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I apologize for my lack of technological knowledge…you may notice that there is a couple other threads with similar names, my bad. However, I decided to give this thing a try as I am now as out of shape as I have been in the last 5 years. Up until about 3.5 months ago I was lifting regularly and remained relatively lean, while maintaining an impressive amount of mass. A couple of herniated discs in my back later has me looking like this.

The journey starts tomorrow morning. I plan to go for a 1 hour walk then come back and consume my first shake. I decided to “go public” in hopes of getting any kind of insight or advice from those who have been down this road before. I’m uncertain of exactly what to expect, but I intend to develop a greater level of definition and a possible six pack…I’m aware I’ve got a long way to go. Anyone who see’s this, please feel free to chime in with advice, as I’m certain I can’t do this alone. My questionable measurements are as follows. Not sure if they were done correctly, but I know the spot in which I was measured, so I know where to go in the future.

Height: 6’
Weight: 228
Neck: 17"
Shoulders: 49"
Upper Chest: 45.25
Lower Chest: 42.25
Waist Navel: 39"
Waist @ Largest: 40.25
Upper arm L: 16.5
Upper arm R: 16.5
Upper leg L: 25.5
Upper leg R: 25.5
Lower leg L: 16.5
Lower leg R: 16.5
Ankle L: 9.5
Ankle R: 9.5

I just posted all my measurements, if they don’t magically appear by morning I will do so again.

Very cool. Keep us posted, and if you have any specific questions for me, just drop me a line in any of the “Ask Chris” threads so I’ll be sure to see them.

Thanks for dropping by, Chris. I did my NEPA first thing this morning, kept it at a pretty good pace. Have to admit, after being essentially dormant for the past however many months it’s been, it felt great to get out and get that heart rate up. I have no idea why I decided to do absolutely nothing just because I couldn’t lift heavy. I still coulda done plenty to avoid getting into the shape I’m in…but oh well, not gonna dwell on that.

After the walk this morning I had my first shake. I went with 2 parts strawberry, 1 part banana…mixed with ice as per Chris’ recommendation. Must admit it was pretty damn good. Although I started on a Wednesday, I will be starting with the Monday part of the lifting routine today. Gonna be sore tomorrow. Also, I checked out that V-Burn challenge and it looks like that thing may very well kill me. Being that I’ve lifted heavy for so long I’ve decided to go with the Advanced Program. I think I’ll do fine, but it’s gonna take that first week to iron out some kinks.

Day 1 complete. Missed the training session, will have to make it up tomorrow. I’m freakin starving…someone please tell me it gets easier…any words of encouragement would help about now.

Day 2 down…Training was interesting after being off for so long. I fear tomorrow shall bring a great deal of discomfort along with it. Fortunately for me, I get off on that type of pain…it’s a good sore. Hope anyone else currently running this is staying strong. Oh yeah, I had a Breathsavers today and felt extremely guilty. I think that’s a good sign.

Day 3 down…nothing too exciting. Haven’t missed a “meal” yet. Being that I started on a Wednesday…what day do you guys think I should have my HSM? Also, where do I find the guidelines for said meal. Couldn’t find what is allowed…Someone feel free to drop in and leave a link to your log, as I’d like to go through this with someone.

It gets easier - really.
I find that I’m drinking water all day long and drink whenever I feel a craving. This keeps me feeling fuller and makes me pee a lot, but that’s not a bad thing and water is about the best thing you can put in you body anyway.
Whenever I feel hungry I tell myself that I can’t be hungry because I’m eating 5 meals a day with all the nutrients my body needs and what I am feeling is a craving from old habits. Sometimes I get up and go for a quick 20 min walk up and down several flights of stairs and that gives some NEPA and takes my mind off the cravings/hunger.
Just keep reminding yourself why you decided to do this and know that this type of diet is not going to be easy. Hell, I don’t think any good diet really is easy without the will to do it in the first place.

Check out the Velocity life pages that you probably read before you started this. I think there is some guidance there for an HSM. Basically, meat and fish and plenty of vegetables. Keep away from the grains and sugars and remember that this diet is structured to help you make life style changes to you diet in the future by forcing you to make good choices and destroy old habits. I really don’t think the diet will be as difficult as the first couple of years after when you have to make good choices in the food you put into your body. I’m trying to prepare myself for this and hope I can minimize the the ‘back-sliding’ that will occur from time to time.

As I shared in my log, hsm for me last night was steak, watercress, green beens (I think they’re in season) and some baked potato “fries”. note that I was cooking for four other people so I ate all the food in that order… consuming just a few slices of the baked potato slices. it’s pretty much lean protein, lots of veggies and maybe a little bit of carbs.

and it does get easier… some people call it the grind and there is definitely that aspect. but you might also find yourself in a groove… just getting up at certain parts of the day and downing those shakes and moving on.

Hey, guys…thanks for stopping by and lending some advice. However, I have 1 more shake for the day and then day 6 will be TKO’d. It has gotten much easier and the cravings have subsided greatly. Although I keep smelling fried chicken…hmmmmm…shit, back on path. Anyhow, had an interesting conversation with some friends last night, it was a couples thing, and some of the guys asked me how I was doing with it and exactly what it consisted of. Then irony struck like a bolt of lightning, as I was repeatedly told how “that can’t be healthy,” and “you’re destroying you’re body doing that crap.” Keep in mind, this was coming from the wives…the women who were destroying a bag of doritos while giving me nutritional advice. I guess that’s just another example of peoples knee jerk reaction to this diet. It’s an extreme diet with extreme results. I love it in that it requires a great deal of discipline, and I like to test myself from time to time. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll come check out your logs.

Oh yeah, just got done with NEPA for the day, and I couldn’t help it but about 15 minutes of it I jogged…sorry, Chris…but I’m ready to be ripped.

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