Attention All V-Diet Veterans!

I’m on day two of the diet. This is my second go-around. I quit the first time because the headaches and nausea were too much to bear. I’m hoping a year later with the knowledge and self-discipline I’ve gained, I can see this through to the end.

Anyway, the nausea I’m experiencing is intense. I haven’t / won’t cheat and try to justify it to myself (I did buy a bag of combos today, just to hold them before handing them off to a co-worker, and I don’t even like junk food…) but it would really be nice to know something: (I tried to search the posts already and didn’t find anything, so if it is posted already, please don’t yell at me)

For people who have done this before…Did you keep the weight off after the transitioning phase? I mean, once you are back on solid healthy foods and training and all. Does the dramatic loss all sort of come back? Is it just water weight or something?

A long post, I know, but I need some hope that this is all worth it, cause I’ve been trying to keep these shakes down all day…

Thank You all for your time.

Good luck with the nausea, hope it goes away. I know Chris addressed this once because there was one female that had a similar problem. I don’t remember what she did though but maybe someone else will chime in.

As for keeping the weight off, I kept it off for 6 or 7 months but it was all my fault when it came back. I did this back in November of 2006 and was pretty pleased. But then in July of 2007 I went back to school to get my MBA. And from July through December I literally did no exercise at all and ate like crap. I had pizza for lunch most days and often times stopped by McDonald’s on my way home from school. But I ended up taking 29 credit hours (at the graduate level) over 6 months and didn’t have time for anything other than studying. Needless to say I gained all the weight back and more but as you hopefully can see, it was all my fault.

So to answer your question, no, it’s not all water weight that is lost. Just keep training and eat right when you’re done.

It stays off it you work hard enough to keep it off. If you keep on healthy solid foods while working out and aren’t trying to gain weight, you won’t magically “yo-yo” back.

If you fall off the horse and eat like shit, then yes you’ll gain back the weight.

Simple right?

It all gets easier as the diet goes onwards.

Well thank you. Last night was really hard to get through but I figure today I just have to stay positive. Good to know it was worth it for some. Kinda helps make it easier to grin and bear it.

My suggestion for the nausea is to drink a diet ginger ale. This worked for me.

[quote]nephorm wrote:
My suggestion for the nausea is to drink a diet ginger ale. This worked for me.[/quote]

Funny you should mention that. It was suggested to me yesterday. I went to three gas stations and couldn’t find regular ginger ale even, let alone diet. I guess it isn’t all that popular anymore. I’m going to try to find it today at the grocery store. I have found that reducing the amount of water I use helps greatly to reduce nausea. Today is going much better.

I’m on day 19 now, and I was terribly nauseus on the second day. So much so that on the evening of day 2, I just had to lie on my bed and not move, as I thought any motion would make me vomit. I wondered how the hell I was going to get through it.

This had passed completely by about day 3/4, and now, I forget that I’m even on the V-Diet. I don’t think about food at all, I just chug the shakes when its time and get on with my day.

One thing that did help with the shakes - intitally, I was spreading my ground flax over all of my shakes, and the smell of the flax was really making me feel sick. Now, I just throw my entire days worth of flax into one or two shakes, that way I don’t have to smell it 5 times a day, and can enjoy the remainder of my shakes.

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