Anne's V-Diet =) Motivation and Accountability

I JUST started this V-Diet thing yesterday. I love to cook, and giving up cooking for a month is going to be tough. I think I have a pretty good starting point (thank you genetics!) but you can see from the pictures I have a lot of work to do.

I am less than 10 trips deep into my new gym membership. Yes, I am the girl at the gym standing around and looking confused, but that is about to change! I welcome workout tips and suggestions as well as shake pointers… The greens are gross =(

Welcome aboard! Its a hell of a ride!

Any Stats? Height, weight measurements etc??

And as far as having a lot of work to do, it depends on your goal?

Height 5’10
Weight 140

My goal… Hmmm, if looking like a Victoria’s Secret model is achievable I am aiming for that. ha! I guess my real goal is self confidence and also fitting into my old jeans. =)

Also, I am now on day 6. I REALLY miss real food!! I am absolutely choking down each shake right now =( Why are there no chicken soup flavored protein shakes?! ahhhh!!

Stats last Thursday when I started…

height 5’10
weight 144
neck 12 1/4
shoulders 39
chest (upper)33 1/2
chest (lower)28
waist @navel 30
waist @belly 33 1/2
hips @largest34 3/4
upper arm L 10
upper arm R 10 1/2
thigh L 22 1/2
thigh R 23
calf L 14 7/8
calf R 15
ankle L 9 3/8
ankle R 9 1/2

I have decided not to measure again until my half way point on July 1st. Except for my weight, which I am doing daily. =)

To be honest, going off your starting picture you already look pretty good. By no means overweight. Although if you wana gain the confidence and get into them jeans stick to it! Good goin so far!

Its the chunky thighs and hips that need to go. They are already looking better =)

Haha i wouldn’t say chunky but it’s your opinion. Keep up dated with progress pics. It’s interesting to see how the diet changes people who haven’t got a lot of weight to loose.

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