Back Injury During the Diet


what do you think, I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday after my workout. Its hard to get around ,even walk. what should I do? the V-Diet has helped me loose 10 lbs in 2 weeks and 8 inches in overall measurements. keep going, possibly reducing the shakes a bit? How much?


I don’t like for people to do the V-Diet if they can’t weight train. But if you want to keep going, you’re naturally skip the Surge since you won’t have a tough workout or need a post-workout drink. That will reduce weekly calories. No need to adjust anything else.


thanks for the input Chris. I may not be able to achieve my goal of loosing 20 lbs this time through, its a matter of discipline, to me, to finish the diet. im going to miss this entire weeks worth of work outs but ill pick up where i left off and do it again in a few months.