Another UK V-Diet

Welcome, one and all.
I’m now on my 8th day of the V-Diet, but haven’t previously posted as I’ve been working all over the place. However, I’ve got my pics, which I’ll upload when I get home on Wednesday, and I’ve now got 2 sets of measurements, my bin is also starting to fill up with empty Biotest tubs, and little else…

So far, all is well. The workouts are suitably brutal, to the point i’m really enjoying them. I completed my first V-Burn on Saturday and found that to be killer! Made a complete mess of the floor in my girlfriends front room- was dripping everywhere!

I’m doing this as, when i’m not pushing weights around, I’m an indoor rower. While the season has started, the main competition which I enter is several months off. On the strength of my results last year, I need to get some muscle on, and reduce excess fat as much as possible. I’d like to achieve glory light-weight status, but I have my doubts. Other than that, its holiday in August and girlfriend deserves best ‘Daniel Craig emerging from the sea’ impersonation…

Some pointers for UK V-Dieters, for getting all the supplements:

Low Carb Metabolic Drive.
As this is basically staple for over a month, my advice - try all flavors before you buy. DO NOT base your choice on previous brands of protein you may have tried. I opted for lots of vanilla, as the SciMX one its rather nice. Biotest version…interesting. I got mine via a UK supplements company I found on google after a few attempts. Many that had it went out of stock as soon as I put my order in for 11 tubs of it. PHd nutrition or something. On its own, its about drinkable. Questionable consistency. Goes into a complete funk out when you add the other stuff.

From same supplier as the Metabolic Drive. Negligible impact on taste, although possible slightly medicinal

Surge Recovery
As above supplier wise. I find this to be ridiculously sweet, but given the funk of the morning shake, its not too bad

eBay, put simply. HOT-ROX remind me of being 17 years old, stood in a field somewhere in Somerset with stomping techno going off until the sun rises for some reason. Takes a bit of getting used to…

Its easier to get the arc of the covenant in the UK than it is this stuff. As it is, I just buckled and purchased direct from this site as Biotest UK were nigh-on useless. Its not cheap, and expect a hidden Fedex cost when it arrives. Also is a key in key ingredient in making the shakes that little bit more gag-inducing.

Flax Seed.
Available from any high street retailer, but be warned - shop for a brand that you like as I found its this that makes the morning/evening shakes want you to gag it all back up again. Stir into the blended shake, dont blend (unless you really dig that flax taste).

Welcome mate,look forward to your results.Where in the UK are you? I bit the bullet and got all my supplements from this site and you’re right the hidden Fed-ex cost is a real kick in the teeth!!

Hope you see good results mate.

burley, when did you order your supps? Last time i ordered a bunch, customs destroyed most of it because it contained egg or some such rubbish…

Ordered about a month ago,no problems getting the stuff over just a shock when the invoice came in(not from this site) but from Fed-ex!!! Cost me another £120 that i didn’t account for. But everything arrived on time and all was present and correct.

I take it that you’ve done the diet before then? What sort of results did you get and how did the transition period go?

I first did the V-Diet back in 2005 and it was amazing…Dropped 26lbs in 28days and had a lot of strength gains in the gym. Loved the diet and it wasnt as hard as id expected.

Tried to do it again in 2007 and customs threw all my protein and surge into an incinerator…and its awful trying to get enough from UK suppliers.

A well over due update.
Things going well so far, on day 11 and really looking forward to HSM on Sunday. Got the friday workout tomorrow morning.
I’ve got my measurements which I’ll post shortly, however I’ve not taken an end of 1st week photo - I’ll save that for end of 2nd week. Until then, here’s the very beginning…

…and the next

and finally…and yes, I’d been on holiday the week before, hence the arms

Here’s my pre-diet stats. For the benefit of our readers working in lbs and ounces, I’ve converted it for you

metric	imperial

Height 182 71.65354323
Weight 98.4 216
Neck 44 17.3
Shoulders 48 18.8
Chest - Upper 116 45.6
Chest - Lower 103 40.5
Waist - at Navel 100 39.3
Waist - at largest 102 40.1
Hips - at largest 105 41.3
Upper Arm - L 39 15.3
Upper Arm - R 40 15.7
Upper Leg - L 64 25.1
Upper Leg - R 64 25.1
Lower Leg - L 43 16.9
Lower Leg - R 43 16.9
Ankle - L 24 9.4
Ankle - R 24 9.4

Inadvertant double post…

Have noticed a few other side effects of this diet - namely that my skin condition has improved quite considerably. I’ll put some of this down to the fish oil, but also the very strong chance that there’s something in my normal diet that isn’t doing me much good.

Hello mate. I start mine Monday week. I too got stung in ordering the supplements in. However, because I had to order the HOT-ROX in seperately, I had to pay two lots!

[quote]davidtaylor138 wrote:
Hello mate. I start mine Monday week. I too got stung in ordering the supplements in. However, because I had to order the HOT-ROX in seperately, I had to pay two lots!


Oh well, live and learn. Let us know how you get on and how you put up with the interesting taste/textures! The inclusion of the Superfood is sometimes what really takes me over the edge!

Day 14.
2nd lot of photos. Weights & measures tomorrow


and finally…

well mate you can certainly see a difference,keep up the great work,are you finding it easier than the first time?

Nearly there!

Been away with work so difficult to give regular updates, however I’ll post my measures and day 28 photos on sunday. Here with 3 days left to go, last proper workout of this phase tomorrow (deadlift friday! Yay!) and the killer challenge on saturday, I’m looking forward to transition.

I’m also looking forward to poached salmon on sunday, but we’ll have to wait.

So far, seem to recall being down about 8 kgs, but you’ll have to wait for full confirmation!

8 Kg’s! That’s really good, well over a stone. I’m hoping for something similar!

Good to see you stuck with it, I was a bit worried when you didn’t post for a while!

Well done.

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