April 5, V-Diet Day One


Hi everyone, I started yesterday (Apr 5) on the v diet and am posting for some extra accountability. Four years ago I was FAT. I woke up one day and decided it was time to change that and dropped about 80 pounds through diet advice I found here and lots of brazilian jiu jitsu training.

Fast forward to this last year: I teach during the day and am compressing two years of grad school into one and have had to give up (temporarily) the jiu jitsu training I love so much due to my obscene classload (all done by July). Figured I would do this diet to undo my laziness (up to 213 from 200) and hopefully go a little beyond where I was.

MEASUREMENTS: 5’10 1/2 213 lbs
neck 16.5
shoulder 49
chest 44.5
navel 38.5 (my softest area)
hips around my butt 43
Thigh L/R 25/25.5
calf L/R 15.5/16
Ankle L/R 10/10
upper arm L/R 14.45/14.5
upper arm flexed (Id like to close this gap) l/r 15.5/16.25

Without furtho ado: Day one was fine, all the shakes left me plenty full all day. Worked out with the following results. It seems i’ll have to go a little heavier next time as I wasnt sure where to begin (I usually lift with heavy sets of three on squats, deads, shoulders and bench variations)
DB squat 110lb db, 10, 9, 9, 8, 6
DB bench 75lb dbs, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7
Bent-over DB row 40lb dbs, 9, 9, 9, 9, 7

Off to the gym for workout two. Have a good day, Josh


Welcome aboard, Josh!

Hit me up in the <a href=""target=“new”>Ask Chris section if you have any specific Q’s for me. And keep us posted!


Day 3, no problems as of yet except this higher rep crap is leaving me sore! yesterday’s workout was:

deadlift: 175lbs 15,15,13,12
pulldowns: 140lbs 15,15,11,10
shoulder press: 75 lbs 15,15,11,9
side planks

No real hunger pangs other than when I walk into my grandma’s house and automatically want to eat. i wish there was a savory flavor of MD though as Im not usually one for sweet, like a V8 or Miso flavor. already planning for Saturday’s HSM, going to break out the smoker and do a brisket, asparagus, salad and a papaya.
Check in again soon.


I’m the same way… I like savory, not sweet. I was so excited for my first HSM; to have something that wasn’t sickly sweet was absolutely wonderful. Good job so far, keep at it!


What “savory” flavors would you guys want? Meat-flavored? Would be kinda weird. Maybe sweet potato would be a cool flavor.


V8, maybe Thai curry :slight_smile: I could easily have hot, chicken broth flavored protein, it’d be like bouillon.


Haha, bouillon. I’m not really sure savory flavors would work for the shakes, but the diet really does make me miss savory, salty things. Although I guess if there were savory flavors, you could then heat it in a pan and stir it and eat it like soup. Actually…not a bad idea!


Workout today went well, realized that when I have flax preworkout I wanna throw up, later, no problem. Sumo deads:205x8x8x8x8x8. Incline db press: 70 lbsx10x10x7x6x5x5 Lat pulls 140 lbsx8x8x8x8x8. Cravings were no problem other than the fifteen minutes I spent puttingtogether a roasted garlic and blue cheese burger for my gf. When I find my cable I’ll post the pics I took a few days ago check in again soon - Josh


Day six is done and all is going well. Just finished my portfolio for the state of ca and now I can focus more and getting some longer NEPA. Tom. Is weigh in day. For whatever reason I almost do not want to weigh in until I’m having difficulties and want a mental boost, but guidelines say to do it so I will. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow, Josh


Day 7 complete and so far no issues with crazy hunger. had a good workout and weighed in at -3.3 lbs, a number I am happy with since I did not expect to lose a lot of water weight specifically as I already keep sodium relatively low and have been low carb for several years now. hopefully I can keep up that 3 lbs per week. all the best- Josh


Day 9, going strong. Tonight there will be temptation though as a freinds family asked me to smoke a brisket, a few chickens and ribs for them and have dinner with them, i’ll be sipping away during their meal. I would just make this my HSM for the week but I have to save that for Passover on Monday. Hope all the rest of your are moving along on your VDiets! -Josh


Oh man, I love smoking some good meats. One of my favorite past times. Stay strong. I only have 12 days left, so I hope to be done with the V diet before grilling season starts. I live in South Dakota, so it has been too cold but summer is right around the corner.

Good luck. You can do it.