Andy's V-Diet Log

So here I go.

Background: I’m 47 years old, 5’8" tall, 188 pounds. I’ve worked out/lifted reasonably seriously over the years, but on and off. For the last two years, more off than on. I was at 204 pounds 2 months ago. I just finished 8 weeks of strict eating (2000 ± 100 cals/day, 30% protein, 37% fat, 33% carbs) and a Men’s Health Belly Off routine, and I lost 16 pounds.

I’ve lost weight before (and eventually put it back on, but still worth the fight), but this time it was harder to get going, I guess with age. Once I dialed it in, started counting the calories seriously, and got religious about the working out, it again came away fast. The losses have slowed down a bit recently, I need a new workout, and it’s time to finish the job quickly!

Also, I’ve had a bad back on and off over the years. Nothing doctor-worthy (though I checked), but stiff and sore, esp. in the am, and making me think twice about reaching to catch a ball my son throws, or about playing tennis etc. So I’ve been doing a fair amount of stretching and yoga recently along with the working out. I figure, I’ll go back to the chiropractor, if necessary, but first of all I’ll lose the weight and strengthen up–already feeling better.

So: I start the V-Diet tomorrow. I’ll do a few substitutions on the workouts: one-legged squats for front squats, one-legged deadlifts for the deadlifts. One question I have: I know a few good one-legged substitutions for squats (step-ups, lunges, one-legged squats . . .) but only the one-legged deadlift for the deadlift. I guess when I need to mix it up (phase II) I will try the Ian King variation which is more like a regular deadlift (bent legs, going further down) than the one-legged romanian deadlift I’ll do most of the time.

Also, I am not comfortable maneuvering the dumbells into place for the incline bench (for the flat bench, OK, but it’s too much back movement under awkward weights for the incline), so I’ll do an incline bench machine that happens to be in the gym.

For NEPA, I’ll keep doing yoga, 2-3x a week, and maybe some long slow bike rides into work a couple of times a week, and of course walking. I bought some of those strange-shaped shoes (the brand I got is called Chung Shi, which are supposed to improve your posture and work your posterior chain more while walking. My wife says I walk like Foghorn Leghorn in them (the rooster in the cartoon) so I think it’s working.

My goal is to get down to something like a 33" waist and maybe even see a six pack or at least a few cans. Then no more weight loss for a while.

My main worries: I’ve got a lot going on at work, and I hope I don’t get too distracted/weak to concentrate. Also in the back of my mind is how I will keep this weight off once I’m done. I can really focus when I have a good clear goal, like losing a lot or getting back into shape, but the grind of maintenance, esp. when it keeps getting harder every year with age, is tough. I already feel a lot better than I did 8 weeks ago, though, which is great. So now I’m going to take it to the next level!

OK, I wrote that before seeing my pictures I’m posting. Wow, if I’d known what I looked like from the side I would have tried to pull in my gut! Maybe my next vdiet after this one is not so far away as I thought. It’s really bracing to look at these pictures.
This is a great site of course, and great support on this diet! Thanks.

Measurements (we didn’t really know how to do some of these, but here they are):

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 188 pounds
Neck: 16 3/4"
Shoulders: 49"
Chest-upper: 43"
Chest-lower: 41"
Waist-at navel: 38 1/2"
Hips at largest: 39 1/2"
Upper Arm - L: 13"
Upper Arm - R: 13"
Upper Leg - L: 23 1/2"
Upper Leg - R: 24"
Lower Leg -L: 16"
Lower Leg - R: 16"
Ankle - L: 9"
Ankle - R: 9 1/2"

OK, here are the befores.

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