AndreP V-Diet Log, 8 wks of my Best Effort

Day 12 (Thursday 30. July 2009)

Morning weight: 83.8kg
Everything went mostly according to plan this day ,
so I am quite happy to night ( lets hope this continues )
It is time to do the 2 week evaluation and take new measurements ,
I also hope to write some conclusions on saturday or sunday .
Hopefully my experience and writings will be useful to some of the readers ,
and also allow me to get feedback from people who have tips for me :slight_smile:

Deadlift: 9,8,7,7,5,4 (90kg)
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press: 9,9,7,7,6,5 (18kg x2)
Assisted Pull-Up: 7,6,5,4,4,3,4,4,4 (84kg - 30kg)
Hand Walkout: 7,7,8,9,8,8 (toes/knees)

Training Notes:
The deadlift went ok until my hand/fingers wasn’t strong enough ,
had to stop short on the 2 last sets as I felt my fingers slip .
I tried to increase the load in most exercises , and shorten the breaks .
It must have worked because during the training I “puked” ,
and I had to swallow my dinner again and rinse with water .
Tried to make the hand walkout harder doing it from the toes the 2 first times ,
this was to hard on my back so I will try to find another way to increase load .

Did a full walk to and from work , just made it home before a heavy flood rain came .
Even though I have planed to do the V-Burn Challenge tomorrow ,
I will do walking to work (unless the rain is still heavy) .
The program is saying to stay of NEPA this day , but my energy level is
so much higher then I expected and I might just excuse myself another day
as compensation when the weather is even more horrible .

Day 13 (Friday 31. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.1kg
Did NEPA , even though it was V-Burn today .

V-Burn Challenge ET 26:52

Circuit 1: 3:20
Circuit 2: 3:45
Circuit 3: 4:31
Circuit 4: 4:46
Circuit 5: 5:19
Circuit 6: 5:09

Training Notes:
Must say I improved quite a bit more then I expected ,
and I even felt less tired after this V-Burn than the first one !
I had set my mind on getting a 6 minute improvement ,
but getting a whole 13 and a half seems just crazy :open_mouth:
My average heartbeat was higher during the training at 167bpm , the max 180bpm .
( see my graph for a detailed view of my workout )

way to go on the improvement on your V- burn man! i did mine today too and i noticed the same thing, it wasn’t AS brutal as the first one.

Day 14 (Saturday 1. August 2009)

Morning weight: 83.7kg
Took a day of recovery , did some more work at home and enjoyed the sun .

Took some walks , then had some nice NEPA in the bedroom :slight_smile:

Day 15 (Sunday 2. August 2009)
2 week measurements , and conclusions

 Weight : 83.5 kg (-1.5kg)
    Fat : 25.8%   (-1.6kg)
 Muscle : 38.3%   (-0.3kg)
 Height : 1750mm
   Neck : 380mm

Shoulders : 1180mm
Chest Upper : 965mm
Chest Lower : 900mm
Waist : 895mm
Hips : 1010mm
Upper Arm L : 323
Upper Arm R : 325
Upper Leg L : 627
Upper Leg R : 628
Lower Leg L : 372
Lower Leg R : 371
Ankle L : 221
Ankle R : 221

Not too happy about the low weight loss , but it is after all mostly fat thats been lost .
However the measurements was OK and I even tried some old clothes that I now finally fit into .
There has been changes and I will continue with the same Diet , but will cut down on flax seeds
to a single tablespoon and step up NEPA a bit more to get better results .
Will make a new conclusion next week , but wait with measurements for 2 weeks .
I will try to figure out how my body will react to these planed changes .

Front Squat: 5,5,5,5 (90kg)
Assisted Chin-Up: 5,4,3,3,2,2 (83.5 -15kg)
Dumbbell Bench Press: 5,5,4,3,3 (20kg x2)
AB-Wheel Rollout: 5,5,5,4,4

Walked for almost 90 minutes , mostly uphill .

