Another Post V-Diet Question



I’m almost at the end of week 4 on the v-diet. As I’m nearing the end of the V-Diet, I’m contemplating what to do once it’s over.

I’ve lost 22lbs so far and a lot of the fat from my abdominal area has gone.

I’m 6ft 3’ and currently weigh 198lbs. My body fat is approx 16% Right now I have an ‘average’ physique. That is, not fat but not skinny.

My goal is to be around 200lbs with around 10% bf

My question is, do I continue training for fat loss (circuit style workouts and low carb/cal def) or do a strength/size based program for 4-6 weeks just to change it up and then go back to fat burning after this?

Many thanks


I’d first suggest looking into the Indigo-3G plan. This will allow you to keep losing fat, add back in carbs, and build muscle at the same time. Here’s all the info:

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