AndreP V-Diet Log, 8 wks of my Best Effort

Just started my V-Diet , and are set up with most of what I need .
( need to get more flax seeds and a few more nut butters )

My goal is to loose 10kg of fat during the 8 weeks I have set up for this task ,
the 6 first weeks following the V-Diet as outlined for my current 85kg .
The last 2 weeks with some hybrid version like 3 HSM a day ,
depending on what is left of the supplements .

I will post my measurements as soon as I am online at home again ,
probably late tonight or tomorrow and keep updating as often as I have time .

My daily schedule is setup like this:
06:00 Breakfast: Meal 1 + HOT-ROX (10min before)
06:30 30min NEPA to work
07:00 — Work start ----
10:00 Lunch: Meal 2
13:30 Lunch: Meal 3
15:00 — Work ends ----
15:00 30min NEPA to home
17:00 Dinner: Meal 4 + HOT-ROX (10min before)
18:00 Training + Surge Workout Nutrition
21:00 Bedtime: Meal 5
22:30 Going to sleep (hopefully)


 Weight : 85kg
 Fat    : 27%
 Muscle : 38%
 Height : 1750 mm
   Neck : 395 mm

Shoulders : 1143 mm
Chest Upper : 995 mm
Chest Lower : 934 mm
Waist : 908 mm
Hips : 1032 mm
Upper Arm L : 305 mm
Upper Arm R : 309 mm
Upper Leg L : 618 mm
Upper Leg R : 629 mm
Lower Leg L : 384 mm (448)
Lower Leg R : 386 mm (450)
Ankle L : 223 mm
Ankle R : 225 mm

good luck andre! we both started today, sounds like you are motivated keep it up.

Welcome to V-Dieting and good luck with your program.

What country are you in?

[quote]Verti-gal wrote:
Welcome to V-Dieting and good luck with your program.

What country are you in? [/quote]

Thank you .

Norway , Thats quite far north in the European region :slight_smile:

Kind Regards AndreP

[quote]dshroy wrote:
good luck andre! we both started today, sounds like you are motivated keep it up.[/quote]

oohh , how good …

You have a link to your log ?
I would love to follow it since we are starting together on the V-Diet ?

Kind Regards AndreP

good idea for us to track each others progress, will make the next few weeks a breeze. how was your workout? i posted mine up, how did you do?

[quote]dshroy wrote:
good idea for us to track each others progress, will make the next few weeks a breeze. how was your workout? i posted mine up, how did you do?[/quote]

OK I guess being a little new to the training , and the english names :slight_smile:

I will post everything as soon as I get my paper notes in order …
… very soon I hope !

Day 1 (Sunday 19. July 2009)

Morning weight: 85kg
Woke up late , but rested . Started this day with 3 shakes .
Then the first HSM as this seems smarter then waiting 7 days ,
it is now 8 days till the next one and I guess that extra day
of waiting isn’t going to be more difficult than adjusting to the shakes .
Finished off with the bedtime shake and are hoping I get a good nights sleep .

Front Squat: 5,5,5,5 (had to do 180kg in the LEG PRESS)
Assisted Chin-up: 5,5,4,4,2 (85kg - 18kg)
Dumbbell Bench Press: 6,5,4,6 (17.5kg and 20kg x2)
AB-Wheel Rollout: 5,5,5,5

Training Notes:
Seriously , no possibility to to any squats ?!?
But I will find a GYM where there is more free weights .
The Dumbbell started with 17.5kg , but the next 2 where 20kg ,
then my left arm just didn’t have the stability to get the 20kg safely up
did the last with 17.5kg and will try 20kg next time from the start .
No AB-Wheel either , but used a bar with 2 5kg weights as “wheels” .
Worked very well and I will try this next too ,
with some type of extra challenge thus making it a little harder .