For the third time I’ve had a real meal since starting with the shakes ,
I filled up faster then I expected , again , even less than last time !
I enjoyed a wide variety of tandoori marinated meat and shrimp ,
tried to get a few bites of each but soon I was filled to the rim .
Did have some souce and rice , after all its half the meal , but not much .
I even took a milder version then I used to since I was unsure my belly could
handle the strong curry after 2 weeks of diet .

Day 16 (Monday 3. August 2009)

Morning weight: 84.5kg
I was a bit stuffed yesterdays meal , but the shakes went down anyway :slight_smile:

Horrible weather , did most of my NEPA walking inside .
( stairs at work and so forth , probably close to an hour all together )
Also tried to help a guy who had problems with his car ,
it looked like a wreck and it wasn’t possible to get started .
( believe I must have pushed that car in circles for at least 1km )

What program are you using that produces the graphs in your posts? Thanks.

[quote]C_Barry wrote:
What program are you using that produces the graphs in your posts? Thanks.[/quote]

I use Polar Pro Trainer 5 , you can try it here :
( you need some type of compatible pulse monitor with USB or IR data transfer )

I have the Polar S725X , the software was included with my model :slight_smile:
I use it for Running/Swimming/Jogging for the most ,
but it can monitor any activity from the bike setting .
They have other watches that include the software too ,
probably in a lower price range too …

Kind Regards AndreP

Thanks. The reason I asked is because I have a new polar watch (not sure of model) but I didn’t purchase the syncing accessory for it since I read mixed results. Software looks pretty cool. I may need to take a closer look at it.

Day 17 (Tuesday 4. August 2009)

Morning weight: 83.6kg
Day has gone according to plan more or less ,
only thing was an small delay for my training .

Step-Up: 9,9,9,9,9 (60kg)
Bent-Over Row: 9,8,8,7,6,5 (22.5kg x2)
Push Press: 9,8,6,5,5,5,5 (14kg x2)
Barbell Curl: 9,9,8,7,6,6 (21,5kg)
Reverse Crunch: 9,9,9,8,7 (15kg in a machine)

Training Notes:
The Step-Up still got 5 9’s , the increase of additional 5kg was accompanied
with a 25% increase in hight to make it as hard as I figured would be OK .
This should have been enough since I got rather tired ,
and high pulse during Step-Up last time .
Now I got up to 181 in pulse , but the leg didn’t slow down as far as I noticed .
I am unsure if I should add more weight , considering the high pulse I got .

Made an effort to make another 60 minutes of walking ,
totaly I got in something around 130 minutes .
I will try my best to keep this level everyday for the rest of the V-diet ,
but I do have work so it makes little time for walking on training days .

Day 18 (Wednesday 5. August 2009)

Morning weight: 83.2kg
Finally it has stopped raining !

Nice sunny weather and no training , besides the walk to work .
I took a brisk walk around the botanical garden in Oslo ,
and up around the parks in and around the munch museum .
After the dinner shake I took the car to outside the main city for a walk
in the forest to a small lake , where we took a skinny dip in the cold
water just as the sun set over the horizon .
Total NEPA approx 200 minutes , not including the swim :slight_smile:

Day 19 (Thursday 6. August 2009)

Morning weight: 83.0kg
A little late to bed this night , but this had to happen …
… lets hope it doesn’t affect my V-Burn Challenge tomorrow .

Deadlift: 9,9,8,8,6 (90kg)
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press: 9,9,8,7,6,6 (18kg x2)
Assisted Pull-Up: 9,8,5,4,4,4,4,3 (83kg - 30kg)
Hand Walkout: 9,9,9,9,9 (knees)

Training Notes:
Felt I did good in all the sets , improved even as the rest interval got shorter !

Did a full walk to and from work , then training and relaxing ,
and yet another 60 minutes of nice nighttime NEPA :smiley:

Day 20 (Friday 7. August 2009)

Morning weight: 82.6kg
Did NEPA to and from work , even though it was V-Burn today .

