Any Tips Before Starting the V-Diet?

I read the posts from Gus and the Physique Clinic posts, I think me and Gus are (were) very much alike because i have the same shape as he used to have i dont weigh as much as him but i have alot of fat around my love handle area and lower back and on my chest, when i flex i can see some definition on my stomach but very little. I am going to give this diet a try any tips for me? I need as many as i can get, Im somewhat making sense of all the articles i have read.

don’t buy orange cream flavor Metabolic Drive!

also, i’ve read that the first few days are the toughest (although i’m only on day 2 myself). i’ve just started yesterday, so feel free to read my log if you are interested… mine is the one called “Lean V-Dieter…”, although the starting and ending dates in the title are off by a week.

good luck!

Tips? Be totally prepared for 28 days and know what you will do everyday, what you will eat on your meal days, when you will workout, when you will NEPA, when you will have your shakes and how you will fix them and when to take your supps and be measured and weighed and focused. I continue to say this is more mental than physical. Use some common sense and don’t overdo or over expect.

Sadly you can look at a huge number of “I just started” threads that go nowhere, failure. Or you can focus on those who have finished and have had results and weren’t afraid to get kicked around by someone to keep on track…this is a tough gig alone. Lots of people here to help, some nicely, some not. Bottom line is the same, man up…or woman up (?), and jump on board but be very, very prepared.

Read the beginning threads for details. Most questions have been asked over and over and over. A little due diligence on your part gets you more in tune and involved than just being told the answers. When you are on the diet and losing ground, come back here and read another success story and agree to do that or read a lost thread failure and agree to not become one of them.

This does work. The fat does go away. The tastes do change. The pleats do come back in the pants. It’s just 28 days…one at a time.

Right on GMan!

Chicharon…I’ve found that with this diet, as with most things in life, if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen! Prepare, stay focused, and DO IT! Good luck!

I suggest the rubber band trick. Keep a rubber band around your wrist at all times. Anytime a “cave in” thought pops up, snap the rubber band as hard as you can, and start to think about the prize…losing the fat.

This will re-enforce the positive frame of mine that is necessary for success.

I first went through the V-Diet about 6 months ago and lost 18 pounds then went back to a Precision Nutrition meal plan and have slowly been losing more weight over time.

I am now a week into my second go around with the V-Diet and I think it is easier the second time since I know what is going to happen.

For tips - first - do not watch the Food Network (unless you want to add an additional challenge)…

For this go around I typed up a small grid with 28 days in it where I mark off each meal per day (5 check marks each day) and that way I watch as the days go by and I get closer to the 28th day.

Also, I am adding a serving of Power Drive each day and this seems to be helping quite a bit.

  1. get yourself fat adapted before you start the diet. i think it helped me with the initial start of the diet.

  2. have a mindset where failure is not an option. leave excuses in where they belong in the garbage.

  3. dont expect support from anyone

stick to it - its worth it.

  1. dont expect support from anyone outside of this community.

Even further, expect backlash, but know they are not you and they do not have your goals in mind. The V-Diet is about more than dropping some LB’s you’ll figure it out when you get to the end of the tunnel. Goodluck. And try and blend as many shakes you can with ice, it helps so much.

I love the saying:
Dieting is easy when, you realize how hard it is.

Make it a focus and a project much like you would do if you were to decide to become a doctor. I know this sounds extreme but changing your lifestyle is WAY harder than becoming a doctor and yet people ‘stroll’ into it like it is a breeze. I am not just talking the 28 days but until eating healthy becomes second nature, it has to be a focus.

The only thing holding me back is the price however i dont really know if its the right thing for me to do because i plan on adding some muscle during the winter time and the only thing that makes me want to do the V diet is the spare tire i carry with me always.

Hate for that thing to grow any bigger when i try to put on some lean muscle.

pic of me like a month ago
i have been out of the gym since then i will post more of a recent pic soon

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