Anavar + V-Diet


Has anyone cycled with var while on the V-Diet? My main concern with this approach is losing substantial amounts of LBM even when lifting heavy.


Follow the V-Diet correctly, and you won’t need steroids to prevent muscle loss.


I legitimately GAINED LBM my first time doing the velocity diet, so don’t be too concerned about that, muscle loss has been notoriously minimal during this diet.

I am not sure of your training history, and experience with anabolics, but its not REALLY the point of the diet, nor is it something that anybody(least of all, Mr. Shugart) wants to be advocating as part of this protocol. Especially since its so squeaky clean as it is.

If you have done the V-Diet before, and have some experience dealing with these types of drugs, then it may be an interesting experiment to take upon yourself sometime, but rest assured you absolutely do not need any sort of anabolic steroid to maintain all of your lean body mass.


Thanks for adding that, Matthew. Well said.