Another V-Diet Start

Hi all, - so I started Monday 5-18 and it’s been ok so far. My stats

Week 1

Height 5’ 3"
Weight 174
Bodyfat 37
Neck 16
Chest upper 40.5
Chest lower 41
Navel 38.75
Waist 36.5
Hips 39
Upper arm 14.5
Upper leg 32
Lower leg 16.75
Ankle 9.25


Another pic:

So while the shakes are ok, I have no strength for the work out - I’m only doing the beginner ones and I find myself struggling. Is this normal? Reading around it seems like most of you all are doing ok on the workouts, even able to push yourself. The NEPA’s are ok. Before I started I even took the workout part and did it for a few weeks to test it out. I gained some strength and I thought I would be ok. Once I started on the diet and then the work out - whew - bottomed out.

Anyway, so my first week is almost over.

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