Anybody Lost Fat in Chest, Stomach, Legs?

Hi There,

just wanted to ask some of you who have been successful on this diet: I have a small/medium frame but it looks much bigger due to my fat. Im around 17-19% and I want to get down to 7%. I carry a lot of fat in my chest (mainly), face, stomach, and my quads. If there are any of you out there who have these problem areas, tell me, have you lost the fat in that area? If so, have you been able to keep it off? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

When I started to the diet I was 198 lbs at around probably 15% BF. My weight was mostly in my lower abdomen, hips, and upper legs though. I have had some pretty good success so far, and Im only half-way through week 3. This diet has a lot to do with how strictly you follow it, and how much effort youre willing to put into the workouts and NEPA. I do highly recommend it though.

People store fat in different areas, some say based on their hormonal profiles. But fat is lost from everywhere with the V-Diet or any other good plan; it’s just that some store more in certain areas than others. This is one reason why I have all V-Dieters take tape measurements. I don’t want them to focus on just, say, their bellies, and not realize they’re also losing fat from their chests, legs, arms, necks, etc.

So, no worries. The fat WILL come off with the V-Diet. Forcefully!

Chris is right, the tape measurements are key. I noticed the areas where I put fat on last shrunk during the first week (it’s like I got so fat that weird places like my arms and lower chest got bigger). In the second week suddenly my “problem areas” are shrinking much faster than anywhere else - there’s just more to available to lose in those areas so it will have to come from there eventually.

I’m into my 3rd week now.

One of the most amazing things you can do is to use that tape measure. Measure your chest at 43" and in 6 weeks you measure the same chest, yours, at 40". Then…pull that tape back out to 43" and see how much extra “you” there used to be. That is an eye opener. Pics help too. The tape, don’t lie. The pics don’t lie. The scale is a lying whore and we all hate her. Unless she’s going down…and I won’t comment any more about that.

Ya, totally true - f the scale.

It’s fun putting the tape around at the original size and then being able to stick your hand through. That was a real eye opener because a “1 inch” loss sounds like nothing - until you do that.

That sounds great,

how much did you guys lose from the diet or how much have you lost so far?

Our thread is called “Amy and Steve’s V-Diet log” if you want to check out our progress.

amygottsch: Day 14 down 5.4 lbs and 8.75inches

sgottsch: Day 14, down 8lbs, gaining inches in chest from lifting weights and losing inches in waist. My wife has noticed that my face looks much thinner.

GFB…don’t get caught up in the comparisonitis of this plan. Every person is different with their results. However,
one thing rings true for all, it works.
It works if you start at 10% body fat or at 30% body fat. It works. It strips away fat from every part of your body and gets you back on track. It works in creating better diet choices and eating preferences. It works in reshaping your body, it reshaped mine and everyone else who has done this.
It works.
Don’t be hesitant to think it won’t work, it will. Don’t be afraid that it is hard, but it is. It will work and yes it is very hard. Mental, mental, mental.
When you decide to take the plunge jump in the deep end. Don’t wade out and dip your toes. Jump. Read these stories and see the evidence.
How old are you? I will soon be 52 and it works. Others here are in their 20s, 30’s and 40’s. It works for them too.

Hey…just do it.

I’m one of the heavier starters and it is amazing how well this plan works. I saw different areas lose more on specific weeks however the overall effect is amazing. Just started transition with about 30 inches lost overall.

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