Attaining Clients and Help for my Gym

Chris i was hoping you could give me some tips on getting some new clients at my gym. Let me give you a quick backround of the situation im in right now.

I’ve been training clients for the past 2 years, learned alot and like to think that i know the basics to get clients in shape. The gym i work at is a mom and pop gym, or i should say a pop gym. The owner paid it all off because hes got TONS of money. Heres the thing, the gym is doing OK but we need to boost revinue and get some better ways to bring money in.

They got rid of a bunch of staff (day care, and classes) But chose to keep me. My boss told me “We fought to keep you here so make sure your busting your ass” The problem is, i don’t exactly know what to do. I’ve thought about posting stuff around the gym for free workouts to get them to know me. Talk to people on the floor. I’d love to hear your input on things i can do to get clients to come in. It’d be nice to have them buy some sessions, but even if i can just have them rely on me for their workouts and advice.

It would mean alot to get as much input as possible on this topic!!

I’m not an expert in that area, having not been a gym PT myself. Honestly, being a personal trainer means being broke for most people. The last thing you want to do is give away free sessions because you’re only minimizing your brand and telling people you aren’t worth paying for.

One person who’s an expert in this area is Alwyn Cosgrove. There’s an interview with him in our archives on this topic:

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