Day 2 (Monday 20. July 2009)

Morning weigth: 84.3kg
Woke up on time and with allmost the correct amount of sleep :slight_smile:
Made breakfast shake and did some nice NEPA before work .

Nothing more to say realy :slight_smile:

Day 3 (Tuesday 21. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.1kg
Woke up on time and and this time felt really rested even though I went to bed an hour late .
Took the planned 30 minutes NEPA to work and back at the end of work .

Reverse Lunge: 9,9,9,9,7 (20kg x2)
Bent-Over Row: 9,9,8,9,8 (20kg x2)
Push Press: 8,8,6,6,5,4,4 (12.5kg x2)
Barbell Curl: 7,6,5,5,5,5,4 (30kg) <-edit:this number might be wrong!
Reverse Crunch: 9,9,9,8,8 (0kg)

Training Notes:
Trained to late after Dinner Shake , big mistake .
What started nice dropped horribly due to total lack of power !
Will be more strict on the schedule and the specially the sleep time ,
will get to bed later than planned tonight with the same hour as last night .
The Reverse lunge I probably need to go deeper , will use a “pillow” under the knee
which I will need to touch for making the movement as correct as possible .
Push Press has stability issues with dumbbells ,
will continue with same weight next time to compare .
Barbell Curl , fatigue I guess so try again next time .
Reverse Crunch is too easy , this time I was just out cold but still got it done decent .
Will find some way to improve the exercise with extra sandbags on the ankles .

Day 4 (Wednesday 22. July 2009)

Morning weight: 83.7kg
Overslept an hour , turned of the alarm in my sleep :slight_smile:
Have adjusted the amount of flax seeds yesterday after the first 4 times
with “1 serving” of 50grams I am no down to 25grams .

This is my special NEPA day , playing the drums for over 2 hours .
Made a good sweat and think I might have been too eager ,
usually have 3 hours for practise but cut it short to avoid overdoing it .
( Rock’n’Roll is so addictive , and playing is SOOOO fun :slight_smile:

Welcome to 1/7th of the way there.

Unique choice of NEPA activity, I’ve not seen that one before.

Day 5 (Thursday 23. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.2kg
Slept well , got the planned hours and determined to stay strict !
I am 60 minutes behind on my scheduled NEPA in 5 days ,
so this is where my discipline will be directed now .
( actually thinking of improving on the plan too )

Deadlift: 9,9,9,8,8 (80kg)
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press: 9,9,9,9,9 (14kg x2)
Assisted Pull-Up: 8,8,7,6,5,5,4 (84kg - 35kg)
Hand Walkout: 9,9,8,7,8 (knees)

Training Notes:
Trained what seems perfectly after Dinner Shake , only 5 minutes from my doorstep was a small and “heavy” training facility for hardcore people . I felt a little misplaced but decided to join anyway since they got all I need for training , and that is the main focus now .
Everything went much better , but I missed a little with the weights on the dumbbells .
Muscles was a little sore from the last training , so I hope it gets better and I don’t need a longer break to recover just yet .

Food Notes:
I don’t feel any cravings , I am starting to wonder if I am doing something wrong .
After reading about other people thinking of food short after eating the shakes I am somehow spared this horrible faith …
The more I think about it the more I am starting to think I should step up NEPA ,
not sure how just yet but I feel I have power to do more small things .
( any tips or ideas are welcome of course :slight_smile:

Day 6 (Friday 24. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.6kg
Slept well , NEPA went as planned and added some more things to my walking :slight_smile:

V-Burn Challenge ET 40:23

Circuit 1: 4:14
Circuit 2: 5:26
Circuit 3: 7:17
Circuit 4: 7:59
Circuit 5: 8:42
Circuit 6: 6:40

Training Notes:
Have tried the circuit before to familiarize myself with the routine ,
but doing it 100% was way more difficult then I was anticipating .
However I made a good final circuit so it is possible to improve ,
unless I get totaly blasted on the first 4 circuits next time .
My average heartbeat during the training was 157bpm , the max 174bpm .
( see my graph for a detailed view of my workout )

