ArsenalFan's No Bull V-Diet

Started V-Diet yesterday and wasn’t planning on creating a thread but figured it might help someone else that was debating trying it.

I’m doing this because i’ve been working out for years and always gained some muscle + fat and then when i tried to loose the fat (i.e. using JB don’t diet) i lost the muscle so i was back at square 1. It has happened 2-3 times so i decided i was going to gain for 6-8 months (and it went well) and then cut with supps. V-Diet’s promise is to keep the muscle while loosing the fat so it appealed to me.

Right now my body is at the point where if i suck in my gut i look like a guy who works out and is healthy/athletic. If i let it hang out i look like a fatty. My gf tells me this is all in my head and I have a self image problem? Maybe…or maybe i don’t live in denial. I swear if i could just get rid of the fat and keep the muscle i’d be happy with my body…but that has yet to happen.

Looking at other ppl’s before and after pics makes me feel that this diet is more hype than substance. However, reading people’s threads shows that not everyone is following the rules. People drinking diet coke or having something between shakes or just falling off the wagon. My promise is that I will follow EXACTLY what is written to the T. But i still think V-Diet is marketing hype…hopefully i’ll be proved wrong.

I will post pics and measurements AFTER the 6 weeks. For now, i’m 25, started at 150 and bulked to 177, all the fat is in my stomach and lower back.

So here is what i’ve learned so far (I’m on Day 2):

(NOTE: Please remember these are my opinions only…)

  1. Anyone that tells you these shakes are filling doesn’t eat 6-8 times a day. The shakes are not satisfying at all. They have no substance. You will feel full of water and that is it. The best thing about the meals is the fiber choice chewable. That’s how bad it is! However, the bedtime shake does keep you full at night and proves the importance of good protein powder.

  2. Superfood tastes like ass. I wish i didnt have to put two scoops in for breakfast and dinner. It ruins them for me and just smelling it in the shake makes me gag. I’m trying to trick myself into enjoying it…i take my time with them and try to “enjoy” each sip. I’m hoping the fact that im starving will help.

  3. I’ve got gas…and a lot of it. Thank god i have my own office.

  4. The workout was great. I approached it with the same mind set as I would if i was gaining.

  5. I am sore as hell from the workout. I’m understanding why there is 1 Flameout with each meal.

  6. I don’t drink caffine. I took 1 HOT-ROX 2x yesterday. today I tried two per serving…i felt nauseous for about 45mins. Will go back to 1 tomorrow until i get some tolerance. Feels like i’m a tiny bit hotter under the skin than usual…like im oozing trace amounts of heat…

  7. My job required analytical thinking and problem solving. My energy is low and my mind is foggy. My work performance is suffering. I’m sure this will only be for the first few days until i get used to the cals.

I’m sure someone will tell me that i’m being a bitch, to suck it up, and my spelling sucks…or maybe my post will get thrown out but these are merely my comments on what i’m experiencing so far.


Day 5…

  1. The shakes are starting to fill me up for about 2hrs…too bad i can feel my stomach eating itself for the 3rd and final hour before the next shake

  2. Wed workout was rough…soreness everywhere

  3. I’ve still got gas and im bloated

  4. I’ve switched to 4 HOT-ROX a day

  5. On wednesday I had the worst headache at the back of my head…on thursday mental clarity had returned and no more headaches

  6. I’m struggling to stay awake…I hit the wall at 3pm (i wake up at 6am)…i take a nap from 4-5. then im in bed by 9pm…not able to stay awake any longer…

  7. I’m excited to take measurements and pics…has this week done anything? If not…what will I do? I read that some ppl loose 6lbs the first week…but im not expecting anything huge…i just want to see a difference in my waste measurement…then this hellish week will be worth it.

i just want to see a difference in my WASTE measurement…then this hellish week will be worth it.

LOL “Waste”. Sorry I am immature. Sounds like your feeling a bit down on the diet. This is my second go around. (Failed the first). I try and keep really positive that I am doing something good for my body even if I don’t see immeadiate results in the 1st week. I figure it took years for me to put on the extra 30 pounds so it might take a bit of time to take it off. I do feel different in a good way (at day 5 as well) I feel like I have one up on everyone around me because I am doing this. When I feel a moment of weakness, I just grab my gut and know that it used to never exist.

Keep up the good work man. By reading the threads you’ll see that we are all going through tough adjustment periods. I think week two will be a lot easier. Good luck!

Well i think there’s a few good points here,
first )at least you’re trying it, and one way or another you’ll come to an informed decision about whether this workout/diet is all bull or the real thing.
Secondly)nobody has pulled your log or ridiculed you for your opinions

I started just 5 days ago and like you have been reading this site for a few months.I got very skeptical at the start and saw people’s pics and read the logs and thought if i could commit to this 100% then i could get some good results.If i feel at the end that i look too thin/skinny then i know i have a good starting point(much less bodyfat).and can use some other programs on here to get more mass,keep lean, but hopefully the experience and expense of the program will tell me that i have the willpower to achieve anything i want to in fitness.

I’m at a stage where i look at my arms and feel they are like two twigs!!I realise they were not big to begin with but i keep putting my hands around them to see if they have reduced and strunk!!!But i know i’ve lost some fat around my WAIST(dickydo!)so will keep at it.
If nothing else,as long as i keep on track then i can say i have given it a real good 100% effort and all i’ve really lost is the money to get the supplements.
Keep going mate and lets see what happens.

