And So It Begins... Shedding the Weight

So tomorrow marks the first day of my V-Diet journey. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. I’ve needed something to help me shed the weight. Not just the fat, but the weight of the unhealty lifestyle I’ve been living for the past two years. I had been what some would call a workout-a-holic. I had always been an athletic person, I played multiple sports, and was in the Army for 6 years. I was in the gym or on my bike or running 6-7 days a week. I was 190, running my average 5k’s in about 20 minutes and was happy with the way I looked, and the way I felt. I ate healthy 99% of the time, only whole wheat, only lean foods. I wish I could pin point where I fell off. I think it began when I took a new position at work, I piled on the stress and some additional weight.

I stopped caring about my diet and more often than not skipped my morning workouts. Every so often I would get a bit of the old flair back and hit the gym for a few weeks, pull two a days, get out for a few good runs, ahh the old me…and then I stopped again. I became addicted to food, things I would have never put in my body before now seemed ok, I made excuses for myslef to over indulge. I felt like Austin Powers, I had lost my mojo. What ever the beginning was…this is the ending.

I’ve told a few people at work about the V-Diet and how I was looking forward to getting my old lifestyle back, regaining my sanity and health. They all looked at me like I was crazy, I heard the “dude…you’re not fat, why would you ever think you need to do that?’ from more people than I can tell you. What they don’t realize is that the 214 I’m pushing around right now at 5’9” is killing me. Maybe not physically at this point, but mentally for sure. I’m the most unhappy I’ve been in a while. I hate the way I look and feel, I need a drastic change to put myself back on track to good health.

So all that being said my journey begins tomorrow at 4:30am. As I sit here on my deck sipping the last of a margarita, I can’t help but smile when I think that this tastes just a bit better than normal since it’s my last one of the summer.

I’ll be putting up pics pretty soon. Here are my unfortunate measurments:
Height 5’9"
Weight 214
Neck 16.4
Shoulders 51.75
Chest Upper 45.75
Chest Lower 44.25
Waist Navel 38 What the F?
Waist Largest 39.75 See above
Hips 42
Upper Arm L 15
Upper Arm R 15
Upper Leg L 26.25
Upper leg R 26.25
Lower Leg L 16.2
Lower Leg R 15.75
Ankle L 9.6
Ankle R 10

So tomorrow it starts. I can’t wait to kick my self in the ass and then kick the V-Diet in the teeth.

So it’s 10:30 now and I’m enjoying my second shake of the day. I know it’s a mental thing but I’m charged up already! Hit the gym at 5:30 this morning, and it felt great. I’m doing the advanced workout and I feel like today was a great first day on the program.

Bent-Over Barbell row: I used 185lbs, 4 sets of 5 to hit my 20.
I think I’ll try a bit more weight next time around, but I wanted to keep my form, which I felt like I did.

Overhead Squat: I started with 115, and did the last three sets with only 95. 1st set 5 @ 115, and the last three sets of 5 at 95.
This is a body mechanics thing. I felt uncomfortable with the heavier weight and wanted to ensure that my form was good and I was getting the most out of the exercise. With 95 I did that so next week I’ll try to bump it back up.

Dips: I used 248 4 sets of 5. I had to push hard to get through the last set, felt great!

Ab-Wheel rool out. I tried to do a few from the feet but that didn’t work too well. I did the remainder from my knees, and I threw in a couple at the end to make up for the ones in the beginning.

I had 10 minutes left so I hopped on a treadmill and did a brisk 10 minutes NEPA. This afternoon when I get home I’ll either do a bit more or take an easy bike ride.

So far great first day. I feel fine, not hungry at all. I used to eat 4-5 times a day so the spacing of the shakes is pretty spot on for me. I’ll try to get some pics either tonight or tomorrow.

On an even more positive note, my wife, who is always in great shape, is doing the workouts with me. We did all of her measurments when we did mine and she’s trooping through.

Looking forward to seeing your progress! Keep us posted!

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Looking forward to seeing your progress! Keep us posted!


