Anyone with an Adderall Prescription have Experience with Velocity Diet?

I’m very interested in the Velocity Diet, but I’m wondering if it’s safe to take everything while prescribed Adderall. Before anyone says “ask your Doctor”, I’m going to, but I’m just curious if anyone has any experience as I’m assuming there’s a chance my Doctor will say avoid the diet all together. Thanks for any feedback.

I’m not a medical professional (obligatory disclaimer), but I can’t think of anything in the diet that would be contraindicated. Hot-Rox (a stimulant-based fat burner) is just optional, so I’d steer away from that. Other than that, I’d expect it to be fine.

A quick search on the site has a few old threads pop up from years ago with people taking it and doing the Velocity Diet.

Definitely check with the doc though. But understand that they may, unfortunately, be against the idea of a mostly-shake diet simply at face value. Whatever their answer, you should be able to ask why and get a decent explaination.

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