A's V-Diet Lite

I decided to post my V-Diet on the forum. Initially i was not going to post my progress, but now being 10 days into the diet i am starting to feel the pain a little bit, and i now feel posting is a good idea because it will help keep me honest and on track. So today is day 10.

Here are my beggining stats -

Height 5’8

Weight 183

BF% 14-16% Calipers and Electrical Impedance

Chest 41

waist 34.5

hips 39

After ten days on the Velocity Diet.

Weight 174

Have not checked other stats yet, but my clothes are starting to fit a lot looser.

Posted is a picture of my day ten status. I am using all of the supplements save HOT-ROX. I have decided to EC instead because it is more cost effective for me. Some people may snicker at that, but it will be interesting to see what my results are with EC as opposed HOT-ROX. Also i am having one solid meal a day, consisting of-
4 ounces lean ground beef
6 egg whites
2 servings spinach
1 serving red pepper

The rest is all protein, fish amd flax.

So far my energy levels have been very good. Although i get light headed sometimes right before its about time for my next serving of EC in the day. My workouts have not suffered one bit thus far though. So far the food i am missing most is oatmeal. My diet was pretty clean before, although I always indulged in weekend cheats. It was tough getting through the first weekend of the diet with out a cheat meal like i have been accustomed to for so long, but now i am the middle of my second week on the diet, and so far everything has been perfect(calories, supps, workouts) and i have not given in to any cravings or really had many cravings at all for that matter.

Good luck, although others may well point out that what you’re doing isn’t the V-diet.

The thing with making adjustments is that you may well get just as effective results. But what I didn’t realise until doing the V-Diet properly (now in the 3rd week) is the discipline and appreciation your really get for food and nutrition. There is a real sense that if I can learn to discipline myself through this diet then I can genuinely discipline myself with any food once this is through. You don’t really get this if you are having 1 HSM everyday, you don’t really larn that control and mastery of your desires.

Good luck anyway.

I posted a pic i have from yesterday. So this pic is day ten of the modified vdiet. Today is day 11. When i was at work this morning i felt sluggish for sure. My legs have a bit of that rubbery feeling in the quads. They don’t quite like moving around quickly :o). I just popped my second ec mixture of the day, which i can already feel kicking in and helping. No real cravings today. I feel like what i am really craving is the energy one gets from a solid dose of carbs.

Nice results you have so far! :slight_smile: Good luck with the rest of the diet!

day 12

Energy levels are suprisingly high today. I have been salivating at the thought of a cheat meal though, but the cravings have held off due to supps pretty well. I took 1000mg of Tyrosine this morning and that seems to help a lot with overall focus during work and helping me to feel normal.

Also i dropped in weight again today. I felt like i was at a stand still for about 3 days, bu then this morning i got on the scale and i was 173, down another pound, and i dont think it could have been dehydration because i have been drinking ice water like crazy. Of course i know i should be more concerned with BF %, and not the weight scale, but i feel like its progress the deeper down i go since i have yet to lose any strength.

Actually my workouts have been better with the Surge, which i was not using before. I am coming from a period where i was frequently cheating on my normal diet, so i would do extensive cardio as damage control. Before this diet, i was probably doing about 3 hours of strength training and 4 hours of cardio a week on average, and i was skipping carbs in my PWO drink bc of all the other junk i was eating i felt like it would hurt me.

Now, performing no traditional cardio, i think this has helped me to have more intense weight training sessions and i am starting to see more and more how important strength training and pwo nutrition is to your body comp as opposed to doing a shitload of cardio, which seems to mostly help me only when i completely fail with nutrition/portion control. I think when this diet is over i will hopefully transition to a plan where i do only a few cardio sessions a week. Brief and with high intensity. No more trudging along on the eliptical and watching an entire movie on the big screen at my gym for me.

Day 15
Very nice progress over the weekend for my “V Diet Lite”. I have managed to drop another 3 pounds from 173 down to 170 this morning. So now my total progress in 14 days is 13 pounds. 183-170 (granted there was a few water weight pounds there in the beggining.) It is weird how the body seems to stall for a bit, and then shoot down in weight loss.

From day 8 - 12, i really did not lose much, maybe a pound if that. Then i continued the diet through the weekend and checked the scale this morning and I’m down another 3 pounds. I guess its important to see this progress now, because it lets me know to not be discouraged if nothing measureable comes off for a few days(measurable in weight). I am still feeling strong and hope week 3 will be easier than week 2 was. I’m aware that what i am doing is easier than what a lot of you are doing because I am having 325 calories of solid food every day.

lean 4ounce red meat 140 cals
6 egg whites 100 cals
2 serving spinach 50 cals
1 serving red pepper 30 cals
1 serving low carb ketchup 5 cals 325 cals total

I really believe this solid food is helping me keep my sanity through such a low kcal diet. Anyway, g luck to everyone else out there working hard this week.


Heres a day 15 pic

day 17

This week so far hasn’t been too bad, aside from weak legs at times. From working out/working on my feet/ my quads just have periods where they feel a bit dead, which makes it hard to want to move around a lot. I have slowly changed my shakes a bit as my tastes for them have changed. Instead of putting a ton of water in them, now i am only mixing a few ounces of water with my protein/flaxseeds so that i can make a protein “paste” instead of a shake.

I find that it is much more satisfying this way and the flavors are concentrated. anyone else do this with their shakes?

My workouts today and on monday were very tough but i got them done. I just did not have much energy in the gym, however my weights are still up. If anything i might be doing a bit more weight than i was before. Hard to tell because i was usually doing 5- 8 rep workouts schemes before, now with 3 reps in a lot of exercises obviously i am lifting more weight. hard to say if i have gotten stronger or stayed the same, but definitely not weaker. Well, moving right on through to the middle of the week, and i think i am going to make it with only 10 days to go.

had a crystal light today between meals
was a nice treat!

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