Anyone Tried Carbolin 19?


Has anyone tried Carbolin 19 alone? If you have what have been your results with it? I have been debating on trying something new and this has been the one supplement I have been most curious about.


I am on day 3 of it. Obviously can’t make any comment as far as its effects yet. I have two bottles will evaluate after 2 months.


Yes and it’s a very good product. In order to see the effects of it you’ll just have to be very consistent with your training, nutrition, etc. for a couple of months. As with all supplements, they are meant to supplement your already efficient and consistent program. So, consistency and time will allow you to see how it works for you, don’t fall into the typical mind set of taking something for a couple of weeks and expecting dramatic changes.


I used the product two years ago during the early spring prepping for my sophmore year baseball season. Before using i was 230 at 20%bf, in a month and a half of strict eating, 2 two hour long workouts three days a week, 1 two hour long work out the other 4 days a week, plus baseball practice everyday for 3 hours. The ending was 205 at 11%bf. the testing for BF was conducted by my department head at my university with aid from a BODPOD.

All in all it was an amazing product and would suggest for anyone!


Almost completing my 3rd month, taking 2 per day and seeing results overall in body composition/muscular strength. Would recommend as a supplement to try in your training.


Nice! And job well done trying the minimum dosage first. Not many people have that level of restraint.

Give me all of the milligrams!


Thanks SBT