Another Newbie on This

hey whats up guys my name is bruno, ive been working out for about a year, at the beggining i saw progress quickly (like everybody else) but after that no progress at all.

my diet sux thats probably the reason but this diet looks pretty ez to follow (i dont have to cook :slight_smile: ) but the problem is that i dont have the sups and theres any way i can do it with other sups which i have now (I just got fired from my job :frowning: and theres no way I can spend more money on sups I still have Surge maybe for 1 week :frowning: what i dont have is Superfood and im worried should i eat veggies instead?) hey if u cant help thx a lot for taking your time to read this

The V-Diet is not for you, sorry.

I tryed this diet with other suppliments and failed in 5 days cuz I felt under nurished and always hungry. Like most people on here I think that if u don’t fallow the diet to the T then ur waste ur time cuz then ur not on the V-Diet just ur own virsion of it… That means all the sups too.

I understand ur going through tough times and I don’t want to discourage u at all but it may be best to wait a while till u know u can hit this diet head on.

Wish u the best buddy!

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