Analogue's V-Diet (for reals!)

[edit: F-- that, no solid food until the weekly HSM! V or bust!]

OK, after two years of thinking about it I’m starting a V-Diet… sorta. I’m having some personal problems right now, much of it related to weight issues with my wife. So a straight V-Diet seemed like it would be gasoline on the fire where my relationship is, which is not what I want. So the compromise is that I’m basically going to eat the HSM every night. I’m aware that this will not be as effective as a V-Diet by the numbers and I’m OK with it as long as I make progress. And that’s the last I’m going to talk about that particular subject.

So I’m on day 2 now. Yesterday I did the day 1 workout, but I have the numbers at home. I didn’t use enough weight so it felt easy at the time (too many reps per set). I’ve never done front squats before so I was a bit nervous about that. I’ll need to watch the video again to see what to do with my hands. Also, I didn’t have an ab wheel so I did the reverse crunch instead. Later that day I bought an ab wheel and jumprope, so I did my ab wheel exercise then. Ouch!

I don’t have the Superfood and L-Leucine yet but they’ll arrive tomorrow. I’m screwing everything up so far. At least I’m doing my NEPA, 1 hour walks both days. Today I went with my iPhone and downloaded the Bill Marr podcast to listen to while I walk. I just grabbed a bunch of podcasts to accompany me for future walks.

I’ve had Metabolic Drive Shakes before but not all day long of course. I’m not loving the fax seed but not hating it either. Peanut Butter in vanilla shake was pretty tasty, it was basically peanut butter flavor.

The challenge for me is not just my family situation but also I have a business trip scheduled for week 4. Hopefully I will be so hardcore by then that traveling with shakes will feel completely natural. Anyone have experience going through TSA with a baggie of Metabolic Drive?

Humiliating “before” picture to follow.

Week 0 stats:

Weight: 204
Height: 6’0"
Body fat %: 21 (3-position calipers)
LBM: 161
10% body fat (goal weight): 177

Waist: 41"
Chest: 43"
Ass: 42.5"

I’m usually a fast loser so I’m interested to see what happens with this program. I’ve done Zone Diet and Abs Diet in the past and they both worked when I stuck to it. Most of my problem is around dinnertime with the wife, avoiding starch. No more beer with dinner!

I took more photos but I think you get the idea. Looks like 90% of the V-diet “before” photos.

HSM day one was mixed greens salad, mustard vinegrette, grilled chicken, some craisens and feta.

Since this is not a true V-Diet, let me know if I should move it to one of the other training log forums.

Lost my notes at the gym, so workout #1 from memory:
Front Squat: 75x 6/6/6/5. My first time doing front squats so I kept the weight light, next time will be heavier.
Underhand chin up: 5/5/5/5
Dumbell Press: 80x 6, 100x 6/6/5
Rev Crunch (floor): 20
Ab wheel rollout: 10/10

Welcome and good luck!

Maybe just edit you first post. In it, change the title to V-Diet lignt. Read about it too. It’s mostly what you are doing. And then, maybe the changes you make, you will graduate to the hardcore version! :wink:

Isn’t “V-Diet Light” 2 shakes per day? I’m at four â?? 80% V-Diet.

Well, it is what it is. We’ll see. I can always do another one next spring before bikini season. :wink:

Just started day 3. Yesterday I ended up not having any solid food, I did the by-the-numbers diet.

Workout #2 today. I think I left my notes at the gym, dammit. From memory:

Rev Lunge: 90x 5/5/5/5
Bent Over Row: 70x6/80x6/80x5/80x4 (will try for more weight next time)
Push Press: 80x 5/5/5/5
Curl: 80x 6/6/5/4
Rev Crunch: 10/10 on decline board

Followed this with 1 hour NEPA walk through CalTech campus. Nice architecture and turtle pond. Listened to Underworld “Oblivion with Bells” and Adam Carolla podcast.

Day 4. I haven’t had any solid food except for a salad on day 1, so I’m doing the real V-Diet. I should change the subject line. :slight_smile:

This morning I had to force myself out of bed, sore from yesterday’s workout. I did the 1h NEPA hike listening to CNN and Slate podcasts.

Not really loving the taste of Leucine, it gives the shake an aftertaste. (Or is it the Superfood?) But worth it, I suppose, if I build some extra muscle on the diet.

