Anyone Have Problems w/ the Shakes?

I did a week of transition leading up to today (basically 3 shakes, 2 solid meals a day) when I started the nothing but shakes part… my problem is I’m having a very hard time consuming the shakes. I’ve done the diet once before (maybe 2yrs ago) and it wasn’t really a problem. This time, I’m seriously gagging and covering my mouth with my hand to keep from losing what I just chugged. Has anyone else experienced such an issue with the shakes? What did you try to make them go down easier? Any ideas why I would develop such an aversion to them when MD has been in my diet on and off for 2+ yrs?

Are you almost puking because of taste or volume/texture?

I’m not even certain, I’ve tried with the Superfood, without it, with flax and without, in the blender, in a shaker cup, always ice cold (I know better then to use water that’s not cold lol). I think it is a combination of the volume/texture and taste/smell. I’ve tried plugging my nose, etc, just chug as fast as a can, wish I could just have a tube that goes to the back of my throat and send it down that way lol…

I see that this is an old post, but I am having the same problem. My issue is with the taste. My stomach is immediately upset after drinking the shake and I fee sick. Is there anything that can be added that won’t jeopardize the diet but can help with the taste?

chris suggested some flavoring ideas in the FAQ. Tbh I can’t even taste the Superfood/leucene even though individually they taste like diapers. maybe you can just pound the Superfood/leucine seperately, then make your shakes with MD and whatever else is called for.

I just had my first shake, and I noticed something similar. But, my issue was a combination of things:

  1. Taste: Not nausiating, but, I was amazed at how much the flax overpowered the banana . . . Banana is a VERY strong flavor – I’m a little worried about other flavors now.

  2. Volume / Thickness: I blended my shake, and it ended up just barely not fitting in a 32oz cup. So – a LOT to get down. So, I sipped / gulped it as I read my morning e-mail. Then I noticed that it got thicker and thicker as it sat. The last few gulps triggered my gag reflex a little, based on texture alone.

Makes me think I should just chug it as soon as it’s mixed. If I add ice, does it help any of that? (I used cold / cool water from the fridge thingie, so it could be better colder)

make em thinner, and make sure they are fully dissolved!

i was making my breakfast/dinner/evening shakes with ice all last week(blended) and just had a blended one w/o ice for breakfast. personally i’m gonna rotate the ice/no ice just for some variety.

As far as the flavors go, the chocolate flavor plus the flax tastes kind of like peanut butter so I like the chocolate.

[quote]matthew_gray wrote:
make em thinner, and make sure they are fully dissolved! [/quote]

It started out pretty thin – but it got thicker over the 15 mins or so I spent drinking it.

Would it be bad to chug it?

When I did it I sometimes made em real thin and chugged em back!

I battled serious nausea the first week, couldn’t choke down more than 4 shakes a day…no matter how hard i tried. I too was puzzled as I have used Met Drive forever with no issues.

I found a glass of ice cold soda water (make sure it doesn’t have sugars) with a lime rind or two in it helped if I sipped it immediately after the shake.

A last resort was a half of a piece of cinnamon or some other spicy hot dentyne type gum here and there. I know that isn’t ‘technically’ in the rule book but it helped get me through. After about 5 days the nausea went away as fast as it had come on.

Well, I found a combination of things that really helped me.

  1. While I am a huge fan of banana flavor, banana + flax == nausea.

  2. Chocolate + flax + Tons of ice (cross between ice cream and a shake) == yummy.

Now that I know I can eat the flax w/o nausea, I’m excited again!

Here’s what you do:

Blend the shit out of them and make the shakes as thin as possible.

Use a straw! Seriously, this helps big time.

Hold your breath a bit as you suck it down.

Chase every drink with ice cold water.

Even though this helps tremendously, I too am having trouble getting in all the shakes. So far I can only do four a day. The problem isnt really the taste because I do everything I can to NOT taste it and chase with water. THe problem for me is the amount I have to get down every day. I get REALLY full and by the time I am barely done with my fourth shake, I am about ready to puke from being so full. This will hurt my muscle mass, but I’m going to stick with it even if I have to lose some muscle. As long as I keep losing more fat, that is my main concern.

I have to disagree a bit. To me, the shakes all taste good. The only weirdness is the flax, which – isn’t bad, but it doesn’t mix well with some flavors. I’ve found, with my palette, the following results:

Banana - Sucks – bad.
Chocolate – good.
1x Chocoloate + 1x banana: pretty good
2x chocolate + 1x strawberry: ok – probably won’t do this again

But, without the flax, so far, everything is good. I am using ice in every shake, to make it a bit more shake like. I don’t blend for a long time, because I don’t want to froth them up. Though, the ice helps with that. And, I don’t use a straw because I haven’t made it by a McDonalds yet :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted!

personally I ruined the banana for myself. My first attempt at the V-Diet I was unsuccessful, but I was not blending it well, or with enough water, and used primarily banana. It made me want to vomit. Because of my first screw up I didn’t have enough to finish, so I had to reorder some more powder. After the first try, I could NOT suck back the banana ever again, and its a shame!

The strawberry(which I didn’t even get a single tub of until 2.5 weeks into my second go) was absolutely DELICIOUS, and made me wish I hadn’t wrecked the banana for myself.

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