V-Burn Challenge ET 20:17

Circuit 1: 2:21
Circuit 2: 2:38
Circuit 3: 3:07
Circuit 4: 3:37
Circuit 5: 4:33
Circuit 6: 3:48

Training Notes:
I reached my goal , beat Dshroy’s planned improvement of 5 minutes by improving 6:35 !
He has the advantage of going after me so he can plan his workout to my results ,
so I must make it as challenging as possible for him to keep up with me …
During the V-Burn I did an extra set of the A3 exercise on circuit 5 ,
coz I was sure I forgot it on Circuit 4 . But now seeing the lap time I am not so sure
I forgot it , I was very tired after the first 4 circuits so I might have imagined it .
Anyway , next V-Burn I am thinking of bringing my DV-camera and filming it .
That way I can see what I am doing , how to improve , and spot if I am cheating anywhere
during the exercise ( I am way to exhausted to keep track of what I am doing ).

[quote]AndreP wrote:
Day 20 (Friday 7. August 2009)

Day 21 (Saturday 8. August 2009)

Morning weight: 82.3kg

mixed weather with sun and rain , but fairly stable temperature .
I took a walk for around 10km , the first 8 minutes was warmup since I was a
bit sore in some muscles (nothing really bad but why take any chances).
This walk I also logged the walk with my polar watch (handy piece of hardware) ,
so you get a fair idea what pace and impact the briskness was making as NEPA .
The warmup is not included , but as you see my pulse is already at 100BPM
when I start the log , so you get the last 9.3km/1h22m of my walk .

I am having my last HSM for the strict 28 days today , one day early to be able to
eat at my friends birthday party . Then it is only 7 more days of shakes before the
transition finally starts , oh happy happy joy joy !!!

Must say I am looking forward to eating again , strangely I am not missing the food
so much as the social gatherings ( like eating WITH my co-workers at lunch ).
During the 3 weeks I had no problems feeling hungry , only occasionally a slight hunger
feeling came typically after doing some walks or working that required me breaking a sweat .
There has been some cravings , but every time I feel myself thinking of food or snacks I
just push the thoughts away with more pleasurable things ( like naked women ! ).
Some might find that offensive , but it works for me , 100% of the time :slight_smile:

damn andre you are really challenging me! i just posted that i am doing the v burn today, and i said that i want to aim for a 5-6 min improvement. now that has to be the minimum. i hate you. kidding!

damn you beat me! i shaved off just over 5 min on my time! way to go.

Hey Andre,

Your work on the V-Diet is solid, and inspirational. Keep up the good work. I see you and dshroy have gotten competitive on the vburn times, and it’s got me excited to see how I stack up.

I notice you don’t have much on here about being hungry, or having trouble avoiding food. I have been hungry as a pregnant woman, and I am only on day 3. What’s your secret?

[quote]jeffthemaximum wrote:
Hey Andre,

Your work on the vdiet is solid, and inspirational. Keep up the good work. I see you and dshroy have gotten competitive on the vburn times, and it’s got me excited to see how I stack up.

I notice you don’t have much on here about being hungry, or having trouble avoiding food. I have been hungry as a pregnant woman, and I am only on day 3. What’s your secret?[/quote]

Thank you , I am doing my best but I was hoping for a more dramatic weight loss .
But what I have gotten so far isn’t bad just a little lower than expected .
I am very curious about new dieters , and it good to see someone be inspired by
our friendly competition ( lets hope it translates into better results :slight_smile:

About the hunger , I don’t know for sure since everybody seems to have some issues .
The reason I have no real food problems during diet could be transition before the diet ,
when I started to adjust my normal intake of food to find what times I could eat .
I did certainly not have such a low kcal intake during that time like this diet ,
but it was probably lower than my normal routine making the diet less painful .
That would also explain some of the low results in fat loss since I lost some before
starting the diet , but I can’t be sure this is the case until I take the diet again .

Kind regards AndreP

Great to see your almost done!!! yippie!!! good for you…don’t be too tough on yourself…things continue to happen even during transition…hang in there!!!

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