there’s anything I’ll be taking from this diet, it’s that. (at a minimum)

Day 11.

Woke up at 530, popped my HOT-ROX and went for a walk. I am continually impressed at how great this leaves me feeling throughout the day, not to mention the calories it burns. I didn’t know it before but no matter how fast you run a mile (or how slow you walk one) you still burn the same amount of calories per mile. That was a neat realization albeit a simple one.

With 1690 calories being my regular intake on a non workout day, I end up burning 600 calories with walking twice a day. That leaves my body with 1090 calories left to sustain itself and subsequently reach for the fat stores. This is so great! I’m incredibly excited to finish now, not for the ability to eat regular food so much as I want to see these bloody results! :smiley:

That aside, shakes are going down a lot easier now. I guess my taste buds have just become used to the flavor after not tasting anything else for the past week. Good times!

I feel the same way about wanting to see the results more than wanting to eat food. I thought I’d be fantasizing about food from start to finish but so far all I’ve been missing is cooking!

I wish that I could say that I miss cooking. I still have to cook for my kids everyday. So difficult not to just make myself a plate once I am done.

Wow that would be torture! Kudos to you, stay strong!

Whats the word Smurf!? Hope your diet is going well.

Diet’s still going well. I’m pretty excited with the results so far!

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