ArmyAviator's Training Log

Tomorrow morning 0500 starts the V-diet for me. I won’t be doing it exactly to plan because it is impossible for me having PT at 0600 M-F. However, I will just skip the NEPA and if my workouts are excessively hard I will also skip the V-Burn Challenge. I don’t expect to have to skip the V-Burn Challenge because I will just sham at PT so it will substitute for NEPA and not much more. Also Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday work out better for my workout schedule so I am going to shift one day.

I am pumped and in a good state of mind to start. I am having a last meal of sorts now in a Digiorno Pizza and sipping a Sierra Nevada. I will post stats tomorrow morning after I wake up and go to the bathroom same as I will measure myself every week. I lost my charger for my camera so I am going to have to improvise possibly use my cell phone camera.

Height- 74"
Weight- 218
Neck- 16"
Shoulders- 50"
Chest - 43"
Chest - 40.5"
Waist - 39"
Hips - 42"
Upper Arm - 14"
Upper Arm - 14"
Upper Leg - 25"
Upper Leg - 24.5"
Lower Leg - 16"
Lower Leg - 16"
Ankle - 11"
Ankle - 11"

I might not be able to get pictures on here until the end of week one. My phone and computer are not connecting via bluetooth for whatever reason and I still haven’t found my camera charger. I have pictures I can access on my phone however for reference.

Almost done with day 1. Only the bedtime shake to go. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am having to force down these damn shakes. They are way way way too sweet tasting and after 4 hours when it is time for my next shake I am still full as hell. Anyways gotta keep on motoring along.

Day 2

Felt super lethargic all day. Still constantly full from the shakes but still sucking them down. My workout went pretty well. Never did front squats before they are pretty intense to say the least.

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