Another Diet Started!

I am in search of the same results as everyone else and losing the weight over time via diet adjustment just plain sucks. I like results quickly and then I can maintain my weight pretty easily. I have been 230-250 since college in 1996 after playing LB. However, I have grown a few inches in the waist since then. 7 inches to be exact. My goal is 220’s and 36 or less on my waist. I have been powerlifting recently and am going to adjust my workout to the plan accordingly.

So 4/13/09 is the start date and it will be a challenge b/c I will be on shift at the firehouse that day and you know the myths of firehouse food. Well they are mostly true… However, they will not give me much of a hard time as they come to myself and my bro for advice on training most of the time. They come to us more with questions versus questioning us. On the other hand, I will hear all the unhealthy’s tell me how dangerous it is to live on supplements. (even though they are living on grease and chips)
HT: 5’10"
WT: 250 Even

Neck: 17 1/2"
Shoulders: 58"
Chest: 50"
Arms: R: 18" L: 17 7/8"
Waist at Navel: 42"
Waist at Belt: 42 3/4"
Hips: 46 1/4"
Upper Thigh: R: 30 1/8" L: 30"
Mid Thigh: R: 27 1/4" L: 27 1/4"
Calf: R: 16 5/8" L: 16 3/4"

Here is the back pic for all to view. Lots of work ahead!

Welcome! Great to have you with us :wink: My husband works for the fire dpt so I know exactly what you’re talking about far as food goes!

You’re going to rock the vdiet. Looking forward to your progression.


glad to have you on board! after the first couple days or adjustment, this thing is nothing! kick ass and take names, but i dont have to really tell you that, you run into fires so you’re already an ass kicker! you’ll do great im sure! lookin forward to seeing your progress.

Excited about going through with this. I do better with a plan. That is how I do everything else. For kicks, I did the Challenge workout today and followed it with some raquetball.

I KNOW…don’t add stuff in, but I don’t technically start until Monday so today was just a play day and see how everything felt. The workout and weights are going to be good b/c they are similar to my speed days for PL training now. Thanks for the support and we will rock it. Gotta get rid of the lower rolllll.

This is going to be interesting.


Yes. It should be interesting! Hope you meant that in a good kinda way.

Hey Dbrock! Welcome!

You seem to have similiar measurements to me. It will awesome to follow your progression and vice versa. I am on Day 10 now. So far down 6 pounds and 1.5 inches from the waist. I just had my first HSM today and it was delish!

Yeah, Easter today and rolling starting in the morning. Had to wait until after the Holiday b/c it is also my birthday celebration as well. Tons of food and can’t be rude. What the heck? Going in with a bang, just a little extra work.

Meals are done and time to start in the morning. The time is upon me! No snacks the rest of the night, shakes measured and packaged for shift tomorrow, IT’S ON!

keep your head down and stay focused this first week and you’ll do great.

First day was not too bad. I walked around with a 33oz Smart Water and filled it about 4 times yesterday so along with my drinks, fluid intake was good. I stayed full most of the time and occupied my time around station so did not get many cravings at all. Night time was hardest to I walked on the treadmill. Worked out mid-Day and it went very well.
OHead Squats 135 (5,5,4,3,3)
(to a dumbell bench, balance was rough to start as I have not done these)

Reverse Rows 225 (5,5,5,3,2)

Dips 135x10, 185x10, 225x10
(did these seated with weight in lap b/c at work we do not have a dip area. Took ass to ground off a bench and full ext. I need to to hanging dips for the challenge as my Tri’s are pretty good. Had to stack plates and dumbells on board. I will do this again for video as it was interesting. Our youtube name is dbsupplements1 )

Ab Wheel 10 8 7 (this kicked my arse)

Then did a 30 min walk at 3deg and 3.8mph later before last shake and bed.

Workout Number 2 was really good. Upping the reps was a shock from the powerlifting workouts I have been doing.

Incline Press: 275 8,8,7,5,6,5,1
Wide Lat Pull: 250 8,8,7,7,6,4
RDL’s: 315 8,8,7,5,5,5,2
Bi Curls: 115 8,8,7,7,8,2
Hanging Leg Raises 10 10 10 10

Tread Mill: 10 mins 3.8mph, 2-10 degrees just to walk out lactic acid
Sauna: 15 min
Modified Contrast Bath: Hot Tub 10min / Pool 5min x2 (sitting only and froze)

Still feeling good from the diet. Night times must be my downfall b/c I start craving right about now. On shift tomorrow and then on to teach CPR first 8 hours on Friday. Busy = good.

Pretty excited about the small differences after just 3 days. We will rock this after 6 full weeks.

You are really…really…strong.

If you need a CPR dummy, Im it, because Im not breathing very well and my jaw is slack. Because damn you are strong. I stand in awe dude!

Keep it up, day 2 down, tomorrow is a new day, and you’ll plow through it too.


Wow, those are some numbers you’re lifting.

I’ve found popping some fiber tabs helps put a curb on the cravings for me.

Busy is definately good while on this diet, especially at night. I find myself so bored all the time.

And just to comment on your intro and people telling you it’s not healthy to live on supplements…Is a potato chip or a microwave dinner actually really food? Sure it starts off as a potato, or the liking of a chicken, because I’m pretty sure it’s processced beyond recognition. So if nothing else you are living on healther processed food than they are, right?
Food for thought. Good luck. Get stronger, I dare you

Thanks for the encouragement…All is going well to date. My power is up due to my previous method of training. I do not anticipate staying here for long with the revised program, but I will not lose much. I did the Friday workout today. I was dragging b/c we had some late night runs on shift so sleep was broken and then I had to teach a High School CPR class. On returning home, my kids allowed me to nap for an hour and then off to the gym with them and the wife. I had to have 2 HSM’s today b/c the schedule did not allow two of my shakes during lunch before my nap today as I did not have time to prep due to being up all night. Anyway, workout went as follows:

30 secs rest and 25 reps
Front Squat to Parallel knee to hip: 275 6,6,5,5,4 (ughh I hate these. up to 285 next)
Close Grip Bench: 265 5,5,5,4,4,3
Pull Ups Wide Grip: Body Weight 8,6,5,5,4
Push Press Barbell: 185 6,6,5,5,4,5 (did extra b/c I did not want to cut the last set short. move up to 225)

Walked in the pool today for 30 mins b/c it looked fun. I resisted the urge to swim, but the treadmill looked boring and I did not want to do it. Sauna 10min and out.

Thanks for reading. I will weigh and post pics at the start of the week after my challenge day this weekend.

btw, some of our workouts are on youtube under dbsupplements1 . Have not posted for a while, but we will be soon.


OK, here are some camera phone pics after the challenge day kicked my rear. I was able to complete it 5 times in a rough way.
Split Jumps 5x10
Hand Walk-Outs 10 8 6 (then modified to roll outs from knees) 2x10
Single Leg Dead Lift 5x10
Push-Up Twist 5x10
Jumping Jacks
Side Lunge 4x10ish 1x8
Handstand Push-Up 10,3 (then did militaries) 50lb DB’s 10,10,8
Jump and Reach - 5x10

And was dizzy and beat. WOW. Much harder without rest. I did it before the workout once through, different for 7 attempts…

You can see the difference already. Nice work!

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