Another V-Dieter

Logging everything in a spreadsheet including thoughts/comments, cravings etc.

Weighing/measuring every day. I have been weighing myself every day for a while, so the upswing fluctuations (if any) should not bother me.

Looking to lose somewhere between 15-20 pounds and get down to somewhere around 20% body fat–didn’t think I had as much fat as I do. 200 lbs would be 15% reduction in total body weight from my peak of about 235.

So you cheated on Day 2? Not off to a good start there are ya buddy?

Cheating’s cheating, I’ll admit. At that level (and against all the various cravings), I’m not too concerned though.

My biggest problem right now is that I’m having extreme trouble making it through the last shake due to being too full. Guess I need to increase my activity level–gonna be hard to do sitting in a cube all week.

Welcome to the team. That’s a very nice spreadsheet. Try not to cheat. Good luck!

Spreadsheet updated for today–a bit disappointing; not discouraged.

The spreadsheet has had several additions since yesterday.

Thats why they tell you to do all the weight and body measurements weekly.

Day 4 done and updated–tomorrow is HSM day.

Changed “Waist” measurements to “Gut” since that is what I am actually measuring.

Shakes are getting easier to work through, should be able to stick it out.

I notice that you don’t have anything about weight training in the spread sheet. What gives?

Day 5–HSM day #1–is done and the spreadsheet is updated. Many fewer cravings today, maybe I was too busy or something to think about it.

HSM - 6 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast with no-cal seasoning, 1 oz spinach salad with 1 Tbsp. Balsamic vinaigrette and 1 Tbsp. Bacon bits (total of 28 calories added), 4 oz steamed jasmine rice, 4 oz steamed cut fresh green beans, 4 oz strawberries, 9 oz water; green beans and rice seasoned with salt and low-cal butter flavor seasoning. My normal shake size during this time is a bit more than 18 oz. – wasn’t full, wasn’t stuffed, wasn’t hungry. I weighed (cooked weight) everything and I totaled up a bit under 540 calories after I was done eating.

No weight training yet – I know that is an important part of the diet, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Lots of reasons, none of which will probably be good enough. I have bought everything I need to do it, now I just have to get to the doing. I think the numbers show that it will benefit me.

Is a large (3 scoop) shake supposed to carry you through the night? Otherwise, what is the deal with scheduling one of the 2 biggest shakes at bedtime?

Yeah, that shake is supposed to get you through bed - that’s why the nut butter is also in there. However, he says that if it is to filling - and it very likely may be, since you aren’t doing workouts and thus not in need of muscle reparations at night - that you can decrease the scoop size to 2 scoops. It can be reallocated to a mid-day 2 scooper, or omitted completely.

BTW, jasmine rice is a very poor carbohydrate source! And there are no fats in that meal - or any PB in your log! What gives?!

Weight training is more than an important part of the diet, it is an INTEGRAL part of the diet. If you aren’t weight training, you’re just going to look like a smaller, skinny-fat version of your former self. You say you haven’t gotten to it yet, but you are about 25% of the way done with your V-Diet attempt.

And you didn’t have any sort of healthy fats with your HSM.

Are you even doing the V-Diet?

Workouts are an essential part of the V-Diet. You should not skip them. Force yourself at all cost. You only on Week 1, so it’s not too late. Just do the weight training man. No Excuses!!!

Ok, so is there a way to work in missed workouts without throwing things off? It shouldn’t be hard to accommodate the workouts especially since my progress is looking stagnant right now.

I don’t see anything on the HSM guide about healthy fats, so that is why I didn’t include that. What are some examples?

I’ll post up my V-Diet plan later.

I would recommend every other day until you are caught up. You don’t want to do them on back-to-back days, since they are full body, but every other day seems about right. If you are too sore after 4 sessions or so, take a couple days off. But since you are on Day 6 (right?) now, you should be able to get caught up in 8-9 days.

Examples of good fats include: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, and maybe even a bit of cheese. I would try to incorporate a couple of these into your meals if you can. Olive Oil is great on salads with the vinegar. There are lots of good articles on the site about healthy fats.

Where should the challenge training be scheduled on the every other day schedule? I assume that it still needs to be done–show it just be done after three days of the normal workout which would effectively give a workout three days in a row? Or should be one of the on days between off days?

I appreciate all of the advice, encouragement and prodding in this thread.

Good question. Thought there wouldn’t be a dilemma if you hadn’t gotten behind (smiley face and all that).

I guess you could do it a couple ways:

  1. Do the V-Burn in the morning of one of your training days, with the scheduled workout that evening (or vice versa). Probably not optimal, but would probably be ok if you could time it up with your HSM day since you will have plenty of extra fuel.

  2. Do the V-Burn in between workout days (so yeah, you would be “working out” 3 straight days). You may be too sore, so it would probably be ok to throw in an extra off day if you absolutely have to.

Personally, I would just go with the second option. Either way, you’re going to have to suck it up and get it done. Think of it as paying the piper for not doing stuff properly to begin with!

ok, I’m confused on the reps for the plank hold. Should I do it once, rest and repeat. Or is it done for the forty reps everything else is done for?

Day 6 done and recorded.

My diet plan:

Good work man, glad to see you got your head out of your ass and started doing this thing correctly…for the planks, you’re only supposed to do 2-3 sets, for as long as possible each time. I usually did 3 on the beginner program since I couldn’t hold them very long, but most people would probably be good with just 2.

Day 7 and Week 1 done and recorded.

Added a row at the end of the daily tracking to show the 1-week difference in values. If I can get a similar number for weight loss for the rest of the weeks, I’ll be happy.

My legs were sore yesterday–very quickly so I probably over did it on the weight for that exercise-- and my abdominal area and upper back is a bit sore today. Tomorrow is an exercise day and I am contemplating on doing the challenge on Sunday so that I can the challenge on a weekend day.

I think there might be a benefit for the diet to take into account your level of activity and also to have you get a base for daily calorie intake. I am a cube dweller during the week and I was already on a bit of a self-imposed diet-- I’m thinking most days my caloric intake was lower than normal. So I may not be getting the “average” reduction anticipated by the diet. Hopefully starting the weight training and keep my other exercise activities up will allow me to keep the pace up.

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