Going away for the weekend , so I will need to do one training where I am going ,
will still try to update the log if possible but I might have a tight schedule .
Will also start including graphs for my other training :smiley:

Day 7 (Saturday 25. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.1kg
Had a long travel day , and spent the morning in my car on the road .
My midday shake was a bit late due to this , but sitting does not use
much calories so only felt a bit hungry :slight_smile:

Took some walks , then drove to a beach for relaxing and swimming .
came home nice and tired but managed to get in another hour of walking :slight_smile:

Day 8 (Sunday 26. July 2009)

Morning weight: N/A
Woke up and took breakfast , then took a power-nap to get some needed sleep
I knew I would loose the very same night when I drove back .
( came home around 2 AM so it was needed if I wanted to be awake at work next day )

Front Squat: 6,5,6,5 (90kg)
Lat Pulldown: 5,5,4,3,2,2 (70kg)
Dumbbell Bench Press: 6,4,2,4,3 (20kg x2)
AB-Wheel Rollout: 5,5,5,5

Walked to training so I got the NEPA right there , then helped with some moving
and carried a few bags and boxes :slight_smile:

For the second time I’ve had a real meal since starting with the shakes ,
this time I was treated to a nice big heavy meal at the steak-house .
I enjoyed a 300g tenderloin pepper steak with corn , mushroms , baked potato , broccoli and tomathos , I also tasted some onionrings and fried pommes ( just a few :slight_smile: .
I didn’t finish the whole baked potato since it was so much food ,
and I was careful to just use a little spice/garlic butter with it .

Day 9 (Monday 27. July 2009)

Morning weight: 85.1kg
Sleepy , and it was hard to get to work :frowning:

Training: N/A

Did as planed , plus I again helped a couple of friends move into their new apartment
and also helped them paint a room so they didn’t have to do everything alone :slight_smile:

Day 10 (Tuesday 28. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.5kg
Had a day off from work , woke up and “ate” the breakfast shake and took some extra rest when tired ( se below on NEPA ).

Step-Up: 9,9,9,9,9 (55kg)
Bent-Over Row: 9,8,8,7,6,5 (22.5kg x2)
Push Press: 9,8,6,6,5,4,4 (14kg x2)
Barbell Curl: 9,8,7,7,7 (17,5kg)
Reverse Crunch: 9,8,8,7,6,5 (10kg in a machine)

Training Notes:
Dropped “Reverse lunge” for the Step-Up and added a lot more weight ,
reason is that my grip can’t handle the load so it safer to keep it on the shoulders .
Reverse Crunch was done in a machine that could add weights , had some issues with the rest time since I had to interlace between another person . But I stuck as close as I could between sets and the rest between the exercise was close as could be , allowing only for my moving and cleaning up whatever I used .

This was a day filled with activity , I took it on me to do some house work while I had freedom from my inactive desk job . Cleaned and fixed the porch , took out approx 250kg of dirt and replaced with same amount from a gartner shop . Then planted new roses and other flowers that requires some moderate lifting , all in all a very active day that got a lot of hours of work done at home :slight_smile: And I still got 1 hour of playing PS3 , the drums on Rock Band made me quite steamy under the collar ( looking forward to the real thing tomorrow )

Day 11 (Wednesday 29. July 2009)

Morning weight: 84.1kg
Almost scheduled nights sleep , a little late ( must be more strict )

Training: N/A

Did the usual NEPA walk to work and back , but also did 3 hours of drum practice .
Enjoyed it immensely and since there are no workout graphs I made one for the
last 2 hours of my practice with playing along with misc rock and metal songs .
For a 80 bpm heartbeat I still made a lot of sweat , and the last 2 songs (see the peaks)
I played “Living After Midnight” @144BPM and “Electric Eye” @188BPM by Judas Priest :slight_smile:

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