Ashley and Matt's V-Diet

Today we started the V-Diet. Measurements came first:


HEIGHT: 5ft 4in
NECK: 12 3/4
UPPER ARM R/L: 11 1/4, 10 3/4
UPPER LEG R/L: 24 7/8, 24 1/2
LOWER LEG R/L: 15 1/8, 14 7/8
ANKLE R/L: 8 1/2, 8 3/4


HEIGHT: 69in
NECK: 14 1/2
WAIST NAVEL: 30 15/16
WAIST HIPS: 31 3/16
UPPER ARM R/L: 12 1/2, 12
UPPER LEG R/L: 22 7/8, 23
LOWER LEG R/L: 14 1/4, 14 1/2
ANKLE R/L: 8 3/8, 8 7/16

Ashley Front



Matt Front



I am doing the diet for a few reasons. One, to lose weight so I can see my abs for the summer and have an “empty frame” to build upon. Two, to kick start my taste buds in a new direction.

I’ve worked out off and on over the last six years or so but have never stuck to it for more then a few months before something changed my schedule and gave me an excuse to stop. After that it would take me a few months to start back up again. Coupled with not really knowing what I was doing and for the most part complete ignorance about how much and of what I was consuming pretty much has guaranteed me spinning my wheels.

It wasn’t until this past summer that I really got motivated and have been able to stick with it. I think it is because I am approaching 30 and realize it is now or never.

We each purchased the Magic Bullet. I think Bed Bath and Beyond has the best deal on them, coupled with their coupon they are always sending in the mail. We also each purchased a Blender Bottle, works amazing.

Well the first shake was a bit brutal. I think it was the flax seed that gave it an awkward texture. Before this I use to use milk instead of water, I realize now I was spoiled.

I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks.


I’m doing the diet for a few different reasons. One I’m ready for a change in the way I look. I’ve been working out on a regular basis for over a year now, and while I have seen changes, I’m ready for more. Two, we’re going to St. Thomas this summer and I’m tired of not wanting to get into a bathing suit. I also want to get rid of the huge cravings I have for unhealthy foods.

I really didn’t know too much about working out, other than doing cardio, as well as nutrition before I met Matt. He opened my eyes to the world of weight lifting and I have seen the most improvement after working out with him. I’m really motivated for this diet. I feel it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while in terms of my health. I know it’s going to be tough, especially after that first shake… but I feel it’ll definitely be worth it.

My coworkers think I’m crazy for doing this, so I think that will be hard during the week. However, I do feel like they’re jealous of the fact that we have the dedication and motivation to do this strict diet. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Ashley, good luck with your diet. Its really easy all things considered and you don’t really have that much to lose.

Matt, those pics might be bad but to me you look underweight. You pretty much already have a “empty frame”. You’re pretty much “new” to lifting right? Okay yeah you are 5’ 9" 155lbs, thats tiny.

Now everybody has different goals and more power to you and all but I gotta believe you’d look better by adding muscle right now.

Best of luck to you on wahtever you decide. I’ve done the diet twice before so I’m open to any questions you have.

Ashley, since you’re pretty new to good training and don’t have much body fat to lose, I expect a very nice transformation if you stick to it.

Matt, I appreciate that you want to change your eating habits and behaviors, and that you’re supporting Ashley and getting the abs ready for summer, but I just don’t think you need the V-Diet. Clean eating, good lifting, supplements to help out and for convenience, but not a full blown Velocity Diet.

You just don’t have enough body fat to lose or enough muscle underneath to show off, so you probably won’t be happy with your end results.

In fact, your body weight even falls below the rules for the V-Diet, so you must have “lied” to the V-Diet calculator.

I definitely respect your opinion Chris. The calculator stops at 160 so that is what I used. I’m already committed to this and plan on finishing it. I know Ashley wasn’t too excited about me doing this when I stepped on the scale that morning. We have talked about me stopping the diet short before we started this. I’ll just wait and see.

If I don’t see the results people think I am expecting I do not plan on blaming the diet. Thank you for taking the time to actually read everyone’s posts and commenting.

Oh wow. Today has been tough. That flax seed first thing in the morning makes me gag and I started feeling sick to my stomach towards the end of my work day. I had to go home and lay down to make it a little better. I’m hoping this is just the transition period, because I don’t think I can do this for more than a couple more days. I’m dreading dinner because it has flax seed in it… that texture and smell is just awful. The other shakes are fine, and the post work out shake is like candy, so I’m ok with the others. I’m really hoping this feeling goes away soon. Ugh.

It will go away. For those that had the same experience, it took anywhere from one day to about 5 days. Took me until day 5 before I felt like I could exist like a normal human being and not feel like I have to puke at just the thought of a shake. Hopefully it will last a day or two for you and thats it. Either way, it WILL pass. Just keep with it, push through it, and you’ll wake up one day and feel absolutely wonderful.

P.S. I put my flax in my peanut butter and I cant even taste it.


Good luck. Your success will blaze a trail, or you could be just another couple that wasted money. Think about the things that are going to motivate you through the impossible times. Those are the times that you are dying for a beer or a shot, or a cheat on your diet. Prepare for the hard times AHEAD OF TIME!!! Get it done!!!

Try the flax seed with the strawberry or banana. I used vanilla the first time and it was horrible.

also, Sam’s Club has cold-milled flax seed that does not need refrigerated and is already ground up.

This morning started out just fine. Matt put his flax seed in water and downed it, which seemed to work for him. I did the same this morning and it was definitely better than having it in the shake. The shake was a whole lot better without it too! I think the HOT-ROX is making me feel sick. I took two this morning (seeing as I get to work around 7:30 and take it after my shake, I take it pretty early) and then took one after my lunch shake. I felt my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Maybe I’ll skip that tomorrow.

We’re going to have out dinner shake and then go work out. I’m really looking forward to our post work out shake!

Thanks for all the support!


Doing better today. I felt like I had no energy this morning, which wasn’t good when I was seeing patients… it definitely got better after lunch though. Don’t know if I’m seeing results yet. I’ll weigh myself on Sunday soon enough.

We’re going to have our meal tomorrow which I’m super excited about! I’ve been planning it all week. It’s what keeps me going during the day.

I know some of the posts have said that Matt shouldn’t be doing this diet. However, he does have fat to lose, and while he and I both understand both sides of the argument, he’s still doing it. So, I guess what I’m saying is, we would appreciate your support in our diet, instead of telling him he’s too small and shouldn’t do it. One of the reasons we started this blog was to gain support and motivation. While I’m getting that from the blog, he isn’t.

I hope everyone else is doing well and sticking to it! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s dinner and then weighing in on Sunday!


How’d the HSM go for you guys? Felt pretty good I bet! Looking forward to both your results tomorrow for week 1 :wink:


Weighed in today and I lost 3.5 pounds. Didn’t do measurements today. We’re going to wait and do those next week so it’s half way. The meal was fantastic!!

We love the results we’re seeing, it’s just so hard to keep going. We’re working on it.

We’ll keep y’all posted!

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