Thanks Chris, will do!

I’m really digging the “atmosphere” around here. I’ve never been one to log anything other than runs, so this is all new to me and I like the fact that people are throwing their experiences on the board.

Nice work so far and best of luck!

I get the same thing from people at work: “Why are you trying to lose weight, you don’t need to.”

Next time someone says that, just punch them in the face as hard as you can.

Well…okay, maybe don’t do that. But just know that we all get the same thing from everyone. Each time you deal with it, it makes it easier to deal with the next time.

[quote]Serge A. Storms wrote:
Nice work so far and best of luck!

I get the same thing from people at work: “Why are you trying to lose weight, you don’t need to.”

Next time someone says that, just punch them in the face as hard as you can.

Well…okay, maybe don’t do that. But just know that we all get the same thing from everyone. Each time you deal with it, it makes it easier to deal with the next time.

I hear you man. Most people belive that I’m in really good shape, the only problem is that I’m not happy with what I have going on. Its somethign that most people will never understand. Thats because most people, whether they will admit or not, are not motivated enough to make changes in their daily life becuase it’s too hard or complicated. Its to easy to make excuses, its hard to make life changes.

Put the cinna-bon down and step away from the table!

Well day one down, ended yesterday with chocolate shake with natural peanut butter. One serving is 190 calories, and damn it was yummy! Followed that up with 30 minutes of NEPA walk with my wife.

Started day two off with a Chocolate/bannana shake and 40 minutes of NEPA on my bike. Moderate as Chris had said I could do. I certianly felt the effects of the Overhead Squats in the quads this morning though. It felt great! So I bumped up the HOT-ROX to two today to see how that goes. I might take two on workout/V Challenge days, and one on other days, so today is a trial to see how I feel on two. I can say that yesterday taking one twice a day I didn’t see much of an affect.

Well here are some before pics. Damn I’m a fat bastard:

Before front


Fat…um I mean back =)

Day two is in the record books. I can honestly say that as of right now I’m not having any issues with the shakes or taking the supplements. The only time I experience hunger is at about 6:30pm so just before my 7pm shake.

I might feel a twinge here and there during the day, but when I do I have a few swigs of my ever present water bottle and I’m good. Last night while my wife made supper for herself I thought I might have an issue and look to sneak a bite, but when it came down to it I didn’t. I helped her put away some leftovers and then made my shake, no worries.

So day three has begun. I started out with two HOT-ROX pre-work out this morning, and I think it might have helped my pump a bit. As I said before I’m on the advanced so here is what I did this morning:

Pull up or Lat Pull down- wide grip:
5 sets of 8 at 140lbs. I think I’m going to alternate between pull ups and lat pulldowns to mix it up a bit. I felt good at 140, and I’ll try to bump it a bit next week.

Incline Dumbell Bench Press:
5 sets of 8 with 75lb dumbbells. I think I could have used 80’s and probably will next week, but I wanted to make sure I could do them all. Muscle failure was kicking in at the end of the last two sets.

Romanian deadlift:
First set of 8 at 145lbs, and the last four sets of 8 at 135lbs. My legs were a bit sore from the overhead squats, so my form was off in the first set. I pulled back the weight, watched the form and got some serious pump out of the last four sets.

Barbell curl:
5 sets of 8 at 75lbs. This was one of only a few times I’ve done curls with the barbell. I normally use a curved bar or dumbbells. I think next time I’ll switch it up to the curved bar again to see how it feels in comparision.

Hanging leg/knee raise:
I alternated here between the two, for 5 sets at 8 reps each. Felt really good.

Over all strong workout today, but I didn’t have time for NEPA afterwards so I’ll knock out about an hour after work.

I can say that while I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight or size I feel leaner already. Things seems to be tightening up as if preparing to go back to where they should be.

