And We're Off!

So it’s day one of my first V-Diet… The before pictures and measurements I took this morning were traumatizing. I’ve stuck to every aspect of the diet so far, supplements, shakes, everything on time. I haven’t been hungry, just frustrated from getting up every 30 minutes to pee from all the liquid I’m consuming. Haven’t missed food just yet which is a big deal since I consider myself a serious ‘foodie.’

Today I joined a girlfriend for lunch. I sat at the restaurant in my gym drinking my shake and watching her put down a salad. I did pretty well. Really looking forward to my workout tonight and my NEPA which I plan on doing at the gym every day. I don’t know if I could handle walking around NYC and Hoboken (where I live) and smelling the amazing foods being cooked for peoples dinner. For now I’ll stick to the treadmill at least until the end of week 1. I’m so disappointed that I let myself go this much, but so unbelievably stoked to get my ass in gear and cross the finish line several inches smaller. Here we go, one day at a time.
Measurements to come.

Welcome, and congrats on getting started!

The first few days are tough, but it gets easier. Your body will adjust quickly to all the extra fluids, and make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Read other’s blogs, it’ll give you a little insight into some tricks, and how people coped. Try connecting with a few others starting the diet around the same time you are, it’ll help keep you motivated and accountable. Also, if you have time, read through some (or many) of Shugart’s Hammer - the guy has a way with words that’ll help restore your willpower and make you feel like a total brat for even thinking about complaining.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Thanks so much! I read your posts last week and it really helped me get my mind ready! Worked out tonight and did pretty well. I really pushed through the beginning four lifting exercises. I feel really great, drank the Surge and finished my bedtime shake. I have to say I am so so full. It’s also from the insane amounts of water I’ve been consuming. Does anyone know what the deal with chewing gum is? Is that a huge no no?
Yogi- That picture is insane, you look great! Thanks so much for the positive words and advice every bit helps :slight_smile:

Height: 5’5"
Weight: 167.1
Neck: 15"
Shoulders: 43.5"
Chest-Upper: 38.5"
Chest-Lower: 40"
Waist- at navel: 37"
Waist- at largest: 38"
Hips at largest: 39.5"
Upper arm- L: 13"
Upper arm- R: 14"
Upper leg- L: 24.5"
Upper leg- R: 24"
Lower leg- L: 15"
Lower leg- R: 15.4"
Ankle- L: 8.5"
Ankle- R: 8.5"

Thanks, and you’re welcome!

Gum is fine, make sure it’s sugar free.

Also - find a couple teas you enjoy. I was really happy with different chai’s (black, green and white - all from Stash) because they were hot and a bit on the spicy side which was a nice flavor change from the cold sweet shakes.

Awesome, thank you so much!

Welcome! I am on day 4. I too am not hungry, but the smell of food makes my tummy rumble :wink:

Hey! The smell of food gets me going a bit, the not chewing also does has the same affect. Congrats on starting though! How are you feeling?

Welcome to the V-Diet! I just finished up mine two weeks ago.

The smell of food actually helped me with it. While I drank my shake, I would steal my housemate’s bag of popcorn to smell. It smelt great, but I didn’t crave any of it.

And I agree with accidentalyogi, sugar free gum is dead helpful. Same with teas and coffee, just no creamers or sweeteners (coffee may not agree with you if you’re taking HOT-ROX, so heads up!)

Best of luck!


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