Anyone Check for Muscle Loss?

Has anyone been hydrostatically weighed (or another accurate method) before and after the V-Diet? I was curious if any change occured in LBM. Hopefully none, but I was wondering if anyone had done that extra step.



i have been getting tested via fat caliper weekly. the short answer is yes, i probably have lost some muscle, but not a lot. I started at 33% and I am now at 24% body fat. According to the calculations I have lost a total of 30 lbs now, and about 2.5 lbs of that is muscle.

what i dont know, however, is how good the person is that is taking my measurements.

Yeah I was hoping for some hydrostatic results. Thanks for the input though. If those measurements are consistent then that is awesome results.

My measuring method isn’t the greatest, but according to my Tanita scale, I lost 18 lbs total, 2 lbs of which were “muscle mass”. It gives readings for muscle mass, body water %, BMR, etc.

Unfortunately the scale appears to be out of whack when it comes to fat %. It tells me I went from 26% to 23%, but according to skin fold testing I am more like 14%. So who knows…

Those scales typically don’t work for bodybuilders. My scale at home is the same type of thing and it says that I’m 34% bf which isn’t even close…but at least the weight is accurate.

Skin fold is much better, With hydrostatic being the fool proof method.

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