I weigh 2.5 pounds less than I did three days ago. It would be cool if that trend continued.

Day 5.

I didn’t notice that the day 3 workout was supposed to be 40 reps instead of 20. I still got a good workout but today I fixed the reps to 40. (I’m on the intermediate workout plan). And I found the workout log that I lost in the locker room, whoo hoo.

Tonight is HSM day. My wife is going away this weekend, so we’re having a date night before she leaves. I’ve been dreaming of the salmon from a local Italian restaurant, should be good.

NEPA walk sponsored by Underworld and the “This American Life” podcast.

I love the podcasts you’re thowing out there, man! I’m always looking for new ones.

Have you listened to the Radio Lab podcasts from WNYC?

No, I’ll check that out. I’ve never been a podcast guy but I have an hour to kill with nothing but an iPod.

I like the brainier stuff, so Adam Carolla and Anderson Cooper were not that great for me. At least compared to Slate Political Gabfest, This American Life and Bill Marr. Funny is also good, though. :slight_smile:

Day 6

Today was supposed to be V-burn day, but I woke up with a killer back ache. My lower back is very sore from deadlifts yesterday, either I did them wrong or I’m not used to the exercise. So I did NEPA instead and I’ll tackle V-burn on Saturday. I’m almost 39, so I don’t want to injure my back and pull myself out of the program. I hope to do it tomorrow, then get to the following workout late Sunday.

Today’s podcast was… nothing but footsteps, birds and the occasional traffic. I need a break from politics today. The debate over health care is really bumming me out.

Had my HSM last night, dinner out at a killer Italian restaurant called Far Niente. About 1oz of parmesian-reggiano cheese, field green salad with vinagrette dressing, grilled salmon with broccoli and 1/2 glass of chardonnay. Wife gave me a little grief for not eating bread or pasta, thinking this was a cheat meal. But even though their bread is normally delicious, I really didn’t need any.

I wish the “levels” really worked on this board. I’ve spent around $1000 on Biotest over the years and I’m still a level 0.

The HSM sounds yummy! I had my share of Italian dinning last night. I didn’t really eat it though. I watch a show “Restaurant Makeover” and an Italian restaurant was getting a facelift with some new dishes. It all looked so good so I believe your meal was also good! :wink:

About your levels, contact Technical Support. It happens when the site updates. Maybe in this thread?

Cooking shows can be fun, at least they use real ingredients. I think I’ll wait until I’m off the liquid stage of the diet though. Ever notice how many damn food commercials there are on TV? You will if you start a V-Diet. :stuck_out_tongue:

My diet has me doing scoops of 2/2/2/2/3 a day. I dropped the last one down to 2 for the HSM day, since it seemed like I had the calories pretty well covered with the meal.

I’ve never had banana flavor Metabolic Drive before, it’s much better than I expected. The only flavor I’m not loving is vanilla, and I have a ton of it to go through. I’ll have to start using extracts and stuff. I notice the flavor of the additives with vanilla, where it’s covered up in the others.

Sorry about the vanilla MB. I bought 6 chocolate and 3 vanilla and I am wishing I had bought 6 vanilla and 3 chocolate. Ah well.

Yeah, I don’t watch TV much anyway but I watch even less now. I never liked fast food (I’m weird) but now Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sonic burgers are starting to look good. The V-Diet is supposed to suppress cravings for crap so it’s easier to just turn off the tube…

Vanilla isn’t bad, just not my favorite.

Did the V-burn today in 38 minutes. Not great, hopefully I can do better next time.

Grinding my way through. Almost through week 1…


Started day 8 with a weigh-in.

Weight: 200.5 lb (-3.5)
Chest: 42" (-1)
Waist: 38" (-3!)
Ass: 41.5" (-1)

Progress. Did my 1h NEPA listening to the Radio Lab Science podcast, thanks for the tip!

Cinnamon is a fun one to add to vanilla. Blending the nut butter into vanilla will help as well. Same with using it as one of your Superfood/L-Leucine shakes.

During my NEPA walk, I saw a discarded Kool Aid package on the sidewalk. It has haunted me ever since. Fruit punch sounds so good right now. Patience…

Then my wife had a microwave pizza that smelled really good. Then again, she didn’t lose 3" this week. :wink:

Way to hang in there analogue!

I hope you were environment-friendly and threw that package in a nearby garbage! :stuck_out_tongue:

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