Anybody Else Getting Bad Flatulence?

On day 5 here, not having any issues, but I have some bad flatulence going on. And by bad, I mean like paint peeling from the walls, do not have open flames nearby, fellow passengers running screaming of the bus, smells like dead roadkill on a hot summer day kind of bad. My farts are baaaad.

Anyone else experiencing this, and do you have any methods for dealing with it?

yes i farted today near a dumpster i a swear i herd a few magots yaking lol

That suggests to me you’re not digesting the protein very well. Try taking some betaine HCL (a la Poliquin) before your shakes. Also, try “chewing” your shakes. Mixing in a lot of saliva seems to help. Chris mentioned this a while ago.

Also, make sure your flax meal is fresh.

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