Stick to your guns mate! I always like to look out for fellow Gooners!

wow very interesting thread and THANKS for posting…

I love reading all the ups and downs, im on day 6 this morning…And loving it!!

hope you see great results to keep u chugging along… I myself can tell i have lost in my clothing, but still dont see IT!
I too have ALWAYS ate 6-8 meals a day, two of those being a protein shake or bar, and i find this diet very filling… no problem with
energy levels, or gas… but have expierenced
seeming more of a griping B**ch :slight_smile:

heres to us… keep going strong!!!

I am an englishman in Dubai and very grateful for the updates.

I start tomorrow - very much for the same reasons as you.

Keep going and even if you slip, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and crack on. It will be worth it at the end.


Ditto to all of the above- I start this tomorrow as well, so its good to know how people are faring on the dark side.

[quote]ArsenalFan wrote:
Day 5…

  1. The shakes are starting to fill me up for about 2hrs…too bad i can feel my stomach eating itself for the 3rd and final hour before the next shake[/quote]

as someone who was eating 6 meals a day prior to this, i know what you’re talking about. what happens if you drink the shakes really s-l-o-w-l-y?

not necessarily a bad thing

you’ve been having nothing but protein shakes; putrid gas is to be expected :frowning:

i had to deal with headaches, too. they seemed to subside after day 3.

same here!

imo the good stuff happens in weeks 3 and 4 (at least from the pictures i’ve seen. week 1 shouldn’t make or break you.

good luck!

haha I didn’t expect to get so much reaction. appreciate all the comments & advice & cheers!

I wish that “WASTE” comment was a pun…woulda been a good one but no…that was just a horrible spelling mistake! lol…i’ll attribute it to the lack of cals :slight_smile:

Ok so i jumped on the scales on Sat…down 4lbs and i only took 1 measurement…down an inch in the belly (lets says it is 1/2 an inch because i can’t remember the tension i used when i took my first measurement…)

So this is week 2 (day 9)…

  1. hunger is all but gone…minor hunger pains
  2. I dread having the shakes now…but that helps out with #1!
  3. Body seems to have adapted to the workouts (i hope)…nowhere near as much soreness
  4. gas is still there but not too bad
  5. still getting pretty tired but not napping anymore
  6. mental clarity and analytical skills are back for most of the day
  7. general “wellness” feeling has returned

HSM was on sunday and i had whole wheat pasta and some shrimp…that ish was delicious! I did not eat out…i don’t trust it.

I’m glad other ppl are questioning the hype vs substance. This diet has promissed big things…however…realisticly all i want out of this is a flat stomach and to keep the muscle i’ve worked so hard to gain…a 6-pack would be great but i won’t dump on the V-Diet if i dont get that


ps - anyone else think robilyn29 is mad sexy?

this week has been fucking rough…i’m having serious energy level problems. I cant seem to get up in the morning and that is after 10hrs of sleep…the tiredness plauges me all day. Mentally i’m alert but my whole being feels like a shell…people have started to notice at work and i keep getting asked if i’m “ok”…not sure what is going on…6am workouts have been pushed to lunch time workouts and even then i have to drag myself there. not sure what happened…week 1 was tough, week 2 was much better, week 3 is making me debate quiting…has anyone else experienced this energy level crash?

dude - i’m in week two and am getting very tired, which is interesting that you found it ok. Guess we all different. Don’t quit, keep going even just to say you did it. Sheer BRITISH dogged determination is required, or Tony Adams British bulldog defending and even scoring some goals as he etches legend into arsenal history… bloody hell what is going here, i’m a united fan!! what i’m trying to say is NEVER give up - just like our true sporting hero’s! You CAN and WILL do it.

hahaha thanks for the laugh!

[quote]ArsenalFan wrote:

So this is week 2 (day 9)…

  1. hunger is all but gone…minor hunger pains
  2. I dread having the shakes now…but that helps out with #1!
  3. Body seems to have adapted to the workouts (i hope)…nowhere near as much soreness
  4. gas is still there but not too bad
  5. still getting pretty tired but not napping anymore
  6. mental clarity and analytical skills are back for most of the day
  7. general “wellness” feeling has returned


ps - anyone else think robilyn29 is mad sexy?

I am in the exact same position as you… I’m no longer hungry and soreness from cal deficit has subsided… oh and… I for one support your ps about robilyn29 :wink:

I’m on day 3, and I want to kill my co-workers for bringing in boxes of pizza already.

ahhh thanks guys :wink:

didnt even see that… Looks/sounds like your doing great!!! keep it up
I keep getting the I look “tired” comment?

soon this to will pass… right?

right so this is day 1 week 4.

so far:
Weight: -6lbs
Inches: -2inch in the stomach, -.5 shoulders, -.5 arms, -.5 chest

My pant size is 33…my stomach is 35…if i can loose the 2inches that’d be great but it isn’t looking like that is going to happen…

Week 1 : lost 3lbs
Week 2: lost 2lbs
Week 3 : lost 1lbs

Looking like week 4 will be -1lbs…the only positive is that i havent lost any muscle and thats awesome but so far this diet is getting a C from me. I’m pretty sure i could have acheived the exact same thing by adding the L-Leucine to my meals and making sure i got the right amount of protein and cals.

For someone that eats clean all year round, and has a cheat meal every sunday, this diet has done nothing but make we want bad food even more…I crave a double cheeseburger, or even a slice of pizza…i’m pretty sure as soon as i get of this diet i’m going to indulge in everything i’ve been deprived off for 6 weeks…not a good sign!

Also, the fatigue is ridiculous now…sleeping 10hrs and can barely keep my eyes open during the day…


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