Anyone Else Get a Headache, Weight Gain?

Road my exercise bike for 45 minutes last night, NEPA. About 1/2 way thru
I developed a roaring headache, head, behind my ear and into my throat.
Major pain. Took three Advil and called it a night. Woke up this morning,
which is always good, still with the pressure and the pain.

Major complaint
I am bloated like a three day tick. Barely got my watch on. My wife, forgetting
what I was doing, suggested it was something I ate. Not so much. Curiousity
got the better of me and stepped on the scale and I had gained 4lbs. Wow.

That’s never a good sign and even worse on week two. The only difference
between yesterday and the last 10 days is I upped the HOT-ROX to 2 for the
afternoon round. Surely not? Maybe it’s just a bug or something. Wondered if
I was alone in this weirdness.

Happy to say…well not happy, but I’ve just got some kind of bug. I’m a regular guy and by that I mean, I drink a morning shake and within 30 minutes am sitting and reading the sports page. I’m sure you catch my drift. Today…I have read the sports, the classified, the obituaries, comics, life section and even the letters to the editor. Tolstoy is not far away.

If I haven’t dropped those 4lbs I’ll be more than amazed. Still got the headache and the throat is rough. Not sure where it’s all coming from to be honest.

Ok that’s enough information for the day.

Ya all have a good one and I’m out for now.

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