So I just blended up my 4th shake of the day in the breakroom at work and was accosted by two of my friends. One who has said hey you hungry? everytime I’ve walked by her and the other whode house I’m going to this Saturday for a cookout. The female went on to tell me about the great dinner she has planned for tonight, all the while I was sipping my shake. Then she went for the kill…“you know, you aren’t going to make it, it’ll never happen. You love food and drinking waaayyy to much”. Too which I said, wait and see. My other friend replied with “oh he’ll make it alright, you know why? Because he’s stubborn as shit and hates to lose”.

Thats right folks, I am stubborn as shit and I HATE to lose. I have been losing a battle for a while now, until now that is. I’ve taken the high ground dug in and I’m mounting an assault on my bad habits to take control of the war once again.

The fact that someone thinks I’ll give in and not complete the V-Diet just adds fuel to the fire baby. JP-10 onto hot coals. I’m gonn burn this mother f’er down, whose coming with me!!!

You said last night you thought about taking a bite of your wife’s supper.

Dude, if you are already thinking about that…I don’t think you’re gonna make it through the V-Diet.

Awww, man. I’m just f’in with ya. You got me all pumped about burnin’ this m-f’er down, that I just wanted to fuel your fire just a little bit more.

I’m not technically on the V-Diet, but I’m still on a pretty intense fat-loss plan…so I’m comin’ with ya anyway!

hahah thanks for the fuel my friend!

Day three is behind me, did an hour of NEPA last night. Maybe a bit more intense than it should have been, but it felt great. I’ll be doing an hour or so today for lunch and the gym day tomorrow. After only three days I can already see the difference in the way some of my pants are fitting me, so that little bit of incentive goes a long weas as well.

I’m really looking forward to wrapping up the first week. I’m excited to have my HSM, but more excited to do the V-Burn challenge. I look at the program at least once a day and go through it in my mind to…i’m a bit crazy I guess, but for whatever reason I love grueling workouts.

:slight_smile: keep it up! you will be smoking when your done… i myself LOVE the shakes

[quote]robilyn29 wrote:
:slight_smile: keep it up! you will be smoking when your done… i myself LOVE the shakes [/quote]
Thanks Robilyn I appreciate the encouragement!

Looking at those pics I can’t believe I let my self slide so far. It’s going to be that much sweeter when I’m back on track and living a healthy lifestyle again, plus being smoking would be nice;)

I’m on the V-Diet right now as well and am facing some of the same mental/physical challenges you are. It’s tough but I think you got it in you. Keep the good work goin and I’ll check back often.

Thanks Alex.

Well day four has come and gone and it was a breeze. I did an hour od NEPA on the bike during lunch and walked all voer the buyilding throughout the day.

I started day 5 out with a great workout:
Front Squat: I have always had a hard time with the body mechanics and front squats so I used one of the free weight type machines to do these.
5 sets @ 5 reps a piece using 270lbs.

Bench press- close grip:
5 sets @ 5 again, using 180lbs. I think next week I’ll bump up by 10.

Chin Up:
5 sets @ 5 reps each. I did body weight this morning. It was a bit easy so I’l lstrap some weight on next week.

Push Press:
I used Dumbells here and did 5 sets @ 5 reps using 45lb dumbbells.

I got to the gym late so that cut into NEPA on the treadmill, but I’ll take care of that during the day and later tonight.

I had to sneak a quick peek at the scale this mornign simply because I feel so good. I’m down 6lbs from my starting weight, which to me seems like great results considering I have three more days before I wrap the first full week.

I’m super pumped and I can feel my over attitude getting more in line with how it used to be.

Nice work so far. Those are some decent poundages you’ve been throwin’ around. I’m sure your high level of base conditioning will really serve you well through this thing…especially as you near the end.

Lookin’ forward to your results with the V-Burn challenge.

Thanks Serge! I hope it helps! I’m guessing 6lbs the first week is a result of the initial changes to my diet, and that it’ll likely taper a bit. I’m goign to keep going hard and try to hit 190 by the time the whole 6 weeks is up.

I need to put some running and conditioning in toward the end as soccer season starts on 8/29. I’ve got to be ready to pull 90 minutes!

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