Any Women Doing V-Diet?

I’m looking for some before/after of women who are doing the V-diet? I know men tend to lose more than woman in traditional weight loss, just curious how the ladies have responded.

I’m 6’ female - so I carry weight really well :slight_smile: I’m looking to lose 20-25 lbs and lots of inches. - my goal is to look like I can compete without really doing it :slight_smile:

Day 2 looking good :slight_smile: I find it a bit more tolerable to take breakfast shake later in the morning…less hunger around 10 am or so. I’m an early riser, so taking it at 4:30 leaves me starving by 10.

I think one of the hardest things is not weighing every day - being a woman…the daily fluctuations can be disasterous to your motivation. Once a week will have to do…looking forward to big results!

Will do V-burn tomorrow :slight_smile:

There should be a lot of examples in the logs section: Though not everyone keeps a log or is excited about posting “before” pics, and that’s understandable.

Good job not weighing! It really can drive you crazy. And remember that many V-Dieters gain muscle given the new stimulus of the training style and the muscle building qualities of the supplements. So even your final scale wight after 4 weeks won’t tell the true story of body composition changes. That’s why I like the tape measure and pics.

Ok, I’ll review some of those. Nope, I’m not posting before’s either…lol. I use Calibers for measurements rather than inches…I suppose that’s ok as long as I can see the changes. (I actually have it done by a nuritionist once a month) I’ll go by the feel of my clothes too…that’s always telling.

Thanks again.

Calipers can be way off too actually. Hard to beat tape measurements and pics.

How’s it going? I’m a 5’6" female just starting out. How’re you doing? See any progress yet?

I will chime in. I posted my intro under Muscle Sorority. It used to be a much busier forum a few years ago.

This is my third time on the V-Diet since its creation. Not going into ancient history.

This time around I am at 18 pounds lost and just finished week 3. THESE RESULTS ARE NOT TYPICAL.

My first two times on the V-Diet I was in better shape when I started and dropped 12 at the end of 6 weeks.

The biggest difference for me is the strength and body composition changes. My core strength improved dramatically and I looked more “symmetrical.”

Hope that answers your questions.

EDIT: I really should take some pictures. I am just so ticked at how I look and feel right now, I can’t look in the mirror long enough to focus a camera.

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