Any Other Porkers?

I’ve been eating right, and working out for the past couple of months, with very little in the result category. So, I’m seriously considering trying this diet. They only things keeping me from clicking “purchase” are:

  1. Cost – but I can get over that.
  2. Travel – I travel a lot and eat lunches with collegues – how do you guys handle ordering a “water” during meals?
  3. Family eating out – I think I can get over this one too

And, finally – size. I have a lot of fat to lose: 5’9" @ 245# I’m in decent fitness shape though . . there is some muscle hiding under the flab.

What do you guys think? Can I pull it off? I have a big company shin dig next week, so, I’m planning (if I decide to do it) to order soon, get it, and start a week from Monday (the 29th)

answer to number 2 is “order water”. someone asks say “i’m not hungry”.

You can pull it off if you want to.

1.) It’s cheaper than eating for the 6 weeks. You have to buy all of it at once, but it actually winds up being cheaper. Especially if you eat like shit normally.

2.) I travel all the time too. It’s not an issue unless you make it one. As mitchellh said - “order water”

3.) I went with my family a couple of times and just drank iced tea or water. No big deal.

It’s all in your head. Either YOU do it or YOU don’t. It’s all on you.

I’ve decided . . . I’m doing it. I need to schedule the order while I’m out of town so that it arrives on Monday. Guess I’ll start on Tuesday the 30th instead :slight_smile:

I’ve read a lot of the beginner posts, where this diet may not be for everyone . . but . . I need to kickstart things.

I used to drop a quick 10 in the first week or two of a diet. (Used to meaning like 2 years ago. But, for some reason, when I decided to lose weight this time, and started working out and eating right, almost nothing has happened. I’ve dropped about 5 lbs in the last two months. And maybe lost .5" off of my waste / thighs . . . I definitely need a kick start!

Thanks for all of your input!


Oh – one last question:

Diet Coke

Do I have to give that up completely too?

[quote]CodeMonkey wrote:
Oh – one last question:

Diet Coke

Do I have to give that up completely too?[/quote]

Found it in the FAQ – I’ll STFU now :slight_smile:

I wore 36 inch waist pants before the V-Diet, I wear 32 now! Good luck!

I’ve been in 42’s before. And down to 36 (yes, down to)

Right now, I’m at a solid 40 . . . . but, I start the diet a week from today . . so . . . no telling what it will be in a couple of months!

I’m 5’9 260lbs. I’ll be starting the V-Diet as soon as I get everything in order.

I am a total porker…and I am on day 5…don’t give yourself the option to fail…and when I go to a restaurant with people who might not understand, I tell them my stomach is messed up and I’m not hungry…

Knockem dead…

I’ve declined quite a few lunch invitations, and when it’s something I “have” to do, I just get a water or plain, unsweetened iced tea. To help curb cravings, I drink the lunchtime shake on my way over. Strong minty breath spray or brushing your teeth right before going in is good too - you won’t want to eat anything.

I’m 6’ and 230lbs. I’m down from 270 via trying a juice fast for 2 months. I now have absolutely no muscle/strength and am still obese. I’ll start on the 18th.

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